Should You Always Kiss Close Her? pt. 2

So last time I was talking about NOT kissing a girl in a club so she doesn’t flake on your sexy ass. The only FLAW with this, is that you PASS on MANY one-night-stand opportunities.  Since Twentysix nor I are INTERESTED in one night stand with club hoes, this method works PERFECT.  Twentysix has YET to kiss-close in a club (other than the kiss-game which is not the same), and he gets dates ALL THE TIME, with remarkably LOW flake-ratio.

My THEORY (as it is NOT field tested enough, and still just a THEORY), is that when you kiss-close, you SLOT yourself into the S-U-B-C-A-T-E-G-O-R-Y of guys that the chick USES as kissy-face-buddies every weekend.

My THEORY is that kissing in a CLUB, is NOT ALPHA, because SO MANY Beta-males are CAPABLE of it, and do it REGULARLY.  My THEORY is that it is MORE ALPHA to make her WANT YOU SO BAD (as well as all the chicks AROUND her), and then tell her that she can’t have you unless its during the DAYTIME, since you aren’t interested in LITTLE FROLLICKY CLUB HOES.  This could come across like you’re banging too many chicks ALREADY, or that you have STANDARDS, or WHATEVER.  I dunno, its still a THEORY.

The ONLY way, is the way that COMMANDER ZAP suggested, which is to get DEEP RAPPORT and go BEYOND IT.  For me, when I kiss-close now, I go into DAMAGE CONTROL.  ALL I am thinking is how to FRAME this as NOT just a club-thing, and that it DOES deserve to be CONTINUED.  I talk about how I don’t want to meet, and get her to convince me.  Then I talk about how maybe she IS right, and we shouldn’t let SOCIAL RESTRICTIONS dictate that a club hookup isn’t a REAL connection, just because people STEREOTYPE it like that.

Again, NOT THOROUGHLY FIELD TESTED YET.  Probably more field tested than 90% of what goes around the board, but STILL not field tested enough.

I’d like guys to THINK about it and to give me your THOUGHTS, but not to take it seriously just yet.  It needs more testing by somebody with BETTER club game than mine. However it certainly seems to fit the frame for girls that picking up guys is easy. Moreover, it confirms why it’s easy to make out with a girl without being able to sleep with her. I mean, for AFC guys it might be a big deal  to pull some guy in the club but for them it’s so easy. So what’s important is to try to change the frame so she can’t make out with you, but wants to. That makes you special. And girls want the special guy, so she’ll chase you…

Now for guys like Mystery and Style, this shit may not apply, because their game is SO TIGHT.  For for the intermediate level guys, it may be something to consider.  All that I can report is that it WORKS for Twentysix and I.

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