Powerful Body Language

To me, I think that the key word here is UNHESITANT.

Let me think of some examples from the top of my head.



GUY1:  Sees girls up at the bar.  He goes up and orders a drink.  He sits there and looks over at them once or twice.  Then he opens.

GUY2:  Sees girls up at the bar.  Goes up on a good angle, doesn’t lean in or face them too much, and opens.  He FALSE-TIME CONSTRAINTS and sits down, and continues the pickup.  In the CONTINGENCY that there is no seat available, he KNOWS he can’t just stand there, so he kino-pings the hot girl with his hand (this is a trick, they NEVER decline a kino-ping if you’re doing well), and gets her to reach out his hand, then pulls her from her chair and sits on it and laughs at her playfully.  He lets her sit on his lap AFTER she qualifies herself to him.



GUY1:  Walks around thinking what to say.  He leans down for the girls to hear him, and stands there talking in an uncomfortable position.

GUY2:  Walks up sideways like he’s about to leave, opens.  He then either ways for THEM to ask HIM a question, and THEN sits down as if it was an invitation, OR he does a FALSE-TIME-CONSTRAINT, sits and continues gaming.

Notice that in ALL CASES, the FALSE TIME CONSTRAINT is what allows you to DISARM the emotion of “is he going to stay forever”, and also gets them thinking of ways to make you STAY.

The key to powerful bodylanguage, IMO, not hesitating, and not being afraid to impose on people’s personal space, as long as its in a tactful NON-BOLD way. (ie: not in a way that you’re obviously TRYING too hard to be alpha, whe you’re not).  GIRLS DETECT PRE-MEDITATED APPROACHES A MILE AWAY. AVOID THIS B JUST LOOKING SPONTANEOUS, AND FALSE-TIME-CONTRAINING. USE MYSTERY’S 3-SECOND RULE.


Girls LOVE seducing guys, and if you guys haven’t realized it yet, MOST sex that occurs is initiated by GIRLS.

Think back to all your AFC relationships.  Usually the girl got interested in you, and then eventually after fumbling for long enough you went out and things went from there.

Likewise in a club, the goodlooking guys roll in the club, girls giggle and get hyper around them, and it goes from there.


This is because they are more COMFORTABLE with that.

So the key is to leave yourself out as BAIT, and get them to SEDUCE YOU.  That doesn’t mean don’t lead.  What it means is to ALTERNATE between getting her to game you as much as possible, and then leading her at times where its needed. Remember when you were growing up and watched Hollywood movies where the guy would give the girl endless flowers and shit and that would work? Well, like all other conventional advice, it doesn’t. You want the women to be worrying about how they are going to seduce YOU.




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