How to Predict Flakes

Kept saying that I’d write something on flakes. Haven’t had time to really cash out how I do it at length, but this is my basic viewpoint on flaking.

I have a direct formula for avoiding flakes, which would take a LONG time to post (will at some point), but basically, it revolves around a very basic concept (which btw, was fully validated having seen Mystery in action IRL last weekend)

I’m not exactly sure how to explain this over the internet, but I’ll try my best anyway.

Basically, as we all know, girls operate on emotions/feelings/PMS/etc. 🙂

So say that you pull off a really sweet sarge. It’s just the shit.. you kiss the girl.. all that.. whatever.

You call her up, and you can’t figure why she flakes on you.

What’s Actually Going on Here

Well the conclusion I finally came to was that the HIGH quality of the sarge is what fucked you up. She’s so EXCITED to meet you, that the andreneline she gets from it just scares her and makes her not want to.

It’s just like these guys trying to get girls from the internet to meet them.  The LONGER they wait to meet, the more the girl LIKES them as a person, but the more she FLAKES on meeting him, since the “will this guy be as great as he seems… what if it isn’t the same” nervousness makes her aprehensive, and she flakes.

For GUYS, we don’t mind pushing through the awkwardness, because we want SEX ASAP… also, most of us have done all sorts of scary things in our lifetimes, and its no big deal.

But chicks, they seem to get so excited and bent out of shape over it, they just flake.

Like Mystery last weekend. Occassionally, he’d sarge chicks, they’d LOVE him (like NOTHING I’ve ever seen), and he’d try to #close them, and they’d freak out. But YET, they’d still follow him around like he’s GOD even after they said ‘no’. They’d be all confused, and start (LITERALLY) C-R-Y-I-N-G when he’d try to close them. They’d say shit like “I’m so freaked out.. the room is spinning.. I don’t know what to do..”

That’s because his approach is based around landing ACTRESSES/MODELS/STRIPPERS as you all know. So THEY can take it, but regular hotties (hair dressers, waitresses, etc, all fuckworthy, but don’t have that status) get confused. “I like him so much… why am I scared to give him my # ?! I don’t know what to do!”….. seriously, you’d have to SEE it to BELIEVE it.. It’s just THAT fucked up. It bends reality man. They follow him around and don’t want to leave.. they take any shit he throws at them… but they start crying when they think he might like them, because they just can’t believe it

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