Speed Dating

Here are my thoughts after running about a dozen speed dating nights, and going to 4 myself.

  • Speed Dating is a great way to bypass ‘Find’ and ‘Meet’ while you are still unsure of opening
  • You get a lot of teachers and nurses, girls who are reasonably attractive and have just exhausted their personal network in trying to meet a guy
  • There is often one stunning girl, who all the guys tick. There is often one gorgeous guy, who all the girls tick.
  • There is usually a fat girl or two. Sometimes she’s fun, sometimes she’s a pointless bitch who no-one ticks.
  • There’s usually one or two geeky, anti-social guys, but in general the guys are well balanced.
  • It IS a good way to meet 2-3 decent girls in a night. And 17 ok girls for practice.
  • The girls are often the non-clubby type

The two most important notes are:

  • The REAL meeting people happens during the break, and after the actual speed dates themselves
  • Don’t trust the girl to tick you. Number close her in the break or afterwards.
  • Be different to the other 19 guys
  • Peacock a bit, but not to the point where you intimidate the girlies
  • If possible, sit next to the girl instead of opposite… if you can do this comfortably
  • Never give a straight answer at first. Always answer honestly if she pushes, but otherwise, lie about the basic biographical questions
  • It is OK if the girls leave the date knowing NOTHING true about you, they can still be attracted.
  • Become a social pivot
  • Befriend the women blatently out of your age range
  • Befriend the guys
  • Get talking, arrange a venue change, or get a group to go out the next night… “We should ALL go out!”
  • Sit back and relax
  • Don’t talk too fast

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