Seduce Her in the Proper Location Pt. 3

So the chick leaves the club thinking “This guy is money.. I’d like to see him again”

As OPPOSED to: “fuck that guy got me so wet…I must have looked like such a slut”

Which DUDE, let me TELL YOU man…… there’s something a lot of guys INCLUDING MYSELF forget a lot of the time ->  Girls get horny ALL THE TIME by guys they don’t want to fuck.  Girls are such little emotional beings that this shit happens non-stop, and its NO BIG DEAL to them.

As ex-AFCs we’re all HAPPY when we get girls horny because we’re FLATTERED.  Our PAST INSECURITIES makes it feel like a personal validating victory whenever a girl shows us IOIs.

But now its time to GET PAST that, and realize that its so easy that its a JOKE to get girls horny, and focus is for us to get LAID.  (obviously this is for more advanced guys, not newbies, but still its a good direction to start into for anyone)

So getting them all wet in the club means JACK SHIT, unless they’re PARTY CHICKS (or in “party-chick mentality” like I said above, which is perfectly fine if she’s a party chick)

Point is, get them wet, but PREVENT them from doing anything that will make them get BUYER’S REMORSE.

For me, I used to get girls having threeway makeout sessions, grabbing my dick, fingering them, getting it on in the bathroom, etc etc etc… but it only went full-monty if the chick was a PARTY CHICK..

The “normal” chicks would hate me for it later. Even though they couldn’t blame me, they’d associate me with all these BAD EMOTIONS.


Because all of a sudden I’ve become a REMINDER of their INNER-SLUT. 🙂

And that’s NOT JUST for when they’d do SUPER slutty shit.  Even if they’d just get super-wet, and not do anything physically slutty, they’d STILL get buyers remorse for letting a guy who’s maybe a 7 in looks, get them all wet when they’re like HB9s.  Just on account that they FELT that wet, even without DOING ANYTHING about it, they STILL get buyer’s remorse.  Have you ever had a great time with a chick in a club, and seen her at a mall or school later, and she acts all distant?  This is what I’m talking about.

So now I’m COMPARTMENTALIZED as a CLUB-GUY.  And dude, you KNOW that chicks go out to club to make-out with guys and all that shit, cause they GET OFF on the prospect of WINDOW SHOPPING, even though they’re showing up with no intention to BUY.

Sure they do SOMETIMES.

But realistically, how many chicks have you laid SAME NIGHT using the “get them horny in the club” method?

As in HOW CONSISTENT?  Yeah we’ve ALL done this for the longest time.  But I’m talking a CONSISTENT way to hookup with new girls from public gatherings, and not just with easier targets (IOW: FOOL’S MATE, and NO I don’t think that there’s a problem with this analogy, because we’re not calling the PUA a fool, we’re just using CHESS METAPHOR, so no need to get sensitive about it).

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