You‘re a celebrity? Neat, let’s fuck

If a woman tells you she’s 26 and looks 26… she’s damn near 40.” -Chris Rock, “No Sex in the Champagne Room”

Very true. Last night, HBWhitestilettos turned out to be 40. Eh, I don’t practice age-based discrimination.

Alright, from the top:

Yesterday afternoon, I have some free time, ring up HBWhitestilettos.

HBWhitestilettos (sleepy-sounding): Hello? Dimitri: Yo. HBWhitestilettos: Who this? Dimitri: Dimitri. Howdy. HBWhitestilettos: Hi. Dimitri: Yo. (I tell a funny story, forget which one) HBWhitestilettos: Haha… ehm, I was sleeping… Dimitri: What’s your room number? HBWhitestilettos: (number) Dimitri: Okay, I’ll come climb into bed with you. HBWhitestilettos: What??? Dimitri: Yeah, be there soon. HBWhitestilettos: Dimitri… Dimitri: Eh, see you soon. Say goodbye now. HBWhitestilettos: Goodbye. Dimitri: Bye!

I show up, knock on the door, she answers in a white silk robe after a minute or so. She half-opens the door, I take a half-step forward, she opens the door a tiny bit more, I walk in.

I commence just being a total arrogant prick, moving her stuff around so I can sit down, picking up her bottle of water and drinking some without asking, etc.

We get into conversation, I try to get some kino going, but it’s rejected. The conversation isn’t bad, and every now and then, a sex part will come up.

At one point, she says something about it having been a while, I say that must be hard on a girl “like her”, and she says, “Well, I’ve got my vibrator.” I shrug.

**By the way, I shrug *a lot*. Shrugging is your friend in pickup. Shrug when you get shit-tested, shrug when a woman says a statement that most guys would latch on to and get excited like talking about her vibrator or minor hooking up with another girl (if it seems like she’s just trying to cock tease and it’s not legit, anyway), shrug when she asks a stupid question, shrug… whenever you want. Shrugging is powerful.**

Anyway, she’s got a lot of pictures of herself up in her room (I’ve noticed a lot of Chinese girls do this, anyone know why?) so I call her on it, bust on her a bit. She says she’s a very self-centered girl.

Blah blah blah, playful flirty behavior, mostly light conversation. She shit tests me every now and then, but I’m unfazed.

After a bit, she goes to her bookshelf and grabs a book, takes it off, and hands it to me. It’s written, in Chinese, by her. Her picture is in the front cover, and it looks very well put together, a really professional job.

I give her a bit of validation, but nothing too serious. I ask her what a couple words and chapter names mean a la the “language lessons” style I employ with foreign women, and she translates. I had planned on leading it to flirty translating, but she had some interesting stuff in the book, so I just ran with that.

Somehow got into gambling and kneebreaking, and did some playful stuff there. This led to talking about Hong Kong (a *huge* place for gambling), and that led to talking about HK girls. She mentioned she not from HK.

Dimitri: Oh yeah? I totally had you pegged as a Hong Kong Princess. HBWhitestilettos: You did??? No, I don’t like Hong Kong girls. Dimitri: What kind of girls do you like? HBWhitestilettos: Like girls? Dimitri: Yeah, you don’t like Hong Kong girls… what kind of girls do you like? HBWhitestilettos (after thinking for a moment): No, I don’t like girls. (meh, was worth asking) Dimitri: Oh… well, what’s wrong with Hong Kong girls? HBWhitestilettos: They so ugly. Short and skinny. (She’s tall and skinny, btw) Dimitri: I like skinny. Skinny is good. I draw an hourglass curve in the air with my fingers. HBWhitestilettos: That not skinny. That’s a good shape.

We’re naturally conversing, at one point, I pick her up, throw her on her bed, and straddle her, but she scoots away and doesn’t let me kiss her. Unfazed, I keep doing my thing, and later kiss her while we’re both standing up and she’s not looking directly at me.

We kiss a few times, but she doesn’t seem really into it. Light kisses on the lips, no intense kissing. I realize that there might be a temporary negative anchor on me throwing on her bed, so I refrain from doing it again.

She compliments me, says my lips are so soft, I return the compliment. We hang for a few minutes, then she starts trying to throw me out.

