More on Boyfriend Destroying, pt. 2

Further to what I said before:

3)            Some wicked fodder includes routines like (I got the base for these ideas from other people, but do them in my own style):


“its fascinating though.. because people in society have so many hang-ups (“hangups” is a WICKED word, btw, when discussing sexuality. USE IT, it is PRIMO SHIT) about all this different shit.. like they’re trying to categorize people and all that.. its funny, like, these psychologists.. there’s this incredible study where it was like, they took pornography, and showed it to men and women.. and they showed them 3 things

1-            men and men having sex

2-            men and women having sex

3-            women and women having sex

Now then gay men of course liked the man on man. And the straight guys liked the men with women, and of course they liked the chicks with chicks too (they’ll shit test you for this, and you make NO EXCUSES for liking woman on woman porn.. you just slyly smile and keep going)..

But what was most fascinating, was women……. of course women liked watching intimacy between a woman and a man.. but what was surprising was that 80% of women also felt aroused by watching a woman with another woman (girls will all go “yeah I could see that” – except uptight girls usually)…

So the thing is, it’s not really whether or not women are bisexual or like “DYKES” or some label like that.. but it’s more like… you know.. the inner essence of the woman is just THERE.. and its HOW IN TOUCH she is with it, and how AWARE of it she is that’s the variable..”

(another great aspect of this, is that if they sense your PUA vibe, they know that you can provide a 3-some for them, while their beta AFC BF cannot PU girls to participate in that with them)


“(INSERT A VARIATION OF NATURAL WOMAN PATTERN HERE, BUT A SHORTER VERSION THAT JUST CUTS TO THE MEAT).. so the thing is, it’s like, girls can sometimes just have fantasies like that are totally different from what they -really- want, but still maybe wish that their guys could go with them.. Like there’s just so many constraints imposed by society, and it’s like, alot of girls can have fantasies about “being taken” sort off almost like rape fantasies, where it’s like not necessarily some scary creepy guy, and obviously they don’t want that to actually happen.. but like, just that fantasy about “being taken” and having it totally not in your own control, and it just excites you so much because it’s just so different than the same thing as always… like you really don’t want it, but you’re just so taken away by the whole feeling and experience of it and it’s like, some guys they recognize that and just totally can give their girlfriends those fantasies by just being ADVENTUROUS and MORE EXCITING.. just like totally enacting GETTING IN TOUCH with their girlfriends fantasies, and finding out just what it is that they are… and totally connecting on a more intimate level, because they understand each others desires more, and just totally connect through exploration of the depths of their sexualities..”


All girls LOVE the idea of being paid for sex, no matter how much they say they dont’. Use KOOPER COCKY FUNNY FRAMES and say that you’re a PIMP, that the other girls in the set are your hoes and they should rate eachother’s hoe ratings, and say what you’re going to make them do.. It’s ROLE PLAYING, so they may be inclined to cheat on their BFs because it fits that fantasy, and its all roleplaying anyway.

So, basically, show them that you’re more WITH IT, and have less HANGUPS, than their BORING NONADVENTUROUS boyfriend has, and that if they get with you, you won’t JUDGE THEM, and that you’ll actually UNDERSTAND and CONNECT with them. Since the MAJORITY of LTRs have GARBAGE REPETITIVE SEX, they’ll crack from this on a consistent basis.

Again, like the old BF blaster shit I wrote, this basically just gets INSIDE THEIR HEADS, and contrasts you with their boyfriends FLAWS.

Keep pumping them with C&F, which is the archetype of the male highschool popular boy / quarterback, etc.. They’ll see that you’re what they NEED sexually, and you’re IN. 🙂

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