The Basics

Before you can go and PU chicks, you need to have the basics down.

The first thing is to get your head right. You need to understand and find out what you have of value to women. Let’s do a little exercise:

Imagine that you work for an elite fashion model agency. It’s your job to go out and recruit new talent, tomorrow’s top female supermodels. Ok I know you’re getting a hard on now, but try and pay attention. 🙂

Ok, now your office is full of hot women that would be willing to do anything for you just so you would pick them. When you are trying to discover the next supermodel how would you act in front of all the hot candidates in your office? Do you think you would have to ask for sex or would it just come as part of the job? Would you go around trying to impress the candidates or is it the candidates’ job to try and impress you? Knowing that there are 200 hot and willing women in the room, would you try and come up with some clever sneaky way to sex one of the candidates or would you just tell her “let’s go”?

I know you’re thinking that this would be a dream scenario and impossible for ordinary guys. I agree, it would require a tremendous amount of luck to get a job like that. But it doesn’t require anything to adopt that frame of mind. This is the core essence of RJM.

Those model candidates would flock to the recruiting agent because he is the only one who could give them what they’ve dreamed of. RJM is based on the idea that the PUA KNOWS he has something of such rare quality that women would flock to him without hesitation. If you don’t believe you have anything of such rare quality than you should stop right here, RJM is not for you. You’d be better off with one of the other methods.

So what is this rare quality that I’m referring to? Well I can’t tell you, only you can answer this. Remember earlier where I mentioned that my method is not a One-Size-Fits-All method rather it’s designed to fit around the individual’s personality and beliefs, well this is what I meant. This is not easy, it takes time and a lot of soul-searching. You have to find out exactly what your beliefs are, what your best and worst qualities are, what your reality is, etc. This is a lot harder than it sounds, because as humans we tend to change and evolve.

OK, now that I’ve filled your head with plenty of abstract information, let me explain what my rare quality is and how I acquired it.

In order for me to find out what kind of person I am, I had to ask myself some questions. I suggest anyone wanting to learn Razorjack Method do the same and be COMPLETELY honest here, DO NOT MENTAL MASTURBATE!

1. Why would any chick want me? (Make a list here explaining why)

2. What do I have that she would want? (Make a list here with all your qualities)

3. What am I willing to give a chick that I want? (Make a list of things that YOU like doing and that you know chicks would also enjoy)

4. How would I treat a chick that I let into my life? (Make a list of the special treatment a chick can get from you if you let her into your world)

5. Are the qualities I have valuable to me? (I hope you can answer, yes, b/c if they’re are valuable to you then they can also be valuable to others)

6. Knowing that I have these special qualities (from question #2), who is the most important person in my life? (You should know the answer to this one)

7. Now that I know how special I am, who would get more out of a PU, me or the chick?

8. Knowing that the chick would have a lot more to gain than me out of an interaction, would ANY and ALL chicks be lucky to have me in their lives?

9. Knowing that ANY chick would be lucky to have me in their life, if she doesn’t realize this then is there something wrong with me or is this particular chick too stupid to realize just how lucky she is?

10. Knowing that I’m as valuable as a Ferrari on the car market, do I need to convince anyone to drive a Ferrari or does the Ferrari sell it self? If this chick doesn’t realize how lucky she is, do I need to convince her she’s making a mistake or do I give the 11 hotter chicks, standing behind her (that would LOVE to have me in their life), a chance?

12. Now that I have something valuable for EVERY women in the world, what qualities should she have in order for me to let her in my life? (make a list of the qualities you want in a woman)

13. What are the rules people have to follow in order to stay a part of my life?(make a list of the rules women or anyone for that matter must follow in order to have you in their lives)

There are probably 1000 more questions to list here, but you get the idea. Understand that these are questions are suited for me and this is what I needed, you may need to modify these questions, come up with your own or not need all of them. It all depends on who you are and what’s missing in your personality.

I found out that I am a very generous person towards people that I feel deserve my generosity. So my mindset is that I am giving a rare gift to any woman I PU. I know what you’re thinking: “well what the hell is your rare gift, Razorjack?”

Well since I’m a generous person, here it is:

My rare gift is my reality, my world. My reality consists of free love to any one I let in. This includes not just good sex, but incredible sex where I would actually like to make a woman’s fantasy come true. In my reality there is mutual respect. No one is judged or accused in my reality, this means that women are free to tell me their most erotic fantasies without me accusing them of being sluts or perverts. I love to pleasure and spoil women, like giving sensual massages and cooking romantic dinners for them. I love being intimate with women, doesn’t just have to be sex. I love to make women feel good. I will always listen and try to help the women in my world whenever they would need it. I genuinely care for and love all the women in my life. They can get love and intimacy from me whenever they want (if I have free time).

I also have rules that people need to follow. I don’t let just anyone into my world, women need to qualify first. I will not tolerate manipulation or disrespect by anyone. Violation of these and other rules will result in first a warning and then being ejected out of my world if violations persist.

Now that I showed you my “reality”, it’s time for you to develop your own.

Realize that this section is designed to boost your self-confidence, find out more about yourself and realize that you have something of value to women. It will also help you figure out what qualities you are looking for in women. This is absolutely essential in PU.


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