Oriental Hot Tub House of Sex

I am convinced that LRs are the most valuable learning tool on this entire board. In particular, I have found the LR tutorials of TokyoPUA extremely helpful. And, since he is back in Boston, I thought I would pay homage and write this one up in a simi

Lay Reports also act as a testament to your legacy as a PUA. It is the documentation and representation of the art, in its pure form. From it, you can learn so much about real pickup – what works, about the style of the artist, and so on. It is not merely a way of bragging to others on the board about getting laid, it is the prime essence of PU, as it proliferates real life knowledge and experience.

There’s a lot of preparation and theory before the actual LR. If you would like to just read that, scroll down to “Meeting up” below.

Target Analysis: Absolutely stunning asian chick (Raised in the US, though). 9.5 or so on my scale, but will be treated as a 10 for all intensive purposes, because of how people respond to her in her environment. She has guys hitting on her wherever she goes – continuously. A girl like this doesn’t go 5 minutes in a public place without some guy saying some nervous, predictable kiss-ass shit to her about her looks. Most of them say dumb things like “Wow. I would love to take you out sometime.” (But then does nothing to actually make it happen) “You don’t have a boyfriend? No way.” “OMG – Are you a dancer?”. Or they go over the top in the other direction by trying to show indifference or by being mean to her. Almost all men are completely incapable of subtlety and moderation, because they consider her to be so rare and special because of her beauty. Every man in the vicinity would glance over at us wherever we were, and then quickly look away as to not get caught by her or the women they were with.

My treatment: Distinguish myself from every other guy by treating her like a normal person for once. Connect with her, qualify / compliment her on non-physical things. Be absolutely honest and real. Be clear about my true intentions (both sexual and of a platonic nature) and express them in a tasteful way. Cold read her and pace her reality. Steal her frame, but not in a blatantly cocky or insecure way. Have strong unwavering dialogue and frames. Give strong eye contact.

I will use what we call “Implicit Direct” game. It’s a direct framework with a toned down opener so as not to be immediately categorized with the hundreds of other guys that hit on her that week. In other words, it’s a game standard to the protocol outlined in my direct game post a while back, but with a specialized compliment (or a “What’s up?”) as an opener. Works marvelously with SHBs. (Specialized vs. Broad compliment style opener means you’re saying something that makes you stand out a bit by seeming perceptive -> “Wow, that purse… (pause) it really compliments your style!” vs. “You are beautiful.”)

Logistics (pre-planned): 1. Have her drive to my town. (Slight reverse supplication, my reality, I lead and control) 2. We eat dinner at a classy Italian restaurant. 3. Built in isolation -> We go to an old fashioned japanese hot tub place. Appointment already made, but a surprise to her. 4. Back to my place after hot tub, more sex to further connection, and insure proper conversion.

Logistics were planned before the date. Always build isolation into your logistics. Lead her confidently there according to your plan.

Keys to getting the lay (pre-planned): -Direct approach and give great compliments. (Direct works amazingly with SHBs when you do it with class and distinction, see my complete guide to direct game post for more on this) -Mild c+f, to make her laugh -Frame control -Open loops – pleasant surprises -Dressing uniquely confidently. Pinstripe suit. No tie, instead slightly unbuttoned shirt with a small pendant around my neck. One ring on right pinky. -Slow, romantic kino -Conversational attraction techniques -Telling her what to wear -Extensive pre gaming on phone -Tight qualification, understanding of her reality – cold reads -Having her drive out to my place (one hour), subtle prize frame -Setting frame right in the beginning – telling her we’ll have a wonderful romantic night together, and it’s like a vacation away from her ordinary life kind of like old lovers reuniting (Our world frame from TokyoPUA) -Strong eye contact -Planning and leading evening – creating a fantasy world for her, that she’s never experienced before. -Absolute honesty – telling her I teach workshops BEFORE I went for lay. A risk, but I did it in a very genuine manner, and I think buyers remorse would be worse if I told her or she found out afterwards. -Relaxation and visualizations an hour before we met up. (Remembering all the times women wanted me or I was successful, over and over) -Dominance – caveman-esque kino when going for the lay. -Inducing a trance state by going into trance myself while looking into her eyes, and then giving her a significant SOI. -Screening questions as a means of connecting and learning about one another.

