Calling Out Club Girls on Being Phony

Sets that have only hot girls and no UGs or guys to open off of must be MERGED and not opened directly.

Just get 2 HB7s on your arms, and roll into the set of hotties with them. Then tell the 2 HB7s to get their hands off of you, and that they have no chance with you.. Look at the group of HB9s and say “pffft… women.. anyway, get this..”

If the HB7s get pissed off and ask why you brought them there then, act like you have no idea WTF they’re talking about, and turn your back on them the SAME way that the HB9s would turn their back on you.  So IOW, don’t argue with the HB7s.

Yep, its a sad world when this would turn chicks on, but it does, so don’t question it.

Also, be careful not to be facing towards chicks when you open them. Have bodylanguage that looks disinterested, in order to disarm them.

A final tactic that if you haven’t read I’d really check out (I love this shit), is what I’ve been doing lately… Check the “Frame Setting” post in “advanced”.

What I do now, is literally CALL CHICKS OUT for being FAKE and INGENUINE.

I’ll tease them for being fake, and that I think that most people are nice once you get to know them, and that they probably would NEVER act like this during the daytime.

Point out that if they think that guys in the club are that bad, then why do they go there??? Just to dance??

Also, that you understand that alot of guys get bold from alcohol and approach in incompetent/ingenuine ways, but that its bad if they’re going to let the bad guys ruin the GENUINE guys, and that they’re letting THEMSELVES become UNGENUINE people.

NOBODY likes to be called fake and not genuine, so call them out on it.

Do this in a FUN way, NOT argumentative. Look unbothered, and ALPHA.

You may not lay them, but they’ll chat you for a while, and you can pawn the HB9s on another set for social proof.


She’s CHOSEN you, and now if you’re quiet, she’ll act like a GUY trying to game on a chick.  The quiet will just attract her MORE, cause she’ll be worried that its not still ON (since you’re not trying super hard the way that 99% of guys do when they’re moving venues or back home).

That means that you’ve already gotten full attraction, and now you’re in rapport.  If she busts on you, or ignores you, you do simple punishment/reward.  Most chicks don’t leave a club with you unless they biologically want you (you give them the excuse by not over-gaming in the club, and full seducing in the right isolated venue later on).

Once we were at the party, the chicks already knew that we’d sarged 3 sets prior to them (like an hour worth of sarging that they saw, with girls giggling and all that), including some very snobby exclusive JAPs and a set of supermodels looking like they were going to run after us while we were all leaving together.  They knew we were the shit.  By continuing to sarge, it would have fucked HBJAP’s state.

The solution to venue changes, including parties, is to just sit there and look TOTALLY COMFORTABLE WITH YOURSELF.  Not trying to socialize or anything like that, it doesn’t matter.  They’ve ALREADY CHOSEN YOU, so you can ONLY FUCK IT UP.

I speak from many many BOTCHED post-club instant-dates, where I’d sarge at the next venue and botch it.  I’d go home alone scratching my head like “WTF happened?”  This shit never happens anymore though.

Why? I worked it out. Read my next post…

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