Coming Full Circle

What I wanted to do with this post was to give you boys a glimpse at how my PUA skills have progressed from my pre-ASF days to where I am now.

Hopefully this will help some of you see yourselves in my past experiences and to see your own path to pick up mastery.

All right let’s roll! πŸ™‚

In my early teens, I was never one of the “cool” kids. I couldn’t get any chick to look at me, much less the hot ones that I really wanted. Then during the midteens I started changing the way I dressed, throwing on ripped jeans, tank tops, letting my hair grow out, etc, remember this was back in the cheesy 80s! πŸ™‚

Anyways just changing the way I looked gave me self-confidence and BAM! Chicks started noticing me! I got my first girlfriend, which only lasted about 1 month, but what the heck I got the first one out of the way! πŸ™‚

Then things could only get easier! πŸ™‚

I would naturally peacock back then and get attention from chicks all the time. I didn’t fuck as many chicks as I would’ve liked but it wasn’t until I discovered ASF that I realized that I was and still am somewhat of a natural.

What convinced me of that was the summer and fall after I graduated from high school. I was working in a movie theatre to save up some money for college. The theatre was in the middle of a shopping mall, so there were plenty of hot chicks everywhere! πŸ™‚

There were 22 people working in the theatre with me, 12 chicks and 10 guys. Of those 12 chicks, 8 were hot enough to fuck while the rest were just UGs. Of those 8 chicks I got together with 6 of them! πŸ™‚

Hehehe, one of those 6 happened to be the manager! πŸ™‚

Now I got to fuck some of them, but due to logistcs I didn’t get all of them, it sucks not having a place of your own or your own car! So I feel for you guys in this situation.

Now this wasn’t all, I got to know some chicks that worked in the other shops in the mall and they would often drop by the theatre where I worked and say hi. Sometimes other chicks that I met through social circles would call me at work. It was usually one of the other chicks that I had already gotten together with that would answer the phone when chicks would call me.

Man I would give my left arm just to be able to go back in time to see the sparks flying at that theatre! Chicks that were interested or the ones that I already got together with seeing and hearing about other chicks that were interested or that I got together with! Hehehe! πŸ™‚

Anyways like most naturals, I could only attract chicks that I would meet through work or social circles, but I never had the balls to actually do cold approaches.

So these glory days were over when I went off to college and had to start all over with social circles. Hanging out with guys that never even talked to chicks before certainly didn’t help much. So I had a dry spell for a couple of years.

Then I started working as a professional guitar player and playing in bands, etc. Then the chicks were back again! After playing large nightclubs and other top gigs, chicks would be throwing their pussies at us! πŸ™‚

Anyways this time period didn’t require much in terms of PU skills to pick up chicks, but it did teach me a couple of things about how people and chicks, in particular, view society.

Then I met my ex-LTR and fell in love with her. Moved from the good old USA to live in Sweden so I could live with my “beloved”. We were together for 10 yrs and I would notice that other chicks were attracted, but I never had the balls to pursue it since I was in an LTR.

Anyways it all ended after 10 yrs and I was back to square one. I had become so dependent on my LTR that I no longer had any self confidence when it came to attracting other chicks.

So I start going out and trying to pick up chicks. Now what was funny was I noticed that chicks were still interested in meeting me. I got together with a few of them but most after having met me would lose interest and I hit semi-dry spell.

Then lo and behold I discover ASF! I was hooked right away and started reading up on everything I could get hold of. I would hit the night clubs and try to implement what I read about.

Now what was messing me up was running attraction routines/gimmicks/scripts etc. I never needed to do that stuff before but I got caught up in the AFC way of thinking. What I never took into account was that I was a natural to begin with, while almost all of the other guys on the board were recovering from AFCness.

So I would run these routines/scripts/etc cuz that was what I read had to be done in order to attract chicks. It felt awkward doing push/pull, DHV and all that other stuff and it was very counter-productive. So the first 7 months I got NOTHING!

Then getting sick and tired of not getting past the first few minutes in a PU, I just told myself to fuck routines and go with whatever I felt.

This is when I noticed the chicks started to respond better to me and 2 months later BAAMMMM! I finally “got it” and one month later I came up with Razorjack Method.

I went back to what I was doing in my late teens when I was working at that movie theatre except now I was applying it to cold PU as well as social circles.

I realized that the way I saw PU wasn’t at all like MM, GWM, Juggler, SS, DYD, etc. Even though most successful PUAs usually do things that are very similar to each other, the way they think and how they see PU is very different and that is why there are different PU methods out there.

The following 2 years my game just exploded as I discovered new insights and polished my PU skills more and more. This where I discovered the Asshole Rock Star style and came up with the “How do YOU want to PU” posts. The amount of pussy rolling in was just unbelievable, the amount of chicks that were attracted that I never got to hook up with was even more staggering.

During the last 2 years as I posted more and more on this board I realized that it was difficult for alot of the guys on this board to grasp what my method was about because I didn’t have a series of steps or scritps to follow.

There are positives and negatives to this. The positive is that I tried to design a method suited to the individual rather than a one size fits all concept. It’s supposed to be natural and dynamic. And in order to be natural, the PUA needs to know who he is on a very deep level so that everything he does is an extension of who he is.

The negative is that since my method is very natural and dynamic, it isn’t for guys who want a series of steps or scripts to run.

The other negative thing is teaching guys. I just couldn’t tell guys well just do this and this and this and that and you’ll get laid. I had to dig into their persona to find out the what the heart of their problems were and then figure out ways to fix that. Let me tell you that it is very time consuming when all you got to work with are posts on an internet forum and that takes alot of effort and energy to do.

BUT I now know that RJM works since I’ve met and taught guys IRL. It’s awesome to watch guys take what you tell them, adapt it to their persona and attract chicks with it! πŸ™‚

OK so where am I at now?

Well I’m at point where I can naturally attract the hottest chicks at night clubs by just standing around and not doing a damn thing. I won’t attract EVERY chick but any guy that goes with me can see the whole night club erupt with AI/IOIs. It’s gotten to the point where AI/IOIs are as plain and bland as eating corn flakes for breakfast. I ignore all that shit now and just approach any chick I feel like.

I realized that I can attract most chicks that I find attractive.

Does this mean that I fuck every chick I approach?


There is a huge gap between getting initial attraction and getting the chick naked and spreading her legs. There are also other variables like maybe her already having a bf or me screening her out for various reasons, etc.

But I’m still learning and the key area for me to improve upon is creating a strong deep connection with a chick, where I actually feel something for the chick.

It sucks that there is so little information on doing this. But in a way I guess that’s the challenge of it all and what still keeps me in the game! πŸ™‚

Anyways I’m finished with the ranting! πŸ™‚

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