Kino Escalation

This shit I’ve known a long time, but just watching Mystery in action again last weekend I was paying particular attention to it, because I wanted to have a really clear cut second opinion before I posted about it.

Kino escalation is something that’s key to pickups.  As noted in the past, I don’t like pushy kino, because girls lockup as a result and it telegraphs too much interest.

Rather, I use it as a reward, which I think is so important and it really helps with busting through negative first impressions.

In the past, I’ve used no kino whatsoever, and relied on verbal gaming to get them to kino ME, and then reciprocated as a reward for things they did.  This got them in a frame where they were chasing me.  Like a little doggie left home alone, who has to push the “feed me” button.  Pavlovian conditioning.

After hanging out with Commander Zap in London, he mentioned to me “I’d be in kino by now”.  I thought I’d give it a try and post back some results.

What I’ve been doing is using what girls would find to be FUN KINO, in order to escalate.

So for example, I’ll put out my hands palms up, and then pull her in.  I always pull HER in, rather than invade her personal space (props Mys).  I also never use invasive kino, like placing my fingers in her line of sight which will make her flinch.  If my hands go into her facial area, I backup with one foot so that it gives the illusion of comfort.

My buddy always says you can always stroke the rabbit to calm it before you snap its neck.. 🙂

“FUN kino” is like kino that she’ll like, but can justify to herself aren’t sexual even though they are.  She’ll THINK they’re not, until its too late.

So anyway, my favourite types of “fun kino” are like (most of these I learned from CHICKS):

  • getting her to scratch your back, and then scratch hers.  So like you hug and then go “ummm, baby scratch my back for a sec” and then scratch hers also.
  • put your fingers at the back of her wasteline, and then run them up with walking fingers HARD against her back, all the way up to her neck and then grab her traps (muscles connecting her neck to her shoulders) and massage them down (this is honestly one of my best moves, so if you don’t get it post because I use this non-stop)
  • hand massaging
  • biting (as a funny joke)
  • hair pulling at the back and pull her neck back and do a joke bite.
  • hair stroking, or head massaging
  • encorporate mini-cold-reads into a massage like “hey this is tense.. this means that you’re x-mini-cold-read”, or doing actual REAL cold reads off of things you’re doing to her physically.
  • if she’s sitting on a chair, sit on the floor facing her and hug her knees and rest your head on her lap.  If isolated, you could later choose to pull her down and lock legs around eachothers waists.
  • if sitting, get her to lean back against you between your legs in a V-shape (so she’s in between the V).  This gives you massive maneuvrability to breath into her ears or rub your nose on her neck or play with her hair or even braid it or something.



That will make her take you seriously, since she was getting gradual rewards, rather than you obviously TRYING TO SEDUCE HER.  Girls can always tell when you’re trying to seduce them, rather than just chilling and enjoying the interaction and seeing where it goes in a natural/genuine way.



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