Plant and Stare

My favourite opener lately is to just walk up to girls and just stop. Like plant myself in front of them.

I give them kind of a boyish playful smiling face like I’m about to do something cocky or maybe I thought of something funny I’m about to say, and they start giggling. (key is to stop abruptly, and make the fun face, so they giggle).

Then I’ll either take a page from Juggler and reach out to shake hands with them (introduce myself to the HB8s and lower), and maybe do the spin move.

Sometimes I’ll just sit there until they giggle and say “what?? whaaaat??? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat???”

I’ll say “I can’t tell you, we haven’t known eachother long enough”.

You can do this to girls at tables, and then wait until they start asking you questions. Then say “I can only stay 30 seconds” and sit down. Then stay as long as you want.

I find that this way of opening is pure money, because you convey alot of alpha “I’m not intimidated by you” characterstics by not even saying anything as your opener. Also, its very playful if done properly.

You can also just use this as a style to lead into any opener that you want. IOW, follow the plant&stare with a standard opener. Make it a playful one though.

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