Pretend to Strike Her

In set, when you’re at that playful point in the interaction pretend like you’re going to hit your target.

I’ve field-tested this plenty now – and it makes total sense why it works.

Pretend like you’re going to strike her in the face. Yeah, it’s fucked, but it works, and there are many reasons why it works.

Take your right hand and cock it back over your front-left shoulder (or vice-versa).

It’s like you’re getting ready to backhand smack her in the face – hard.

Keep jagging it back there (stuttering the arm). Keep cocking it back and forth like you’re ‘that’ close to hitting her.

Maybe bite your lower lip for effect. Get in to it.

Have that playful smile on your face.

Mini-role playing. It’s not a regular role play – it’s quick, and it’s initiated instantly.

At the same time it is messed up.

Some AFC dudes who just joined this site are probably thinking ‘what a dick face. This site is mean to women and I love women and I won’t be mean to them like this.’ I love women too…and this is not being mean to them…they like this. My name is 26.

Why do I do this and Why does this work?

— Why do I do this? —

1. It’s fun – it’s roll playing. Except you’re roll playing a reality that many HBs have played for years. For some, this is their real-life drama. And the ones who haven’t played it are conditioned to accept it from the way they’ve been brought up in society – they accept it and look at it differently than we think. I’ll explain more about this is ‘Why does it work?’

2. I don’t take it seriously. I’m not a dick. I would never hit a women. They can see this in me. How can I tell? I can’t, but I know that of myself – and that’s all I know. If you know something so strongly about yourself it will come out non-verbally in ways that many don’t understand how to communicate here in a forum like this or for that matter – speech.

— Why does this work? —

1. Alpha males. Some assholes hit women. It’s lame, I know, but it’s the truth.

Cool guys do not hit women.

Guess what though? Many women are attracted to assholes. Any guy on this board will tell you that he’s been with girls that have been intimately/romantically involved with true assholes. Those same guys will tell you that they’ve had girlfriends/FBs/etc. tell stories to them about getting hit by those Alpha-assholes.

The messed up thing is those girls either go back for more or it took them a long time to get out of the relationship, which in all cases was their choice to leave or stay.

Also, society has conditioned women to believe that some hardcore alpha males hit women.

Ignore all the Opera shows and the like that say it’s bad for a sec. Yes, I know it’s bad, and I’m 100 per cent against it. And I’m all for the Shows talking against it.

But we’re not watching those shows that much. Society feeds us through television and movies and word-of-mouth. We are getting our references through fiction and real-life.

You watch movies – guy hits girl.

You watch TV – guy hits girl.

You hear from your friend that her BF/Husband just hit her.

Right after these instances there isn’t an Opera episode reminding us that this is wrong. We know it’s wrong, but the references of assholes hitting women are too abundant at this point in time. They outweigh the Opera shows.

It is programmed in the girl’s head that guys who hit girls are alpha.

This doesn’t mean go hit a dozen girls – now you’re alpha. There are many kinds of alpha – and this is one (in societies eyes). You and I know what is right and wrong, but many are at different levels when processing thought.

Not every girl is going to go for a guy that’s going to hit her.

But at that deep subconscious level they know that this guy doesn’t really care about them, they want to help him because he’s obviously troubled, they want to turn him around. The funny thing is if they ever got to turn him around in to the AFC they’d try to create they’d ditch him, but that’s beside the point.

This guy who hits them is a challenge…and that’s what they want. I want a challenge too. Have you ever had a girl that would do anything you say? It’s not cool.

I know many girls will go for guys like us over assholes who hit them any day of the week. So why do they end up with these assholes? Many reasons: the way they were brought up, the friends they roll with, the way they think of themselves, not knowing that it’s wrong etc.

There’s a lot of awesome guys in the world. I’m not talking about AFCs (even though you guys are awesome too), I’m talking about us…the guys here on this board who love women and are trying to improve themselves to get the women they deserve. Those women are fucking lucky every time they get with one of us at any point – we’re all quality people.

That’s why we can take this deeply ingrained conditioning that many women have in their minds and flip it.

We can pretend to hit them.

What we’re doing is tapping in to their subconscious, communicating with them at a deeper level. Catering to their belief that alphas strike women.

But we do it playfully. She know we won’t hit her. We have that playful grin/smile/whatever on our face.

We’re setting our stance that we’re a man in a fun way.

We’re trying to elicit emotions here. You are setting off many when a cool guy that would never strike a woman pretends to strike a woman.

2. No one else does this. How can you tell? Look around the club, the mall. I remember on Sunday at Fluid, here in Toronto, I hit up this hot-ass set. There was alpha dudes in the set and all around – bouncer-style alphas. I was very in with this wicked-ass looking chick from Hungary. I put my hand up to strike her and she immediately went in to the roll play, leaned back, put her hands in front of her face pretending to be scared as I cocked my arm back several times jokingly getting ready to strike her.

Done. Worked. Effective. She gets it. And she gets it more because she’s hot.

This alpha guy who was about three-times the width of me in pure muscle format saw what I was doing and saw that it was working, and like many became frustrated instantly. Because the set he was working on so hard for so long with his work that got him nowhere was instantly being taken over by me who had been working her for 15 minutes with techniques that he can’t fathom would work in an interaction with a chick. He knows why the ‘striking’ works at a deep level, but he can’t understand it at other levels of consciousness; therefore he lashes out.

So, what do most Alpha-AFCs do when they’re frustrated? They look for excuses.

This guy tried to play hero with my target and tried to ‘act’ like he wanted to fight me – to defend her honor because I pretended I was going to hit the Hungary chick. Perfect – I love it when it comes to this – now I have him helping me even more!

He knows deep down that I’m not going to hit her. He’s just angry at the fact that I was getting somewhere with techniques that to him ‘should not have worked’.

He was looking at me like he wanted to kill me, but I didn’t care at all. Why? – I know the more he gets mad and acts like he wants to kill me because of what I did, the more he becomes ‘out of the game plan’ for the Hungary chick. And that’s what happened. I just sat back and watched him get more and more pissed at me until the girls had to defuse him – making him look lame and insecure. I know he’s not going to hit me. I know he wants her to. I know he doesn’t want to fight and risk face. I know he doesn’t want to get kicked out of the club.

That club was probably his home – getting kicked out of there would hurt his social life. – He was playing an act – like I was. He was roll playing in a sense, but his roll play sucked, it’s not calculated.

Things like this happen a lot with weirdoes in the clubs. If I know the guy is a non-factor then I’ll let him say whatever the hell he wants to my target and her friends. I’ll even go to the bathroom and let him run the set for a while.

Why? Because I want the girls to see the contrast of a lamo and me.

When I’m gone I’m in scarcity mode for them now. And the lamo is in abundance.

When the lamo is running the set they get to see how cool a guy I am and want me back even more. They appreciate you.

It’s like anything. The less you have of something you like, the more you want it. Basic psychology that we sometimes forget. The other part is many of people know this, but they don’t put it in to effect because of their strong need for validation.

Calm your need for validation. I’m not saying get rid of it. It’s there, many humans love it. I do. It’s healthy to a point. But don’t rely on it. Do the things you want to do with your life.

3. This works because it’s fun. Like David D says, it’s like that Big Brother / Little Sister mentality. We’re out here to have fun right? That’s why I’m here.

So let’s make fun of the weird things in life – like striking women.

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