I used no “DHV’s” and told no long stories, avoiding anything resembling an entertainment frame. Besides, canned material is out of style. 😉

Also I’m starting to think that NOT consciously doing DHV’s is a DHV, if that makes any sense.

Initial contact and phone game:

I was at a low key nightclub in Boston and saw a mixed four set (2 guys, 2 girls) come in. Decided on the target and approached the group. (Opener: “What’s up guys, where you from…”) I was cool and vibed with everyone there, as to avoid cockblocking, and then immediately sat with the target. Didn’t bother to isolate or try to extract because since she was on a “double date” the logistics would be nearly impossible. Talked for about 5 minutes or so, and # closed. Moved onto the next venue with my wings. (Some people think that 5 minutes is a flaky or non-solid close. They do not yet realize that the time factor is completely irrelevant in PU. If you are ever thinking that a PU didn’t go right because you didn’t spend enough time on something, there was another factor you’re not aware of.)

Isolation is only good when you plan on going for the same day lay or when you plan on venue changing. If you are just trying to #-close, DO NOT ISOLATE the chick from her friends. If she gives you her number in front of her friends, flaking will be reduced dramatically. It’s the dynamic of her wanting to show her friends that she met a good, desirable guy. The friends will be questioning like “Did he call you, see I knew he wouldn’t call” and then the girl would be responding in your favor like “Yeah he called, and he’s really cool, we’re going to do something.” It becomes a little drama thing where the friends are a bit jealous, and the target is hoping she met a great guy for once. It will work out in your favor – all you gotta do is not fuck up!

I left her few chilled out messages. Pretty plain: “Hey what’s up. It’s me calling to chat and see what you’re up to. Give me a call.” I focused more on being relaxed and having clear, deep and slow tonality. She didn’t call me back at first, so I was persistent. I kept calling and leaving messages, because I knew I could reframe it later.

************************************** How to be persistent and have it work ************************************** Continue to call and leave messages, ignoring the fact that she isn’t calling you back. Assume rapport, treat her as an old friend that you are about to reconnect with. Be cool about it, and not mean or spiteful in any way. Set it up in your mind as a low investment on your part, all you’re doing is making a short call, to remind her of something wonderful she can have. Once you get her on the phone reframe it with this:

Girl: “Sorry I haven’t called you back” WH: “I understand. You were busy. Sometimes meeting new people and forming connections gets put on the back burner when you’re trying to get your life in order.”

This achieves a few things: -Shows you are understanding and cool and not angry or spiteful. -Frames it as her getting her life together so that she can connect with you. (Her raising value to meet you) -Presupposes she is now ready to form a new connection with you. -Demonstrates that we both have good values and have priorities in our lives straight.

I got back from NYC this past weekend after having an RSI orientation. Target called me that night, about 2AM, and we talked for 3 hours. I did some pregaming during this time.

Some excerpts:

Girl: “I’m getting fat.” (Looking for me to qualify her, tell her she’s hot) WH: “Oh, really. Jeez… that’s too bad.” (instead of qualifying, I accept and reinforce her frame of unattractiveness) Girl: “Yeah I need to work out. Do you work out?” (Girl trying to screen me) WH: “Nahh. I’m not in great shape or anything, pretty skinny actually.” (Verbalization of lower value) Girl: “Oh, we can fix that.” WH: “Why, are you a good cook?” (reversing frame, to screen her) Girl: “Yeah I’m pretty good.” (Girl bites on it) WH: “Oh yeah, what can you make?” (amplifying screening frame)

Girl: “Some guy I met today was asking me why I don’t have a boyfriend, he couldn’t believe it.” (Demonstrating value, but I see it as qualifying herself to me) WH: “I understand, guys are so boring these days. I have a friend who tells me the same thing. This girl is gorgeous, but guys just come up to her and say things like “Wow, you’re so hot” unable to do anything to make a real connection. And then there’s the other guys that are players that just want to use her for sex.” (Basically telling her I understand her reality and I’m neither a boring guy who is incapable of talking to her nor a player.

