Passing Her Shit Tests

Tyler Durden

OK some guys still aren’t getting this, so a little bit of review.

The term “shit test” is a blanket term for several things that can happen.

As far as I know, they all revolve around the chick trying to break her own state.  I’m not sure if it’s subconscious or intentional or if they consciously try to cause trouble because something on a biological/subconscious level compels them to do so (same way that we’re compelled to PU and close chicks).

Some people theorize that it’s a way of constantly testing the male to see if he’s alpha, or something to that effect.

Anyway, the point is that the ONLY ways to pass a shit test are to PREVENT her from breaking her own state.

During the course of the pickup and relationship, the chick will try to RESIST by intentionally breaking HER OWN STATE.  It’s almost hard to believe that they even enjoy sex as much as we do when they do shit like this. But really, they just don’t want to get sexed by losers, so I don’t blame them.

OK, so all ways to pass a shit test revolve around the same thing:  PREVENTING THE CHICK FROM BREAKING HER OWN STATE.

So let’s look back at my old post on this, just in case you guys can’t remember it.  If you remember it, then skip down to the next section:

Options: How to pass a shit test:

1)      DYD Style: The answer she wants, followed by something sarcastic. HB: “Where were you last night”, PUA: “At home all night thinking about you……….. but then I got bored and called over 10 strippers”…. this way is VERY consistent, because it plays on her EMOTIONS. It DISARMS her anger initially – with the answer she wants, but SAVES you from being a bitch by following with sarcasm.

2)      50’s movie style (like in John Wayne films): FUCK HER RIGHT THERE _H_A_R_D_, or kiss her etc.. VERY effective method.

3)      Imitate her tonality, facial animations, and bodylanguage. HB:

“Where-were-you-last-night”, PUA: “With-my-other-girl-friend-last-night” (good to follow with a kiss right there)

4)      Withdraw: If its THAT BAD of an infraction, just withdraw. This can convey that you have other GFs or can at least get them. ie: Although I LIKE you, I don’t need you, and you are replaceable.

5)      Push her through more states: Just ignore the comment, and bust out some PU stuff (patterns, stories, etc) to put her into the state you want her in.

6)      Utter sarcasm: Stick your tongue out at her, and go pppffftttt… and start tickling her…. etc

7)      NOT A GOOD WAY: Hit her. I would personally NEVER hit a chick for ANY reason, but I am posting this for TECHNICALITY, on the account that I am trying to push a certain point. (and unfortunately, yes, certain girls -often LSE-stay with guys who hit them, and it works to pass the shit test.. very sad phenomenon)

Notice that all of these ways DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE her shit test directly.

They just play on her EMOTIONS.

DIRECTLY answering a shit test will FAIL YOU EVERY TIME. A direct answer pisses her off MORE, whether she realizes it or not.

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