Kissing Fun

When you have just started kissing, challenge the girl “I bet I know more different kisses than you”. Whoever comes up with the most different kisses wins…

ESKIMO KISS Rub noses… she’ll screw up her face and push her nose against yours. Tell her “no, this is how Eskimo’s KISS, you must do it with PASSION”, and have another go, more tenderly. It can actually be quite sensual.

BUTTERFLY KISS Go eye-to-eye and flutter eyelids at each other. It tickles.

HOLLYWOOD KISS (practice is essential) Turn the girl slightly to the side, in front of you, and put one arm round her waist in front of her and reach behind, and then the other hand behind her head as you push her over backwards with your lips.

NEIGHBOURS KISS If anyone ever watched neighbours, all the teenagers used to fake tongue kissing, without tongues. Basically, kiss with your mouth open but no tongue, it’s weird, and makes girls laugh.

PUPPY-DOG KISS Lick like a puppy, over her tongue and inside her mouth.

WASHING MACHINE KISS This was hers, round and round, monotonous.

RASPBERRY KISS Blow a raspberry on her lips instead of a kiss.

BITE KISS Bite her top or bottom lip, and don’t let go. At all. Even when she says the joke is over.

DEEP BREATH KISS Kiss just on the lips, but both take a huge deep breath at the same time, the oxygen rush gives you a brief natural high.

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