Warmth Builder

Hold the babe’s hand with her palm UP.Put your index finger in the center of her palm, and tell her to focus on the warmth in that spot your finger is on.Then tell her to imagine a shape (any shape she wants and she is not to tell you what shape she chooses ) **Next tell her imagine that shape is sloooowly….riiising….up from that spot of warmth. (raise you index finger up to prompt her to raise her shape)Tell her it is floating…rotating…around…and with each rotation…it gets warmer…and warmer…and warmer,Then tell her to slooowly let that shape sink back down into the spot it rose from.Next tell her to feel the warmth, as it travels UP from her hand…to her wrist…and it stops in that spot where the arm bends. (Your index finger will be tracing the movement)While it is stopped here, invite her to notice how much warmer it became as it moved to this spot.Then have it start moving again, this time travelling up and stopping on her shoulder. (you are still tracing the movement)Invite her to notice how that warmth is now even stronger…and more fulfilling.Continue moving and stopping at her “charm” zone (that’s the area where a charm on a necklace would be resting)Again invite her to notice how even warmer and more fulfilling it continues to get.The move and stop on her “heart” zone (Stop tracing it from this point, as it might be too intrusive to her)Again inviting her to notice the growing warmth and fulfillment. Then move it down to her solar plexus (And here use EXACTLY this wording, “And notice how that warmth seems to double…maybe even triple in intensity…as if the core of all that warmth…all that fulfillment..came from…right…in…here.” Then poke her solar plexus to anchor it!)Then tell her to continue moving that incredibly warm and fulfilling shape down (and tell her something like, “Continue this movement, even though you think you might explode…with enjoyment.”)Then swoop your hand BY her crotch, at an angle, and say, “And just let all of this flow right out and through you.” (Make sure you do NOT stop your hand by her crotch, because it’s too blatant. Instead, move your hand BY her crotch, at an angle, and over her right or left leg)And then SHUT UP and let the first words be out of HER mouth, so you know what result you got and where you might need to take the sarge from this point!

** It’s important that you DO NOT make her tell you what shape she chose, because it becomes more personal when she does not have to share it. Remember, if it goes as designed, that shape is now her symbol for orgasmic pleasure. The mere thought of that shape from this point on will give her pleasure, because it is a personal anchor for her. Keep in mind, if AFTER you’ve done the “Warmth Builder” (and gotten a favorable result) she tells you what shape she chose, that’s a great sign that she is having sensual thoughts with you in mind. (It’s like a woman showing you where her clit is, she tells you because she wants you to use the information!)

My most successful uses of the “Warmth Builder” happens to be on quality servers (that what I call waitresses…well, the good ones anyway) Because chances are her legs are tired and she’s been getting “slammed” before you showed up. So once I’ve built a little rapport, and illicit some of her trance words, I’ll introduce it like, “I know if you had a choice, you’d walk right out that door and get a nice manicure, soak in a hot tub for a half hour, and then sleep until the week-end. But that’s not possible right now, so let’s do the next best thing.” Dude, THAT will get her interested enough to give you three minutes to use the “Warmth Builder.”But the rule I follow, is to introduce it AFTER deep rapport, and after I’ve either done a guided visualization, or I have illicit some of her trance words in some other way. I feed them back their trance words, then, since we’re obviously on the subject of things that bring her pleasure, or is an example of her imagination, It’s easy to lead into the “Warmth Builder” by saying something along the lines of, “Speaking of _______, let me show you something really cool.”—————-As you guys probally have noticed I’m big on Bishop stuff 🙂

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