The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 15


This is the DILEMMA. This is the part I HATE.

You may WANT a chick that will HOLD OUT for the first few “dates”, in order to JUSTIFY TO YOURSELF that the chick is QUALITY. The problem with this rationality – the chick is ONLY holding out because of the FRAME that you’re putting her in.

The UNFORTUNATE reality for guys looking for a “quality woman”, is that a woman’s quality is NOT contingent on her sexual promiscuity (yep, sorry bros..  we have to base it on other stuff). The very large majority of EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY women will fuck for the right guy, within a couple hours of meeting him, should the opportunity for ISOLATION be structured (not always possible).

Why do you think that chicks REFUSE to sleep in the same bed as a guy who they’re not sure of yet. Or even “be alone” with him??? This is the shit that Gunwitch keyed me into. Get isolation as SOON as possible, and since chicks are EMOTIONAL-STATE-BASED, they will be EASILY seduced when in isolation – because of the lack of social consequences. Chicks KNOW that they want sex very bad, and they KNOW that if they don’t have social consequences to help them keep their fortitude, they’ll break down and do what they really want.

So better just to get the GAMES out of the way, and try to nail her ASAP. If you don’t want to, then at least get her back to your place, and in your bed, so that she KNOWS that you are an alpha male, and that you just DECIDED that you didn’t want to yet, on YOUR TERMS.

That way, she’ll at least register you as an exciting alpha male type, and not be TEMPTED in the future by those kind of guys, since in her head she believes she already has one. This is a HUGE prob with chicks. They will cheat with WAY less guilt than guys, because they RATIONALIZE that the beta-guy that she’s with is LUCKY that she stays around, and that he’s “really really nice”. For me, my word is BOND, and I won’t cheat if I agreed to LTR. But as a guy I am LOGICAL. It’s often actually EASIER to lay a chick with a BF, because you only have to convey that you are better than ONE GUY, as opposed to being AS GOOD as her concept of an fantasy IDEAL GUY.

Point being – don’t fool yourself. Chicks are STATE BASED, and will most often FUCK when the right emotions/states/hormones go through her. Don’t waste your time trying to structure a “traditional relationship”, because you’ll often get fucked over. Devise a set of FAST SCREENS, to test whether or not a chick is fuck-worthy within MINUTES of meeting her, so that you can just go for the lay ASAP. It’s often your INITIAL INTUITIONS about a chick (when using good screens for what you want) that are MOST RELIABLE anyway. It took me a YEAR AND A HALF to figure out that my old AFC-LTR was a headcase, but using what I know now in terms of screens, I could have screened her within 2 minutes (using basic LSE tests and a cocky pickup style that LSE chicks can’t stomach).

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