Eventually, she asks what I’m going to do, and I say I’m going to go find another woman (which was true, but my mistress wasn’t in when I stopped by, unfortunately).

I persisted and resisted leaving for a bit, but in the end, I had to go.

As I did, she watched me walk away without any words (After I resisted leaving for a bit, I just calmly walked out at one point).

HBWhitestilettos: Bye. Dimitri (walking away, not looking back): Later. HBWhitestilettos: You don’t look back as you away… I don’t respond. HBWhitestilettos: (something else, I’m too far away to hear)

I leave and go sarging. Run a quick, solid 15 minute set on a Mediterranean-looking girl that’s hot, but she’s in a huge hurry, and it was a wonder that I changed her direction and got her to walk as much as she did.

(By the way, new street opener: “Hey, hold up… I need to get my hair cut, and don’t know any places around here. I like your hair… where’d you get it done?”)

Ran that opener on the Mediterranean girl, a few others that it didn’t fly on, then a Russian girl. Ran fool’s mate game on the Russian girl, trying to same-day her. I almost do, we almost get into a fistfight (I *love* Russian women), and she accidentally says at one point, “I’ve been faithful to my boyfriend for three months while he has been gone. I will not cheat now that he will be back in three weeks.” Women crack me up.

Unable to fool’s mate my Russian girl, leave with her number after two hours of game, go home and take a nap.

I overslept some stuff I meant to do, which was unpleasant. I make my way to my computer and respond to a couple posts on here, then start to write up the field report for the Russian girl.

As I’m writing, I was advocating a balls-out strategy of persistence and not giving a fuck what she or society thinks. Then it dawns on me: Why aren’t I back at HBWhitestilettos’ place fucking her right now? I’m a pussy and a hypocrite. Time to remedy this.

Earlier, I’d been trying to strategize about whether or not to come back that night or later, but I decided, fuck it, I’ll do what I want. It’s convenient for me to come right now, especially because I have plans with women for the next night (today), and a potentially really loose card game on Thursday (tomorrow).

I ring her up again, she says she’s about to go to bed, I lie and say I’m in the area and I’ll stop by in a bit to “tuck her in”.

She resists, blah blah blah, I run some slightly toned-down Jlaix lines (like the classic “Shut the fuck up”).

I get to her place, she answers scantily clad in a tight top and really short, tight shorts.

She offers me food, and I accept (always accept any offers for supplicative-like things from Asian girls, guys: It sets the correct frame from the get-go, and makes you the prize… I think etiquette in Asia is a lot different from here). She groans and I say, “Whatever. Don’t offer if you don’t want someone to accept your offer.” She gets me an apple and I tease her that it’s a very small apple, and I like big, healthy apples. She says it’s a, “Me sized apple”. Kinda playful.

After I eat the apple, I get her sitting on my lap ASAP and give her a massage.

She shit-tests the hell out of me for my massaging ability. “You’re doing it wrong, go harder, you’re terrible, you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, blah blah blah…”

At this point, I realize it’s on. In fact, the nastier she’s being to you in isolation, while touching you, the more on it is. She’s fighting against herself and what she wants at that point… her being nice is the kiss of death, her being mean is a good sign.

She gets up after a bit, says “Here is how it is done”, and gives me a rough, deep massage that feels pretty good for a minute, then goes and lies on her bed.

I straddle her ass and give her a good massage, eventually taking off her bra and running my hands underneath her top on her bare back.

After a bit, I lie down with her and we talk, no kissing.

She asks if I’m a virgin, I laugh at her.

She asks how old I am, I tell her. She asks for ID to prove it. I laugh at her.

She continues shit-testing me, *hard*.

“Your feet smell so bad.” “Your beard looks terrible. You need to cut it.” “You’ve got earrings. Why you have earrings?” “You should wash your clothes more.”

Stuff like that. Shrugged at the first two, ran some cocky/funny at the third, called her a retard playfully on the fourth.

Then there was, “You’ve got such a small nose… Chinese girls tell by nose size if a man has a big penis or not. You have small penis.” She holds up her fingers about five inches apart.