Girl: “What did you like about me when you saw me?” (Testing me to see if I’ll say the same thing as the 99% of other guys) WH: “The way you carry yourself. You’re just so comfortable with yourself. A kind of relaxed confidence. It’s very attractive.” Girl: “Really? That sounds good.” WH: “You know.. I meet so many girls who play games. But you don’t have time for that bullshit. You’re so real and genuine.” (more qualification to make her feel special and unique, and that I see her for what she truly is)

WH: “Have you ever been to (city nearby)? No? You have to. Come out here and I’ll show you. We’ll have a very romantic evening. You’ll love it. We’ll go to dinner, walk around the city and then I’ll have a special surprise for you. Oh, and dress really formal, wear a sexy dress for me, ok?” Girl: “Ok, what time?”

This demonstrates my current M.O. 1. Use conversation to induce screening frame. 2. Amplify screening frame, qualify and compliment her from a position of power. 3. Escalate and close.

I close by suggesting she drive out to see me, and I tell her what to wear. I imply an extremely romantic evening that will end with a “surprise”. (Bit of an open loop) The surprise is that I will take her to a real classy joint I know that has hot tub rooms for rent. It’s really a beautiful place, decorated in an old japanese style, a very romantic setting. There’s even hot tubs on the rooftop (They’re private and isolated, because of the architecture) where you can sit with a beautiful view of the moonlit sky. It’s nice even in the winter because the heat from the water warms up the surrounding area. I take quite a few girls there nowadays, and I swear the employees at that place think I hire hookers.

Since she doesn’t know that’s where we’re headed, she won’t be bringing a bathing suit. 😉

So the challenge for tonight is ->

Meet for dinner, and over the course of dinner, get her comfortable enough to get naked in a hot tub with me.

Meeting up:

She drives to a nearby shopping center, and I pick her up there. In the car we have a few different conversations. Most of what I do is vibing – straight association, nothing flashy or too tricky. The energy is good, we are both relaxed and feeling good in each other’s presence. She tells me about how the night she met me, her friend was trying to hook her up with some guy. (part of the initial 4set.) Since she doesn’t like getting hooked up by other people, she said that she gave the guy an attitude without even getting to know him. Just goes to show the power of frames and preconceptions!

I related to her by telling her a story about a friend of mine, who got moved into a new room on campus. Since his new roommate had intended for someone else to move in there, he viewed my friend through a preconceived filter, without getting to know him.

So we shared some commonality and awareness of social situations.

We then talked a little about dating and stuff and how people are judgmental I told her about my sister who is dating a big black guy now, and my parents are a bit anxious about it. My dad asked my sister “You guys aren’t serious, though right?” and I joked about how what he really means is “He hasn’t fucked you with his huge black cock yet right?” Had some laughs.

Arrived at the restaurant. From the car, I grabbed her hand and led her down the sidewalk. I tell her to consider this as a vacation, where she can escape to a fantasy world with no rules or worries. Arriving at the restaurant, I opened the door for her, and escorted her inside. Leading, Leading leading, as much as possible.

Sat at the table, talked some more. Straight association vibe…

We talk about our close friends, and I tell her that I don’t really have a social circle (true). I tell her that I have a lot of close friends who have their own circles, but I rarely merge circles, and my friends know each other through me.

I also tell her about how I am doing workshops (I opted to tell her before sex, so in the future if she ever finds out, it wasn’t some secret thing I hid from her), and how I used to be such a player. But I got sick of being a player and playing games and meeting trashy untrustworthy girls all the time. This led me to some genuine qualification.

