ijjjji Method – Part 4

Just say something, Compliments, Negs, Impressions, Mini Cold Reads, Cocky, Disqualifying, Cocky, Disqualifying, Frame Stealing, DLV, Guessing, Breaks

1.1 Just say something!

Right now I wanted to talk to you – hi my name is ijjjji!My evil twin told me to talk to you!My invisible friend told me to talk to you!Question – my shirt! I know its nice but I’m worried maybe its too sexy!Question – you the jealous type? Ok, so if I was your BF, I could still drink coffee with my ex once a week?

1.2 Compliment/NEG

Aww so nice hair – is it real? (pull hair) But it moved!Wow.. beautiful eyes.. especially the right one!Cute teeth – are they real?Nice nails – are they real?Wow.. I can see you work out.. now and then..You’re pretty – you could have been a model.. if you were a little taller.. and a little thinner..You look sexy from behind!Nice outfit you’re almost wearing!

1.3 Impression /mini cold read

Bad girl!Naughty girl!Wow.. party girl! You are trouble! I shouldn’t be talking to you!There is something mystical about you! You give me a strange feeling..You look like you are hiding something!I can’t trust you!Aww you look just like.. a little angel!Aww you look just like.. a little princess!

1.4 Cocky, disqualify

Wow.. you are almost as sexy as me!You look happy – did you just fart?Aww… you are soooo cute! I want to adopt you!Wow – your eyes are the same color as my porsche!Sooo… I heard you wanted to fight me! Cool.. then we can have hot make up sex afterwards!Awww you are so cute from behind – I had to see the rest! (She asks what you think) On a scale from 1 to 10.. guess!I lost my teddy (puppy dog face).. would you sleep with me?

Aww you are soo cute.. but we could never be a couple – we are too much the same.. we would fight and throw things and have incredible make up sex all over the place and fight more then sex fight sex fight.. too much drama and intense feelings!Aww you are soo cute.. I almost forget I’m not looking for a relationship right now!Wow.. I could marry a girl like you.. but I’d divorce you a week later and take all the money and let you keep the dog.Are you rich? Aww I need a rich GF who can support me while I start a boy band – The Whatever Boys! But hey – I need groupies too! But you don’t look like groupie material – she can be my groupie and you can be my manager! Yeah!

2.1 Cocky, disqualify, frame stealing

Aww I love you.. like a sister!You want to kiss and hug me but I wont let you.You want me so much but we can’t risk losing this wonderful friendship!I’m no good for you – he is cute – he suits you – you look cute together!Let me see (grab hand) see, your good girl line is very long.. and look at this long bad boy line – we could never be a couple!

Shit! A poisonous snake bit me in the testicles – you got to help me suck out the poison – now!Can I kiss your belly button from the inside?Look! (Point and stick a finger in her belly)(Bump her) OMG you’re so drunk you can’t walk!You are trying to resist me but forget it – I’m irresistible!Girls wait in line to be with me!Why do you think I’m so sexy? But you look at me like a priest looking at an alter boy!Its hard to be a sex symbol!Won’t you get too aroused if I sit this close?My friends are jealous because mine is bigger!OMG I think I love me!I’m hard – are you wet?My bedroom has a very interesting ceiling!You could be the president.. of my fan club!OMG you are so nice! Wait – there is a stain on your halo (pretend to rub her halo).. there – now you are a perfect little halo girl!

Hey – no matter how drunk you get me, you can’t have my body tonight! I’m not that cheap!Hey – stop looking at me like a piece of meat – I’m a human being.. I have feelings!You can come but no sex! I’m tired of being treated like a piece of meat – I’m a human being.. I have feelings!Stop looking at me like a fat kid looking at a cheese burger!You can have my number, but that doesn’t automatically mean I’ll sleep with you!

2.2 DLV

I’m shy.I’m a virgin.My dick is extremely small!I’m an unemployed loser – I live with my mom.I’m so lonely – no friends – tonight I’ll cry myself to sleep.I’m an anal sex addict.I’m no good! I cheat, lie and dump girls on valentine’s day.(Phone rings) What? I don’t have friends! Ah its mom!(During #close) I got phone phobia – is it ok if I make my mom call you?

2.3 Guessing

Guess!I’m an angel – one more good deed and I’ll get my wings!I’m a traveling underwear inspector!I’m a freelance gynecologist – how long is it since your last check?I’m a gigolo.. but relax – friendship is free!I’m an orgasmologist!I’m 16 – 16 and unkissed!You are.. 60! Hehe just kidding! Hey I was only kidding! You are.. 16 – sweet 16! 17 18 19! I refuse to believe you are older than 19!Aww I cant bee with X year olds.. only X-1 and X+1 year olds!Can’t tell you all my secrets yet – I just met you!Its a secret! I don’t know you well enough yet!Blabla.. OMG I said too much!

2.4 Breaks

Aaawww.. you got an X.. no – don’t show me that! Mmmm you got so cute eyes.. no.. don’t look at me! Its a bad idea! Stop giving me these feelings!Mmmm it feels so good.. I’m so relaxed.. No! We got to stop! This is a bad idea – we can’t have these feelings!Stop tempting me to kiss you!Aww that smell is so good! No! Don’t let me smell that! We can’t do this!It can never work between us.. shit your skin is so soft!Wow.. wait.. what are you doing to me!?OMG I’m so attracted to you.. but I’m scared and shy.. I got to go now!

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