Massage Dual Induction

Foolproof way for getting threesomes, as used by Rick S, Style (Neil Strauss, The Game), Mystery (Mystery Method), jlaix and chessclub. Everyone, really.

Some of you may have pieced this together already from Jlaix and Chessclub’s FRs, but here, for the archives and for posterity, is the step-by-step Dual Induction Massage Sure-Fire Threesome Routine, with credit given where credit is due.

This to me is the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in the last year. Once you cross this barrier (as Jlaix knows), there’s no going back. It changes your whole PU life. No longer are you going out trying to just get a LR, but to bring two of the right women together for a dual induction massage.

This all began one night at the ProHo mansion, when an FB was over and an MLTR did a drop-by. I was in Herbal’s room, sitting there with them both vibing each other, trying to figure out what to do.

I went outside and talked to Mystery, and asked him which girl I should get rid of.

Fortunately, Mystery had just been at David D’s DYD seminar. And a gentleman there by the name of Rick S. (not to be confused with Rick H.) had talked about getting threesomes by having two girls massage him at the same time. We looked into Herbal’s room, at the two of them talking, and Mystery suggested a couple tactics. I decided, what the fuck, I had nothing to lose.

I took them both up to my room to watch a fun home video clips that I was in. We all lay on the bed, and watched it.

So, here are the steps, once you have them on your bed. Of course, make sure the lights are low and the mood is romantic and comfortable, without being an obvious seduction/plan.

STEP ONE: Tell them, genuinely, “I just experienced the most amazing thing. I went to San Diego and hung out with my friend Steve, who’s like a guru and a shaman, and an amazing guy. And he had two of his students perform a dual induction massage on me. Their hands were moving in perfect synchronization on me, and because your conscious mind can’t follow all those movements, it just disconnects and you feel like there are thousands of hands on you. It was amazing.”

[This is true: It was an amazing gift from Steve P., one of the really great and powerful guys I’ve met through this community.]

Now, ideally, the HB getting the massage should be the one who would get the most jealous. She needs to get the attention first to feel comfortable. Also, to make sure this goes smoothly, it’s best if this is someone you’ve *closed or !closed before. It’s best to leave her shirt ON, and just do it over the shirt.

Next, tell the HB who’s doing the massaging that she must follow your hand movements exactly and move in exact synchronization. (I’d recommend taking a seminar in Swedish massage to learn how to do a nice backrub; if you’re in NY, try the Open Center; anywhere else, just do a Learning Annex course.)

STEP TWO: Next, say it’s your turn. Take off your shirt, and lie on your stomach. And definitely show appreciation for what they are doing.

STEP THREE: Afterward, say that it’s the third girl’s turn. Help her out of her shirt, or ask her to take off her shit while she’s facing away from you (if she’s shy), and have her lie on her stomach.

On this girl, you can make the massage more erotic. Go around the breasts and butt and thighs, WITHOUT actually touching any private parts.

STEP FOUR: Now this is the key move. After you finish the massage, let her lay there on her stomach underneath you and the other girl. Pause a moment to build up a touch of tension, then start making out passionately with the other girl (the one who was just doing the massaging with you) over the back of the girl lying down.

Now, just gently turn the face of the girl lying down towards you. Kiss her. Then gently take the head of the other girl and bring it DOWN to the face of the girl lying on her stomach. If you’ve created the mood properly, they’ll just automatically start kissing. Join in for a threeway makeout, and it’s all over.

YOU have to be a conductor, and orchestrate everything. Turn over the girl who was being massaged last, and each take a breast. Then switch off girls. Then roll away and watch them go at it. Then get back in there and help them remove some clothes. Etc. Etc.

However, this can NOT be about your pleasure. In the majority of cases, you are providing an excuse for the girls to get together. So if one of the girls is an MLTR or primary or main FB, make sure that it’s all about HER pleasure. You need to calibrate the comfort level of each girl the whole time. If you start trying to be a porn star too quickly or making it all about you (or making it too explicit where the massage is heading), this could backfire. That said, since I first figured it out (with respect to Rick S., Mystery, and Steve P), it hasn’t failed once. (Though there have been occasions where the energy wasn’t right to go into this dual induction massage.)

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