I talked about how guys and girls play games and pretend to be disinterested, in order to manipulate a person’s emotions. I told her that she seemed very real and genuine, and that she makes me feel very much like myself. At this point we are in deep deep rapport, almost a trance like state. (Talking about this thing reinforces the direct framework I am using for the seduction.)

I then focus even more deeply into her eyes, and relax myself into a more intense trance state. She goes along with me, (because I have been dominant and leading) Then I give her some more SOI’s and tell her how good it feels to be with her. (This also has the effect of making her feel as if she is seducing me)

At this point I’m in good shape.

We get back in the car (infamous van, actually) and drive to the hot tub place.

We arrive and she reads the sign and is like “Hot tubs…”

The person behind the desk leads us to our room, and gives us our towels. He leaves, she looks at the tub, looks at me and says “Now what?”

I say “We get in!”

She responds with “You’re going to see me naked already?”

I say “Of course not baby, I’ll cover my eyes!” (Jokingly, half smile)

She goes to the restroom briefly, and I get naked and get in the tub. I turn on the jets, bubbles and lights to full power.

She comes back.

She says “Are your eyes closed?”


I can’t tell what’s happening. I’m trying to peek through my fingers, but all I can see is steam and bubbles. I’m feeling great.

“You can open your eyes now.” She whispers.

I open my eyes and she’s about two feet away from me, in the tub, fully naked. She’s wading toward me slowly with her gorgeous tits just above the water.

We sit closely together in the seat, enjoying the experience. Pretty soon, we start kissing. She puts her legs on top of mine, and I put my arm around her.

I pull back a little. And talk about some things around us, comment on how cool the place is. I tell her about how there are some hot tubs on the rooftop also, which are also very nice.

Start kissing again, escalate to sucking tits, touching pussy. I pick her up out of the water and put her on the wooden ledge. (The hot tub is like at floor level, and there is wood all around on three sides of it.) I place her up there and eat her completely shaven pussy.

Then she gets in the tub and I stand up high so she can blow me.

Then I pick her up again (caveman style dominance), and place her down onto the wood and start to fuck her.

We switch positions, doggystyle, missionary etc…

It’s a great time.


Two things can happen when you get a fast lay on a cold approach. One – either she continues to talk to you and it converts to an MLTR, LTR or FB, or two she writes it off as a ONS, has buyers remorse and decides never to see you again. After the lay, everything I did was to aim for conversion. So from this point on, I already have the lay, so now I am behaving in a way such that it converts so that we can have future encounters and I can decide to what extent she is involved in my life.

I am really relaxed, and slow. Very receptive to her and caring toward her. We talk and deepen rapport. I drive her back to my place where we lay on the couch and watch an episode of elimidate. I take her to my bedroom, and we hold each other some more, and talk some more. We fuck again. We fall asleep for a few hours, me holding her close. I wake up and drop her off. During the drive I have a little debrief, and she said that it must have took some balls to take her to the hot tub place so soon like that. She really enjoyed it and said it was different – she’s never been in a hot tub before.

Called her the next day, left a message. Said I had a great time. She returned the call a few hours later and we had a nice and positive conversation.

Once again the keys to the lay were: -Direct approach and giving great compliments. -Mild c+f, to make her laugh -Frame control -Open loops – pleasant surprises -Dressing uniquely confidently. -Slow, romantic kino -Conversational attraction techniques -Telling her what to wear -Extensive pregaming on phone -Tight qualification, understanding of her reality – cold reads -Having her drive out to my place (one hour), subtle prize frame -Setting frame right in the beginning – telling her we’ll have a wonderful romantic night together, no rules -Strong eye contact -Planning and leading evening – creating a fantasy world for her, that she’s never experienced before. -Absolute honesty – telling her I teach workshops BEFORE I went for lay. -Relaxation and visualizations an hour before we met up. (Remembering all the times women wanted me or I was successful, over and over) -Dominance – caveman-esque kino when going for the lay. -Inducing a trance state by going into trance myself while looking into her eyes, and then giving her a significant SOI. -Screening questions as a means of connecting and learning about one another.


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