The Perfect Blend of PUA, pt. 5


If you’re very obviously cooler or more attractive than the girl, you can go in with (Q) first.  You can literally walk up and compliment her.

That’s why so many guys say they like compliment openers.  They’ve had luck with them.  Of course they’re not telling you that they’re goodlooking or socially proofed guys, or that they’re sleeping with 7s.

YES, I open with compliments.  I’ve done it many times.

Likewise, I’ve walked up and just introduced myself.  Like I’ll walk up and extend my hand and say “Hey, I’m Tyler.  I thought you looked like someone I’d like to meet.  Those are the coolest looking glasses I’ve seen in a long time.  They rock.  Where did you get them?”

Why the fuck not?  If the girl looks shy, this will OPEN HER UP.  Just so long as it doesn’t come across like you’re trying to manipulate her, its fine.

Note that the alot of guys just come across SO COOL by their bodylanguage and tonality, that they can get away with zero routines or anything.  They just need to walk up, tease a bit and let her know that he’s interested, and she’ll go for it.

The same goes for group sets.  If you’re that cool of a guy, occassionally the girl will signal to her friends “I LIKE THIS ONE, SO DO NOT COCKBLOCK THIS”.

The friends will back off.  Group theory won’t be needed.  This is obvious, as girls DO get picked up in clubs by guys who don’t know group theory.  It’s just not consistent (so saying “guys get laid all the time without all this stuff” is a logical fallacy, because yes they DO, but its not CONSISTENT like the way it is with using tactics).  Personally I never bank on this though, because even if you have this, you will still often get cockblocked.  The peergroup will just get jealous, and force it.  So I engage the whole group, because I feel that nothing can be lost from it.  You can always go sexual down the line, there is no time limit on it, IME.  Still, that’s not to say that going up direct can’t be done.  It CAN.


In the case of party chicks, they are usually very hyper and not thinking about safety consequences or social consequences.

So that being the case, there is no discomfort.  They aren’t afraid of you raping them if you get them alone, because they’d LIKE for you to jump on them.  Likewise, they aren’t worried about being sluts, because they ARE sluts, and they embrace that image as who they are.  Girls like this are called “laddettes” in Britain.  Samantha Jones from the TV show ‘Sex and the City’ is a girl like that also.

Getting to know a guy is a potential turnoff for her, because she may have BECOME a party chick because she was hurt by a past guy who she fell in love with and let her down.  So making her fall in love with you will just turn her off.  She wants fun sex, and that’s it.

So the (C) and (Q) are taken care of.  The comfort is that she doesn’t give a shit, and the qualification is that she’s a horny girl and you can provide her with her sexual needs.  That’s it.

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