5 Great Ways to Handle AMOGs

Okay so it sucks if a guy comes in an disrupts your pick-up. There are two ways you can deal with them, either by amogging or befriending them. This is the former.  Here are a few good lines if you want to cause some trouble 🙂

1) “whoa.. dude, you remind me so much of the most popular guy from my high school.. like the captain of the football team guy, who beats up all the nerds..”

2) “whoa.. dude, you’re like a total alpha male.. yeah, I’m serious.. I watched this show on TV describing alpha males.. you totally fit the bill.”

3) “dude.. you’re a pretty cool guy.. you know, I’m just saying that you’re cool.. you’re just a cool guy” (in a way where he can’t tell if you’re serious, so he has to say “thanks”, but doesn’t quite know how to react)

You’ll find that you get amazing results from these first three for several reasons:

  • this is a mind-fuck called “LABELLING”… its like if I told a gangster rapper “hey, you’re like the ‘fuck-guy’.. you like to say ‘fuck’ all the time.. that’s so cool…. ‘fuuuuck guuuuuy.. what’s up!”  The gangster rapper would feel like “WTF.. is that bad?” and stop using the word ‘fuck’ around me as a result.  It’s basically designed to get him CONSTANTLY CONSCIOUS of his actions, to trip him up.
  • it shows that you understand his behaviour, and that the more he acts like that, the more he shows you that YOU ARE RIGHT, making YOU the alpha.

More good ones:


Ask AMOG if he can handle doing shots.  Offer to purchase. Go to bar.  Order 3 shots of Coca-Cola and 3 shots of Jaegermeister.  (They look identical.) Bring shots back….quickly do Coke shots one after the other. Worst case, if he wants to buy the next round, you do a few shots….but then you get another round.  Now he’s had 9 shots  🙂

He WILL capitulate in front of everyone.  “Ok dude, that’s enough, you win, I can’t handle any more.”  It’s great.  You will be the alpha, and he will be vomiting in the bathroom all night.  This is FIELD TESTED.

5) Wait until the guy leaves the group, and say:

“OK guys.. you wanna see something FUNNY AS FUCK.. alright, when AMOG gets

back, I’m going to tell the LAMEST joke.. and the punchline will be JELLO…

when I say the punchline, all of us are gonna break out laughing, and if he

laughs then we laugh at HIM.. (guy comes back).. there’s a priest, a rabbi, and

a muslim spiritual guy all in a boat.. and its sinking.. so the rabbi jumps out

and says “God will save me..”.. and he drowns.. DROWNS, like DEAD he DROWNS..

then the muslim spiritual guy jumps out and says “God will save me”.. same

thing, he DROWNS.. dammit he DROWNS.. so the priest gets up, looks at the sky,

and says………………….. JELLO”

Everyone starts laughing, and the AMOG laughs also.. Then you all laugh at AMOG, and he’s de-AMOG-ified.

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