Negative Compliance Momentum

So as we all know there is no 100% correct model to P/U. MM is about 85% and that is fucking amazing because it is intellectualizing dynamic real world situations. However with that said I have discovered another little piece of the puzzle.

First some background. In life humans interact in 5 ways

  1. DHV – we demonstrate a higher value to other humans
  2. DLV- we demonstrate a lower value- Well not us PUAs but other guys do. we would never do that
  3. IOI- we indicate our interest in others
  4. IOD- we indicate our disinterest
  5. Compliance testing- Almost all interactions at some point come down to a test for compliance. Will you get compliance or defiance?
  6. The basic MM model looks something like this : Open ( which is a very small CT) IOD DHV CT IOI

    We open and then IOD and DHV and wait for female IOIs. When they come we compliance test: if we have compliance we give an IOI This cycle continues until we reach sex which is somewhere around 65% compliance. Full compliance is when you tell her to cut herself and she does I only know of one guy who gets full compliance and he’s an instructor for us.

    So now that you know what the basic coding is you hopefully will understand this situation and why it diametrically opposed to the model.

    You open and instantly the girls are into you then you are dogmatic and neg(IOD) them. In an instant the interaction goes sour. Why?

    Because you have established negative compliance momentum. You punished them for good behavior. This is why you guys are blowing yourselves out with lower quality girls and nicer girls. 10s will not usually want to talk to you off the opener ( read low compliance to your opener) So to establish compliance we IOD.

    However if you already have compliance you are in comfort. Comfort is simply a higher threshold of compliance. If I walk up to one of my G/Fs and I kiss her she will not only let me she will pull me in and kiss me harder. Why?

    Because we have a high level of compliance. However I have almost no chance of walking up to a stranger and doing this. Comfort is not only trust and time it is also compliance.

    If we are hanging out together and I ask you to do something for me you are way more likely to do it then if i ask a random stranger. When choosing to align with people we comply to their requests to a certain threshold. There is a compliance threshold that we put on others. It is what we consider acceptable behavior.

    I for one do not like being touched but this weekend me and Matador were hanging out in Vegas with a high roller who got us in all the exclusive venues free and took care of everything so because I wanted to align with this guy I allowed him to get away with playful pushing and slapping that normally would result in my patented ” don’t touch me” response. Because of his value my compliance threshold was raised. So the more value you can convey pre compliance test the more chance of success you have.

    However do not be afraid to overestimate your value as you will blow yourself out by creating negative compliance.

    I used to have a problem with Southern girls as they were so nice and I felt I wasn’t getting through so I would over neg to obnoxiousness. Now I know that those sets were already on and all I was doing was creating resistance to my compliance tests.

    As Mystery would say “Isn’t this a brillant concept? I came up with this”.

    This is 100% field tested and it took me awhile to put find the words to express it.

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