How to Pick Up Hired Guns

Here’s how I pickup staff.  This is how I do it, maybe people have other ways.  This is massively field tested, and I’ve dated alot of staffers in the past year.  Mystery uses extremely similar stuff to this, which he also figured out himself.  His staff game is probably second to none.  The strip club stuff I learned from him, and haven’t successfully done yet myself within the strip club (it’s a tough skillset to come by, but I know I can do it with practice if I’m inclined).

In my view, the strongest skillset is being able to pickup the staff.




shooter girls


clothing store girls

club talent (girls hired to look good in posh NYC/LA clubs)

Everyone here able to think of a few of these girls that they’d have liked to get with?  They’re usually all HB9+ minimum, if the place has any class.

These girls are hired for LOOKS.


1)            massive time constraints – they’re on the job, no time to talk and gain rapport (you may get them into state, but it won’t be enough)

2)            they get hit on NON STOP

3)            they try to put you into THEIR frame, by SHIELDING themselves from men’s advances by using the “customer” frame


1)            The most obvious is to arrive at the bar EARLY so that they will have more time to talk.  Still, barring that, we have solutions.

Convey value OBLIQUELY.  That means that you must garner massive social proof in front of the hottie.  Be the man of the room – sarge and get massive IOIs from the hottest chicks.  Do this in front of the hired chick.  This begs the question, “if you have other hotties, why do you care about the hired chick?..  Answer:  Because the bar tenders, shooter girls, strippers, etc, are SICK FUCKING HOT!  🙂

Anyway, don’t even THINK of approaching the hired chick until you have social proof that is visible, because you’re working under massive time constraint.

Social proof is one of the FEW ways we have to convey value WHILE the girl is working, without directly using up the 5-10 minutes that we might have with her, which are really needed more for rapid fire rapport (since attraction can be established obliquely through the social proof)

**EXCEPTION:  In strip clubs, social proof with other strippers doesn’t count, because they just assume you’re a MARK.  Get social proof with the DJ and the manager – or LARGE groups of other strippers where they’re visibly attracted BEYOND the massive amounts of FAKE IOIs that they’re hired to shoot out.

Back on topic – Then, procedure is to run a fast and short attraction game, followed by RAPID FIRE ANTI-FLAKE tactics.  I have a ton of these in my notes on my labtop (spastic ramblings part II is now written, and it is as fucked up as the first one.. the anti-flake material is buried within.. flaking is now solved, if anyone gets flakes it their CHOICE but its not something that has to happen unless we LET it, because it is now SoLVED)

I don’t have time to post on this now, but the key is in the “SEDUCE IN THE RIGHT VENUE” frame.  Use false-disqualifiers and spontaneous reframes “just having fun blah blah” to get her to a venue where you can game her PROPERLY.

2)            Yes, they get hit on non stop.  But we’re PUAs.  They’ve never even SEEN a PUA before on our level.  Exploit the social proof PRIOR to approaching her, and she’ll hit on YOU to some extent.  Use push/pull CAT THEORY type stuff as Mystery says.  So don’t worry too much about that, but the important thing is………

The tricky one is 3). I’ll cover than next time.

So, how do you STAY OUT OF HER FRAME?

They’ll throw up all this shit at you about client relationship blah blah.. It’s all bullshit, they dream about getting picked up by one of the hot guys, every night they go out.  When she tries to SOLICIT your ass for something (drink, lapdance, shooter, clothes, etc), don’t even acknowledge the question ->




SHOOTER GIRL:  Would you like a drink?

PUA: ha.. hey do girls think that David Bowie is hot?

SHOOTER GIRL:  Ummm yeah.. so would you like a drink..

PUA: (smirk, turn head for 2 seconds, look back):  Get this, yesterday my little sister brings home this poster of David Bowie.. blah blah blah (game as you’d game a NORMAL CHICK)

The key is to cut her off on her material, and start bringing her into YOUR reality (material, whatever).

Don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE her frame with a response to it.  PRETEND LIKE YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT, OR THAT YOU DID BUT YOU THINK IT’S CUTE AND NOT WORTH RESPONDING TO (like you would to a 4 year old)

I don’t think situational stuff would work here. You’ve got to HOOK her out of the “my boss will get mad” mentality, so that she’s so wanting to talk to you that she says “well I’ll give him a second”, which leads to her forgetting where she’s at.  Why?  Because when you get a girl massively attracted she loses her ability to think straight, and will fuckup her work in order to give you the 5-10 minutes that you need in order to get a solid bridge to see her again (after work, or the next day).


STRIPPER:  wow.. that’s so cool about your little sister.. do you want a lap dance now?

PUA: hah.. umm, hey you’d better run along and go make some money for your boss so he doesn’t get mad.. (plus the false disqualifier makes her more aroused as an added bonus)

STRIPPER:  he’s not my boss.. I work for myself, I’m not going anywhere..

SHOOTERGIRL:  wow.. yeah you’re so right.. girls are definitely sexual predators.. hey so do you want a shooter?

PUA: (turns head, goes back into his set/friends, 15-20 seconds pass, turns back to see her still sitting there little a little puppydog wanting a milkbone treat).. OMG, you’re still there?  Oh don’t worry!  You’ll sell your little drinks!  OMG you’re so cute!  Don’t worry keep trying, I know you’ll do it..  (hug her or pat her on the head and be really nice to her… don’t say this SARCASTIC, but say it like she’s your LITTLE SISTER and she’s CUTE.. be CAREFUL not to be CONDESCENDING too much.. use the David D “she my bratty little sister.. annoying, but I love her anyway so so much” type attitude.. hell, even SAY that line directly to her if you want)

Point here is, cut them off.  Don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE their frames.

If they ask you for a lapdance or to buy a drink or shooter or clothes, DO-NOT-EVEN-ANSWER.  DISENGAGE THEIR FRAME.

This is counter-intuitive because it seems rude and whatnot.  Girls are not guys.  They don’t think in these frames.

Just stick on your material, nothing situational whatsoever.  Run game, suck them in, run quick-fire anti-flake tactics, get a solid bridge.  Seduce in the right isolated venue, and reep the rewards.

If you can learn this skillset, you have the issue for HB9.5+ girls dealt with.

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