ijjjji Method – Part 2

Be the Man, Tonality, Body Language, Kino, Attitude, Fictional Hero, State Control, Get into the Flow, Avoid Deep Thinking, Eye Contact, Faces, Talking

BE THE MAN – GENERALBe 100% masculine at all times.Always be dominant and in control. Take charge – be the leader – the boss. Do everything with authority. Instruct – never ask. Never seek approval.Show that you got limited respect for her and that you are not subdued by social norms/rules (scream in her ear, make noise, laugh and sing loudly, pull her hair, pinch her ass, grab her and bite her neck, shout about farting and ass fucking, laugh and admit you are a jerk etc)Never show a soft emotional side. Don’t show interest in her thoughts and emotions.

BE THE MAN – TONALITYTalk with a dominant tone. Speak slow, deep, rhythmic, clear and relaxed, like you are not in a hurry and got full control. Copy the way air plane pilots talk to their passengers. Make breaks that create anticipation before you get to the point, and breaks where you underline the point with gestures and meaningful eye contact.

BE THE MAN – BODY LANGUAGESpread yourself out and fill as much space as possible, when you stand, sit and walk.Move extremely slow and relaxed. Cross rooms like a king headed for his throne.Every movement including head and eyes shall be slow and dramatic.Move focus/attention rarely. Ignore everyone and everything that doesn’t deserve the boss’ attention.

BE THE MAN – KINOTouch her confidently – never insecure, careful or testing.Handle her like a doll – grab her and control her movements. Hold her and lead her – change directions, speed etc so you manipulate her movement. Tell her how to do things while you grab her and show her the movements. Lift her up and spin around when you hug/kiss her. Help her with getting clothes off /on.Lift/carry her over obstacles.

BE THE MAN – ATTITUDEI’m the boss and I got full control. I own the guy who owns this place. I’mZeus – its my duty as god to fuck the nymphs!

BE THE MAN – ‘FICTION HERO’Male heroes in films and romantic novels share a few traits that many girls dream of. Be these things:Impression: Strong, muscular, tough, hard, big hands, powerful, alpha, dominant, protective, masculine, confident, will power, determination, untamed, rough edges, moody, dark,dangerous, mystic, raw, rough, devilish, wild. Personality: integrity, identity, pride, honor, sense of humor, self irony, charming, charismatic, flirty, passionate, good kisser, rough lover.Hidden qualities: weaknesses, wounds, faults, openness to learning and growth, caring, attentive, tender (the clue with these is that he does a everything in his power to hide them).

STATE CONTROL – GET INTO FLOWBe relaxed, laid back, unworried and comfy. Feel safe, secure and confident.Feel happy and great about yourself. Trust yourself. Open a few girls quickly (3s rule) before you do anything else.Avoid being passive. Never stand still and observe.’Let go’ and throw yourself into action. Join in, do something, be part of the action, dig the music, move/walk around, take the lead, wave and talk to people etc.

STATE CONTROL – AVOID DEEP THINKINGFocus on your feelings. Let your feelings get carried away by music or something happening.Avoid deep thinking – don’t analyze – turn off inner dialogue. Forget status, plans and agenda. Avoid mirrors, clocks and other ‘thought triggers’.

EYE CONTACTEye contact must be confident, meaningful and firm – not timid, questioning, analyzing, shy, short, begging or frustrated.

FACESUse funny overdramatized facial expressions for underlining and vibing.Examples: Puppy dog – overly sad face with huge eyes. Dignity – turn head sideways and stare towards the horizon with low eye lids and straight neck.(Look out for new ones among your friends and when watching movies and cartoons)

TALKDon’t talk too much. Don’t try too hard to keep conversation alive – don’t try to fill empty pauses. Don’t be too enthusiastic and interested in what she says. Don’t remember too much what she has said. Don’t answer too quickly.Don’t tell about yourself unless she asks.Avoid thought stimulating talk like questions, problems, plans, logic, explaining, analyzing, advice, argumentation/defense, fascinating, interesting, intelligent, analytical, theoretical, professional.Always pump positive emotions – never dwell on the negative.Never talk without subcommunication – subtext/hidden messages, body language, facial expressions and meaningful eye contact.

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