Looking for the Holy Grail

There is a special phenomenon when a guy starts to learn about women for the first time. I call it “the grand search for the holy grail.”

I have seen many guys who were unsuccessful with women for years of their lives. Then one day, they type “seduction” into Google and find a bunch of web pages and e-books dealing with “how to seduce girls” “what women want” “the best pick-up lines” etc. Suddenly they get all excited and start looking for the “holy grail”, the key that opens the heart (and the legs) of every woman.

As a few days pass by, they quickly realize that things don’t work that way. Most of these guys will try out one thing or two, then quit their quest for the pussy before they had even started.

I have a question for these guys: after many years without ANY success with women, how do you expect everything to change in a day or two? It just won’t happen. If you worked continuously day after day, month after month, year after year on fucking up your life, how could you change these bad habits in a second? No one can, actually!

Something similar to the above is someone looking for a line, routine, or technique that they can use on EVERY WOMEN. Come on guys, ladies are not light switches, you can’t use the same movement of your finger to bed each and every girl! (Ahmmm, well, you can, but she has to be lying down on your bed already :P) Each and every girl is different, and as such, they are turned on by different men, different behavior and different personalities.

There are many authors teaching seduction in their books and many guys keeping various “how to get women” type workshops. You have to realize that none of these people are GODS or IDOLS, but average guys who do something that works FOR THEM. What I do might not work for you so well. It’s because I have a different personality, a different view of the world and different goals in life.

When I teach seduction, I ask my guys just one question: what do you want from this whole thing? What kind of girls are you after? What are your goals and what are you willing to put into this? Before you read any books, take any workshops or do even one small step, you should answer that question. Why? Because you don’t attract girls with your looks, your money, or your age but rather WITH YOUR PERSONALITY AND ATTITUDE.

I’m sure you have seen many guys who were poor and ugly as hell with the hottest women. Were those women with them because of their looks or money? Not likely. She was with him because of HIS PERSONALITY. Because he triggered certain emotions inside her with his behavior.

Just think a bit: will an abstract mathematician attract a hot disco girl? No? Why not? Because they are living a DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE. The first one spends his days with his numbers, while the girl would rather peacock in front of the mirror all day. They have different needs and different goals, which just don’t go well together.

Girls go through certain periods in their lives. A 20-year-old girl will have different goals and needs than a 30-year-old woman. Many young girls are thrilled by adventure, adrenaline, and a sudden rush of emotions. “Bad guys”, “adventurers”, “extreme sportsmen” usually move the fantasy of these kind of girls. Such guys LIVE A LIFESTYLE that attracts these women. They want to become a part of his life.

And then comes the abstract mathematician or computer programmer who has taken a seduction workshop. He goes up to our 20-year-old hot babe, and blurts out a memorized line or routine. “Hey girls, get this. Last time we were parachuting with my friend… etc.etc.” She might even laugh. Our fellow guy takes this as a “sign of her interest” and goes on with another made-up story of his. Will he get the girl? Not likely. Will the “bad guy” in the leather jacket on his motorbike do so? Of course!

What I’m telling you is DON’T TRY TO BE SOMEONE YOU ARE NOT. If you are not satisfied with the women you get, change YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFESTYLE. Is it wrong to tell parachuting stories? No, it’s not: as long as you have a life to back the whole thing up! And that’s why it’s so important to have clear goals in front of yourself. YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THAT POOR GUY (ABSTRACT MATEMATICIAN) WHO GETS NO WOMEN AT ALL! You can change yourself for good. It won’t happen tomorrow. But nothing stops you from going to the gym, taking a parachuting class or buying a motorbike, right?

Just ask yourself first: is that what you want? Will this get you the kind of women you are longing for? What kind of girls do you want to have in your life? Once you have the answer, think what things and WHAT KIND OF LIFESTYLE attracts such women. And the last step is to FORM YOURSELF and YOUR PERSONALITY accordingly. Is it possible? Yes, of course. Will it happen in a day or two? No it won’t, but with the proper will and determination, YOU CAN DO IT!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to use certain “techniques” to improve your success with women. You will even see some results! But if you want to have REAL SUCCESS, don’t pretend to be someone else but rather BECOME WHO YOU WANT TO BE. No one can stop you from it! The guys who have learnt seduction for many years and have become successful achieved such results because they CHANGED THEMSELVES. It’s easy to see on yourself: even if the only thing you do is going out to clubs 2 times a week, you will leave many habits and form new ones. An abstract mathematician doing such is on the best road towards success!

At last, if you want to learn a complete system of seduction that teaches you to find your own goals and gives the proper tools to reach them, I suggest you check out my e-book at www.seduction-and-dating.com In my e-book, I talk about understanding the way women think, becoming a TRUE MAN who attracts them and I also teach you many step-by-step techniques and tools to improve your success and get what you want from women. From the first kiss to a long night of adventure!

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