Low Key Vs High Energy Game

There are different styles of PU, that require you to act differently. If you guys remember my old “Jamie Lee Curtis Opener”, you’ll know that I walk up and say something like: “I saw the most fascinating thing today..” and go off into this Jamie Lee Curtis story I read about.

Another good one is “I just saw the new Lord of the Rings movie” (this works with ANY movie that is POP-CULTURE, and she’ll be curious about it regardless of whether or not she wants to see it.. “Matrix Reloaded” will work this summer)

These is a LOW KEY approaches. I am getting her into chat in a low-key way. I’m not shocking her, I’m just initiating convo.

Both openers auger well with GMW (Gunwitch Method) pickups. You can just walk in, initiate a conversation, and start projecting a sexual state. She’ll pickup on this AMAZING CHEMISTRY that she has for you, and the boring convo will seem CHARGED to her.

The new Maniac Plan has alot of this sort of stuff in it. There’s also an old post by Neo-Rio that has good stuff for this, called “Essence of PU Plan” (parts 1 and 2).

These are just small talk, although SOME of the lines are NOT neutral enough for GMW (since using GMW REQUIRES neutral talk so that her sexual state can’t be broken by intrigue/curiousity/hummour/romance/etc).

One drawback of the low-key approach is getting LJBF’ed.

High Impact Openers

The HIGH IMPACT approach is very different. You use it to STOP superfly hot chicks in their tracks, to get them talking.

If I’m in a grocery store, I’ll say “hey, do you know where the natural peanut butter is??? NO??!?! You’re not allowed to shop here unless you know…….

I’m serious”

Or I’ll pickup the cat food and say “this is SOOO good!…. I mean for my cats.. what did YOU think I meant??” Then I’ll pretend that she’s retarded and fake that I’m about to walk off, and she’ll say “no no no no” and I’ll come back.

These are CREATIVE MISINTERPRETATIONS, where I tease her and make fun of her in a way that SHOWS that I am not needy and willing to walk away. It is playful but yet shows no fear and hard-to-get-ness.

The point is that these are COCKY FUNNY. Notice that if you said these lines to a GUY that he would think you’re retarded or something. But I can crack girls up with this shit CONSISTENTLY. WHY??? Because them laughing is an acknowledgement that I am DOMINANT and they are SUBMISSIVE. It’s FLIRTING.

Right now I have this down so well, that I can consistently have either lone or groups of chicks laughing their heads off. I can literally do ANYTHING and they’ll just laugh. Most other ASFers who meet me are always shocked by how much I can get away with, and how chicks laugh at anything that I say in a very submissive way. I’ll even walk up and pull their hair smack them up (not too hard). They LOVE it.

What Does it Mean When She Laughs?

They laugh to show submissiveness, because you are FLIRTING. Your C&F comments are the SAME as flexing your muscles. It’s a display of alphaness, and gives her a feeling of SECURITY because she feels like you aren’t NEEDY, since you’re obviously not afraid to walk.

Carrying on where I left off last time talking about High Impact PU methods.

One downside to this sort of approach is that you often don’t get rapport. You have a NASTY choice to make: Do I REWIND and have some small talk to get rapport, or do I go for the JUGULAR RIGHT NOW and close it???

I guarantee that if you contact close using EXCLUSIVELY C&F, you will get alot of flakes. The chicks are attracted at the TIME, but when they get home, they think “he’ll fuck me FOR SURE if I get together with him…. AM I READY FOR THIS????” So you either have to rewind and get RAPPORT, or try to !close it right there.

Anyway, if you guys have read my FRs, you’ve seen me use alot of C&F ballbusting.. Since I don’t post my LRs, I usually only post something that I personally find interesting or funny (I use ASF sort of as my personal journal in that way)… So naturally there’s alot of the C&F crazy shit, since I think that its more interesting than a chat that lead to something spicier.

However, I DO use the low-key approach as well. You just need a HOOK to get her talking in a low-key way, and you can attract by turning it either into a romantic moment (just through your composure and sophistication and maybe some other stuff) or a sexually charged chemistry bath (using GMW).

Another BIG problem with the HIGH IMPACT approach for guys who want to lay any attractive chick REGARDLESS of her personality, is that you SCREEN the non HSE (high self esteem) chicks.

So IOW, if you go high-impact, the chicks who KNOW that they are not sharp-witted enough to keep up with you will get upset. ALSO, another big one is that lower calibre chicks (or even hot chicks with LSE and perceive themselves to be lower calibre) will interpret your high-impact flirting as INSULTING.

Where and When to Use High Impact

The reason that its insulting, is that high-impact pickups are typically (for non-ASFers) reserved for HOT chicks, being PU’ed by cool guys. When you use a high-impact approach on a lower-calibre chick, she interprets that in the SAME way that a fat chick will interpret “you are beautiful”.. She will think that you are MOCKING her, and REMINDING her that she isn’t hot.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to PU an UG using high impact stuff, in my personal experience. I personally LIKE the screening of non-HSE chicks, but that’s PERSONAL TASTE. Many guys get frusterated by it.

However, often REALLY high calibre chicks who KNOW the game, and who have been played by players in the past will ONLY want the LOW-KEY approach, because its more genuine in their deluded opinion.

OK, this is confusing, but anyone with alot of experience will recognize alot of this. For those with less experience, it may make things more clear to you when you’re doing PU.

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