More on Boyfriend Destroying, pt. 3


I’m at the bar with Manifestis, and we’re just chilling going around high fiving people and clicking drinks.. chatting up everyone, especially guys about the SuperBowl in SanDiego and all that, ignoring their chicks kinda.. the girls finally start coming over to us, trying to get our attention..

One chick rolls up on me and initiates me by touching the leather strap with fake bullets that I have around my arm (I am all peacocked as usual now).. “hands off the merchandise!”.. she starts saying its sexy, and could be a belt for Alley McBeal… “oh, you like girls???  we’ll team up and help eachother pickup chicks tonight then..”  …. She is laughing and all that, but I eject her to keep playing the hard to get shit that we’re field testing tonight.. She comes up on me later and starts holding my hands and all that.. I brush my face up to hers, and she is rubbing my arm.. I leave again..

At the end of the night, she’s with her FIANCEE, and they are walking kinda to leave.. She breaks off from him, and CRAWLS through the crowd PRETENDING to be trying to leave, even though it’s the least efficient way, and her fiancee is wondering why the fuck she did this..

She rolls up on me, and asks me my name.. Now because I have AI (approach invitation), this means NO GAME WHATSOEVER, just neutral chat ala gunwitch, since she’s in sexual state.

Here I use my latest BF Destroying techniques.. she asks me if I’m gay (NUMBER ONE IOI WHEN PEACOCKING IS IF THE CHICK WANTS TO KNOW WHETHER OR NOT YOU ARE GAY).. I say that I’m into ANYTHING (not true btw), and do my bi-sexual-is-normal routine, she tells me that she’s into girls, and her fiancee doesn’t know. She even has sex sometimes with the chick she’s with..

ME: your problem is that you need a man that can help you to find other chicks to be with..

HER: I know, but he’s just such a nice guy..

ME: he is.. its not his fault.. he wants to do his best for you.. I think that you should definitely marry him, cause he’s such a nice guy.. its not his fault that he can’t find girls for you, he’s just so insecure around a woman like you, and he knows that he won’t get better.. she’s he’s afraid to open up to you..

HER: I never realized that.. OMG you’re right..

ME: imagine if you had a man who could find other girls for you, because you just knew that he was so in touch with his sexuality that girls would be drawn to him, and you could explore all of those hidden potentials..

HER: you are the most sexual man I have ever met.. I NEED you to meet me tonight after my fiancee goes to sleep..

Here Manifestis is occupying the fiancee, who now has his arms wrapped around her, but can’t hear the convo cause she’s facing me and not him, and the music is blanketing our convo so he can’t hear it.. Manifestis chats him up, while I make out with his fiancee while he is holding from behind.. (what a SCANDALOUS ASS HO!!)

Anyway, we’re doing PU this week to get Manifestis up to speed, so I made a meet close that I already flaked on..

Meanwhile other chicks were approaching, and kissing me and hugging me.. This other chick who I approached earlier came and sat next to me, drawing guys in to social proof herself, but kept looking over at me non-stop.. Her older brother was there, and earlier had tried to CB me..

HIM: I’m her older brother..

ME: OK, I guess I’ll leave then.

HIM: no no its not like that homie.. I’m not like that.. damn, I never realized I was like that.. you seem like a great guy..

So now he’s telling her to get with me and shit.. funny shit.. good technique maybe (needs more testing of course)..

She’s getting jealous from the other chick kissing me and hugging me and shit, while Manifestis is just chilling social proofing us, and cracking up (he’s very good at mingling for sure.. much better than I am)

WHY are chicks approaching me on this night, and not others in the past?? I’m DOING something here.. but you have read careful to see it.. I post almost always only FRs where I personally learned something, since ASF is my personal PU journal..

1-look at the takeaways, and the contrast between staying in set as opposed to mingling..

2-look at how I created a TEAM UP world with her “we’ll PU chicks together”

3-look at how I played hard to get “hands off the merchandise”

4-look at how I disarmed the brother with the “I’ll leave then” direct line

5-look at how I did NOT use ANY game when I spotted AI (this is a crucial revelation, that many don’t understand and overgame as a result)

6-look at how I was able to kiss the guy’s fiancee, while he’s HUGGING her, by having Manifestis occupy him, and by drawing her in with the BF Destroyer stuff (is posting an FR where a technique is used considered a repost?? I didn’t think so, as far as I knew)

7-look how we used social proof to make the other girl jealous and keep looking over, and how by doing the mingling we had people coming to us.

Anyway, cool stuff.

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