I nod emphatically. “Very small. Two inches long”. I hold up my fingers in a ridiculously short amount (credit: ijjji). She then qualifies me on my penis, “No, it must be bigger than that”, then realizes that she just qualified me on my penis size and then cringes just a tiny bit. It’s awesome and hilarious to observe, especially since I understand much of the reasoning behind it.

We’re laying down together, talking about various stuff. She compliments me on my eyes, and the “blue and green and yellow in then” and asks if anyone has ever told me I have beautiful eyes before. (Might’ve been a shit test, might’ve not, I couldn’t tell and don’t care). I nod and say, “All the time” playfully (and it’s kinda true: Eyes come right after “strength” and “hair” as my three most-often gotten compliments from women). She giggles at that.

She asks me how many women I’ve been with, I say I’ve lost count (which is true). I then say I’m not incredibly sex-experienced, though (which is true: I tend to like blowjobs better anyway, so I usually just go for that on standard f&c’s, and only had two long-term girlfriends that I ever had consistent relations with).

She asks me what my first girl was like, and I tell her she her about my first being a half-Korean model who studied at an Ivy League school before going back to South Korea (which is mostly true). She asked about my second, and I told her about a British girl I had, and how it ended so nicely when she moved. We just parted on a kiss, and it never really ended other than circumstance.

She laughs kinda spitefully and says, “So your first two girls both dumped you?” That was maybe the hardest shit-test I got in the whole night, because it’s somewhat true, I suppose. Not so much with the second, but definitely the first. I just tried not to react, but I got a little quieter after that, and she then apologized and said she was playing around.

I nodded and said “I know” and went back to being regular me.

She asks if I have a condom, I say I need comfort and trust before letting this go further. She says, “Stop wasting my time. Leave.” I laugh at her.

She presses the condom issue and I say, “Fine, yes, I do have a condom.” She reaches into both of my front pants-pockets (running her hands a little on me in the process), and sees no condom (incidentally, it’s in my front shirt pocket… and there’s also $200 in smallish bills there from gambling, which is funny and I hadn’t realized I had that much on me).

She gets up and goes to one of her drawers, rummages a bit, and pulls something out as I held up the condom. She says, “It extra large. Probably too big for you” as she holds up, then sees I brought a condom. I put it back in my shirt pocket.

We fluff a bit more, then she says she wants to give me a massage. I lie down and she climbs on me and starts.

I say, “You can take my shirt off, I suppose”, and she says, “No”. A few minutes pass without me saying anything on that vein, and she takes my shirt off. Having women somewhat figured out is kinda nice.

After she finishes with me, we cuddle up together and start touching a lot. I know it’s imminently going to go down at this point.

She’s touching me all over, including almost down my pants (no boxers makes escalation easier, guys, comrades 🙂 and right around there. I take off her shirt and start sucking touching her breasts as she unzips my pants.

Eh, I’ll refrain from going pornographic on you gentlemen, but I then proceeded to rock her world. I worked the deep spot with my fingers before we went to it, and she was totally mind-blown. During round 2, she actually felt my hand with her hand, and said, “I need to figure out where that is”.

Anyway, some really good sex and crazy positions I’d never tried before later, she’s cuddled up to me and we’re both naked. We talk about some stuff, and I decide to ask a brief debriefing question.

Dimitri: When did you know you wanted to make love with me? HBWhitestilettos: When you knocked on my door this night. Dimitri: Not yesterday? HBWhitestilettos: No, not even this afternoon. Dimitri: Ah. HBWhitestilettos: When did you know? I pause for a moment. Dimitri: Hmm… about five seconds before we did it. HBWhitestilettos looks taken aback for a moment (continue being the prize even after the lay, guys). HBWhitestilettos: Not when you were giving me massage even? I shrug.

I ask her about her sex history a little in terms of if she always uses condoms, how long it’s been since her last fuck, and if she gets tested. I implicitly social proof myself accidentally when she inquires why I’m asking, and I say, “I always ask.”

We cuddle, talk about this and that. Turns out she’s a semi-famous journalist and writer in China. I’m going to try to get a copy of her book with, “For my greatest lover ever, Dimitri” and her name signed on it, all written in Chinese at some point. I figure it could be useful to have sitting around in case another Chinese girl comes to my place.

She doesn’t want to take a shower with me and doesn’t want me to spend the night, so I gather my effects, kiss her goodbye, and leave.

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