How to Make Your Openers Work for You.

Okay, there’s more to be said on this.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN OPINION OPENER AND A WHERE DID YOU GET THAT OPENER: An opener like the DAVID BOWIE OPENER or BLONDE HAIR OPENER is very DIFFERENT than what does that shirt mean?, or how are you. WHY??? They are both QUESTIONS right??? NO. They are 180 degrees DIFFERENT. Please FOLLOW ME HERE. The KEY to a PICKUP is **SUCKING THE GIRL INTO YOUR REALITY**. When you ask a question about DAVID BOWIE, its something that YOU want to know. When you ask about HER, you are IMMEDIATELY CAPITULATING, and not making her EARN your attention. This can WORK on CERTAIN chicks of course.  But it is NOT a good PICKUP STRATEGY for a pickup ARTIST. Again, asking her about anything that detracts from YOUR REALITY is BAD. So STICK to the STRUCTURE of the openers that I discussed in the how to sarge for real post. EXAMINE the STRUCTURE of those openers, and make up NEW ONES whenever you’re bored with the ones suggested.

Prompt her Shit Tests and make them work for you

The BEST and most RELIABLE way to get laid that I personally know of is to INDUCE the chick to shit test you. This is the NEXT STEP of the PU, after the opener, when PUing girls with certain personality types (basically, most hotties.. the exception are girls who are very down to earth and secure, don’t believe in stupid shit like ESP, etc etc.. those girls are the HARDEST to PU, because they KNOW the deal and dont succumb to emotions to easily.. for them, the best strategy is to use this SAME STUFF, but at the same time to be very ATTUNED to her and MODERATE) OK, this may sound strange, but there is no bigger KISS OF DEATH in the PU than when the chick is being NICE to you. For example, if you see a chick who you knew in high school, the BEST way to pick her up is to NOT BRING UP that you already know her. BETTER, is to just PU her like NORMAL. Worse case scenario, YOU are left in the power position, since she remembered YOU. But if you bring it up, then she instantly OPENS up to you, and is therefore DISENGAGED sexually. This is not necessarily a RULE, but a sweeping generalization that I have seen in field many times (chick likes me, convo is sexually charged, I bring up that I know her, convo shifts to how have you been and chemistry falls flat). I was hanging out with Mysterys ex-girlfriend the other night. This 511 megabomb. She was laughing at how guys will chat her for a few hours, THINKING that theyre getting somewhere, when really shes just in the mood to CHAT. The problem they havent ENGAGED her LIMBIC BRAIN, and she isnt SHIT TESTING, to see if they are WORTHY. For me, the answer is to go PUSH PULL, ASAP.

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