Messing Up Your Chances

How Intentionally Messing Up Your Chances With A Woman Can Skyrocket Your Success

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you’re reading this because you want more success with women, right? Maybe your skills with da ladies put Hugh Hefner to shame. Maybe you’re barley treading above water in the single scene trenches. I dunno? But I do know you want more success. Who doesn’t?

Just maybe you think the best way to succeed with a woman is to NOT mess up by, for example, avoiding topics of conversation that might offend her, hiding aspects about yourself she may find dorky or crass or pathetic…and so on, yes? If this describes you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Ninety percent of men think this way. Heck, I used to (If you’re one of those few lucky men who DON’T think this way, what you’re about to read will make you sigh with relief and think to yourself: “Amen. Finally someone has the gall to stand up to the plate and spout what should have been said a long time ago. If I’d been privy to this when I was starting out, I’d have saved truckloads of time and tears.”).

When I first started wading through the single scene brush, slogging down a misguided road, I thought to myself: “Why is it that the most successful guys with women I know seem to do everything wrong?”

The harder I tried NOT to mess up, the worse I did. I wanted to be flawless but “flawless” was becoming a death sentence to my success with women. Many blows to my self-esteem later, I realized I was trudging down the wrong path.

But I didn’t know what the right path was. I felt frustrated and confused.

Then the universe left a few breadcrumbs for me, pointing me in the right direction…

I was watching one of the old Superman movies with my little cousin when it dawned on me. As I was watching I realized: If Superman didn’t have kryptonite he wouldn’t have superhero appeal. His powers are impressive but it’s his Achilles heel, kryptonite, making him truly extraordinary.

If you’re perceptive, maybe you’re saying to yourself: “His Achilles heel makes him a hero because it humanizes him. It conveys that although he has impressive powers, he’s not that different from us. We can relate to him.”

But this is only part of the story. There are other underlying mechanisms at work.

One of them dawned on me while perusing a book called “The Handicap Principle,” by the zoologist Amotz Zahavi. Many of us were told in school that the animals advertising signals – displaying characteristics about themselves – most fit for survival are picked by the opposite sex as mating partners.

But Zahavi felt a piece of Darwin’s puzzle was missing: Why do animals go out of their way to advertise costly signals – characteristics about themselves that decrease their chance of survival?

Because, Zahavi tells us, the opposite sex feels the greatest amount of attraction toward those advertising the most costly signals. The peahen, for example, feels attraction toward the peacock with the largest, most colorful plumage. This large, colorful plumage is no perk for survival. The poor peacock has to lug around those monster-sized feathers. His bright colors make him stick out like a sore thumb to predators.

Yet the message he’s communicating to the peahen is: “Despite having these debilitating characteristics, I’m alive, healthy, and ready to mate.” He’s advertising costly signals.

These same principles apply to humans as well. Anything you do that is perceived as potentially harmful to your social status or chances of mating with a woman is advertising a costly signal. If you advertise costly signals correctly it will skyrocket both your social status and the attraction women feel toward you.

A word of caution: Acting like a dilapidated gimp who just got off the short bus will neither increase your social status nor compel women to feel attraction toward you.

Advertising costly signals only works on the condition that you’ve already established yourself as the Prize with a woman (or group of women). Also, use it in moderation. Less, in this case, really is more.

Let’s look at a few examples of this. Every few years there’s some pop star that starts sporting a dry heave inducing fashion. But instead of being shipped off to some leper colony, his popularity soars and his grotesque style becomes the new chic.

Another great example of this is the 1987 movie “Can’t Buy Me Love.” The movie’s hapless hero, Donald, is determined to squelch his dork-boy reputation by paying a popular cheerleader to be his girlfriend. Lo and behold, his mission is accomplished as he darts to the top of the popularity totem pole. As prom edges closer Donald attempts to teach himself to dance by imitating the dance moves of what he mistakenly thinks is the television show American Bandstand. What he, unfortunately, ends up learning are the steps to an African Anteater Ritual. When he gets to prom, thinking he has all the trendy dance moves down pat, he busts out with the African Anteater Ritual. Do people make fun of him? Nope. They love him more for it. And in the next scene a whole room of teenagers spaz out in synchronicity as they partake in the African Anteater ritual.

These last two examples, admittedly, aren’t about attracting women per se. They’re about the much broader field of human psychology. Yet these same underlying mechanisms apply to attracting women.

Many guys have a harder time dealing with a woman feeling attraction toward them than one who doesn’t. They shudder with fear that they’ll mess up their chances with her. She’ll find out what a goofball they are and never want to talk to them again. And most of the time the woman does stop feeling attraction toward them. But it usually has nothing to with them acting like goofballs. Instead, it’s their fear that she WON’T approve of their behavior that turns her off. Women feel no attraction toward approval seeking, validation hungry, needy men.

They feel attraction toward men whom establish themselves as the Prize. If a woman, for example, wants to keep talking to you or keep interacting with you or see you again or find out more about you or try to get your approval or win you over…and so on, you’ve probably established yourself as the Prize – at least to some extent.

Establishing yourself as the Prize is what I call “Prizability.” Advertising costly signals is one of the best ways to skyrocket your Prizability.

Maybe, for example, while out on a date with a woman you’ve just met, she comments that your favorite musician is an untalented loser. Your gut instinct shouts: “Don’t let her know he’s your favorite artist, lest she stops liking you.” This is the needy part of you. When women sense this part of you, they see you as desperate to mate and spread your genetic code.

But when you advertise a costly signal – by, for example, saying, “Actually he’s my favorite musician. I’ve been to every single one of his concerts and have a big poster of him taped to a wall in my bedroom. You must have bad taste.” – you’re establishing that you’re willing to risk losing the attraction she feels toward you because you could care less what the end result is.

Women aren’t used to men doing this. Often times, they’ll respond by, oddly enough, changing their view to fit yours – an indication your Prizability is rapidly increasing. Sometimes not. Yet, no matter what her response is, you can use it to increase your Prizability (in my course you’ll discover truckloads of secrets for using her response – no matter what it is – to exponentially increase your Prizability…emotionally compelling her to want and reach and chase for more of you).

Before I let you go I’m gonna share one more example of advertising costly signals to increase your Prizability and skyrocket the attraction women feel toward YOU. If there’s a woman who feels attraction toward you, advertise a costly signal by making her participate in a really dork laden activity. Maybe grab her hand and start skipping and humming the theme song to Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Insist she participate. If she already likes you, doing this will balloon your Prizability and the attraction she feels toward you.

I’ve only scratched the surface of advertising costly signals. My book is filled with heaps of step-by-step examples, teaching you how to make this skill part of who YOU are. You’ll learn to transform aspects about yourself you perceive as unattractive into your most seductive qualities. But this, my friend, is only the tip of the iceberg. If you give me fifteen minutes a day, I’ll let you crawl inside my mind and pull out my proven step-by-step attraction method…giving you the tools to generate massive attraction in women, compelling them to want and reach and chase for more of you. This is the fastest available road to success with the women you desire…with minimum rejection. Even if you dedicate little time and put in only a small amount of effort, you’ll start seeing results. Of course, the more you put in the more you’ll get out. I’ll leave it up to you to decide just how much success with women you want. But I should warn you: My course is the only place on the planet you’ll get possession of these attraction secrets. Just think what it will be like to finally have the skills and confidence to plop your butt in the driver’s seat while interacting with women, giving you the power and choice to take your interactions with them in the direction you want. Start getting this area of your life taken care of right now by downloading my book.

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