Epic PUA Battle Stories, Pt. 2

Just thought of some more awesome stories about tugs of war. For example when I was in Whistler Blackcomb, in British Columbia last weekend.  For guys who don’t know what that is, its one of the top ski resorts in the world.  Fucking AMAZING place to go.  Totally amazing experience.  So we ski all day, and go clubbing at night.  Twentysix and I had gamed up this 2set the night previous, and had a day2 planned with them at one of the bars on the resort.  We show up 2 hours late, and these 2 player guys have moved in on our girls.  I underestimate them, because our girls run up to us.  I figure they’re some lameasses.  They weren’t good looking or big or anything.  I say to my girls “Let’s get out of here”, and they’re ready to leave.  Out of nowhere, the player guy walks in and says “Let’s go do kareoke”.  I laugh at him internally, because I think he’s AFC.  But then I notice something.  It’s subtle, but its clearly there.  He’s not leaning in.  He’s not looking needy.  He’s directing her what to do. He’s alpha.


Despite being about to leave with us, I watch this guy walk in and outalpha me (I sat there indifferent because I couldn’t CONCEIVE that this guy could be a player), and take my girls from me.  We all go to the next club together, and he has her and I’m looking lame for following along.  Twentysix’s girl likes him though, and is deciding between this guys’ friend and Twentysix.  Twentysix’s competition isn’t too bad, so he blows him out.  But the girl tells me “HB decided yesterday after meeting you guys that she was going to get laid tonight.  And you guys just came too late.”

Twentysix runs the typical routine that we run when this happens, where one girl is ON but the other girl isn’t.  He tells his girl that if her friend isn’t going to make it fun for me that he’ll just leave.  His girl begs her friend to hook up with me, but the player guy has me by the balls.  I actually learned a SHITLOAD from watching this guy work, which I’ve since incorporated into my game to great effect.  So Twentysix games up some other girl who he NEARLY pulls (a super cute blondie, much hotter than his girl), and both girls go home and fuck these two new guys who blew me out.

FUCK FUCK FUCK… I go home alone that night.  The same way that many guys have gone home alone because of me.  OUCH, I know how it feels now… ahhahaa, its all a game anyway, so I there’s winners and losers.  I’ll be a winner again, and I’m sure I’ll lose alot of them too.

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