How to Run Phone Game, pt. 2

For a girl I haven’t slept with yet though, I have a certain beliefs. She owes me nothing. It’s all a game. No relationship or connection exists between us until we’ve been together physically, because she reserves the right to walk away at any point. I have no emotional ties to the interaction, and I have no ego about it. I just do what I think will work.

I also believe that there is a fundamental problem with many of the social ideas about how often and when to call. For example, there exists an idea in society that waiting to call will create scarcity and value, as well as increase anticipation. To me this is very wrong thinking. Notice that it stems from the fact that 99% of pickups in society are SOCIAL CIRCLE pickups. So for that kind of phone number, you’d have probably had the tension building for weeks or months before the number was exchanged. Of course waiting is better – it’s been building for months. But for girls you met on a cold approach, that is not the case.

I know what world the girls live in. They live in the same world that I do. The world where you meet tons of girls (in their case its guys), and tons of them like you and tons of them validate you. When I get home from a club, I literally cannot remember the names or faces of girls I met. To be more accurate, I literally barely remember the names or faces of the last three girls I had sex with. I just got off the phone with a girl that I was with less than twelve hours ago, and PlayboyLA and I had to think for five minutes about what her name was before I returned her call. And I LIKED that girl. I remember she was a hot brunette around my height, and seemed cool. But that’s about it.

For girls, it’s the same. They can barely remember anyone they meet, because they meet so many people. To make matters even worse, they become disassociative while they’re in the club. Many of them have even had had a few drinks, but you couldn’t tell. Of course, you can do daytime pickup. But regardless, the girls still have access to many other good looking alpha guys the second they want it. Most guys don’t even realize that it is very rare that an attractive girl is not getting laid by one or more other guys. That’s even when they’re single. They’re still sleeping with their ex-boyfriends, or some player on the side. It’s not like a hot girl is NOT getting laid, anymore than you wouldn’t be if you had the instant option. So when you’re calling, they are about as motivated to meet up with you as you would be to drive across town to a good Italian restaurant, when you’re eating a good bowl of Chinese right in front of you. Sure, the Italian would be great. But you have an unlimited Chinese buffet sitting right here. Why would you be bothered?

The girls don’t get that needy feeling that the guys get. They are always validated, because they’ve been in the club at least twice a week, getting validated by all the guys complimenting them and buying them drinks.

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