Calling Out Club Chicks on Being Phony, Pt. 2

Why don’t  I run into problems anymore?  Cause these days I don’t worry about conveying more value, but trust the value I’ve built, and tend to just sit there, and wait them out.  I find that chicks will always take me home if I do it like that.

SAME goes for while you’re EN ROUTE while you switch venues.  Don’t try to chat them the whole walk/drive.  Just walk with your wing, and have your own convo.  You’ll NEVER succeed in gaming them enough to keep them in state while you’re WALKING.  It’s not realistic.  Instead, TRUST the game that you laid in the club, and just walk to the next venue without trying TOO HARD.  If talk happens, FINE.  But don’t push for it.  They’ve CHOSEN YOU, so anything you do is more likely to fuck it up than it is to help (especially if they’ve already chosen you on a biological level).  Just wait until they’re alone, and THEN do your thing.

Careful here though.  Use PUNISHMENT/REWARD once she’s chosen you, and you’re in rapport.  Don’t use C&F comebacks or shit test passing measures.  PURE punishment/reward.  David D says “attraction is not a choice”.  Remember that.  If she’s attracted, just use punishment/reward, don’t try to continue attracting her.

Good feedback, cause it gave me the chance to address these issues.  You’re on pretty much the exact page I was on about 3 months ago, but since I’ve done it this way its gotten full results.  Give it a shot man, you won’t regret it.  Just re-read the post on push/pull that I just recently wrote, and use the stuff about bodylanguage push/pull, which is the ESSENCE of punishment/reward (IOW, when they shit test, don’t diffuse it with C&F, but just punish through withdrawal of attention).

Basically, when you’re in a club where by virtue of BEING THERE you’re socially proofed, there’s an entirely DIFFERENT way of doing things.

Normally we go:

attraction (because in a club, she won’t give you the time of day without it)



But in socially proofed scenes -> that means anything where just by virtue of being there you’re pre-cool, its:



attraction (via ignoring her with pushaways)



Push her away, then go to her friend, then push her friend away, then go back. etc etc.  Do alot of backturns and all that good shit. Moving in like you’ll kiss her, and pushing her off.

You guys can see that the difference here is that you don’t want to come in ball busting, because you already have value PRIOR to approaching.

At the club tonight I chatted some 9s or 10s (semantics blah blah, they’re model calibre) and they’d be all cool with me even if I was just like “hi”.  Not going to happen in most scenes, but because the fact I could get into a club like this, they ASSUME that I must be somebody, and they’re willing to give me a chance.  It’s like in a ‘normal’ club, if I’d socially proofed the entire place, and I’d opened the hot sets, in these clubs you have IMPLICIT social proof, so it’s not as necessary in some respects (of course social proof is always good, so whatever)

Anyway, I’m not claiming expertise, but that seems to be the way that the scene works here.

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