The Four Point Pick Up Code

I have CODIFIED street-walkups on moving targets, and can now PU moving targets with extremely HIGH HIGH consistency.

I have worked it into 4 main areas:

  • C&F
  • rapport
  • don juan
  • phase shift / gunwitch

Throughout the pickup, the chick will give you SIGNS as to what you NEED TO DO in order to fuck her.  I can DEMONSTRATE this in field, and once you learn to RECOGNIZE it, it is almost EERY.


When she is testing or being bitchy or neutral, you use C&F.  That engages her..  She shit tests to see how you will REACT (I am the shit test master and always pass using the material from my “dissecting shit testing measures”, therefore engaging her sexually).  So shit testing is her way of conveying “I need to see if you are alpha/worthy/etc” Then, after you do this, she will start saying “what’s your name” (classic IOI).. you respond with “guess” a few times, but then right away start to GENUINELY FLUFF TALK HER so she feels she KNOWS you.  You will NOTICE that once you’ve done the C&F, ALL OF A SUDDEN the fluff talk almost seems SEXUALLY CHARGED.  This is because her asking about you is her way of telling you “I need to know you better for you to fuck me”.. Same as when she’s attracted but SAYS she needs to be friends first.  Just fluff until you’re connecting (IOW NO MATERIAL WHATSOEVER – JUST PURE FLUFF TO GAIN RAPPORT), and then switch gears again.

You’ll notice that this sort of fluff is TOTALLY DIFFERENT than LJBF fluff where you’re getting nowhere, because you WAITED for her signs that she NEEDS fluff talk to fuck you.  You will C&F BUST ON HER until she starts trying to gain rapport with you.  ONLY THEN DO YOU FLUFF.

Then, you need to PHASE SHIFT.  A great way to do this is like this:

“Are you an intuitive person.  Yeah.. OK.. Do you consider yourself intelligent.. yeah.. OK.. do you understand directions.. yeah.. OK.. Put your hands here (point your palms straight up)..”

Then go into the RING FINGER ROUTINE, followed by ROMAN SOUL GAZING ROUTINE, followed by EVOLUTION PHASE SHIFT KISS CLOSE.  You can use the CUBE or palmreading also, if you’re clever.

You use the PATTERNING to INITIATE the PHASE SHIFT.  So, IOW, there are really only THREE areas, not four.  BUT, you USE the patterning to INITIATE the FULL NEUTRAL GUNWITCH STYLE phase shift.

First gear:  C&F

Second gear: rapport

Third gear: initiate phase shift by changing to emotional talk

Fourth gear: FULL NEUTRAL convo, where you focus EXCLUSIVELY on eachothers body language and moving your faces closer to one another, TRIANGULAR GAZING, etc.

First gear can take anywhere from 1 minute to around 35 minutes, for a girl that is INCREDIBLY testy.


  • agree
  • creatively misinterpret as a GOOD THING

-*possibly* misinterpret that although she said a good thing, she can’t have


TEST: “you’re short”

REPLY: “yeah(AGREE).. so what is it about short guys that turns you on so much?


Second gear just takes long enough for you to be utterly smiling at eachother, and feeling a strong connection, but MUST E-N-D before it goes LJBF.

Third gear takes around 3 minutes usually, but basically just long enough to draw yourself in closer and closer.

Fourth gear takes around 1-2 minutes, and you use TRIANGULAR GAZING and look at her lips, to constantly gauge if she’ll let you kiss her.  You can also use fingers through hair for this.

The MAIN thing to take from this post, is that when you engage her, she will do LITTLE THINGS to give you SIGNS on WHAT SHE NEEDS for you to fuck her.  Bitchiness means C&F.  All of a sudden asking you things about yourself for no reason means rapport.  Once that is set, its ON YOU to switch gears and phase shift, by whatever method you like.  With PARTY GIRLS, you will probably NOT NEED TO MAKE USE OF THIRD GEAR.

Truly there are only THREE gears, but I wind up using the Don Juan bullshit to slip into FOURTH GEAR so often, that I’ve included it.

If you would like to see SCIENTIFIC PROOF of girls SUBCONSIOUSLY trying to help you, try this EXPERIMENT.  In the middle of a pickup, when she asks you something repond with “what will you do for me”.. if you are engaging her on a DEEP LEVEL, she will respond with “I’m not sure yet” in  HYPNOTIC ZOMBIE LIKE FASHION, and proceed like you HAD NOT EVEN ASKED THAT.  Like, she’ll say “I’m not sure yet” in the MIDDLE OF THE SENTENCE, and continue on talking like you HAD NOT ASKED.  Fucking WEIRD SHIT, and I’ve seen it like 30 times now IN FIELD always the SAME THING if the PU is going well.

This is UTTERLY FUCKED UP TO WATCH, and STILL when I see that ZOMBIE TRANCE response I get weirded out.  Try it, this is a fucking WACK BREAKTHROUGH that I’ve realized, but can now get with chicks on walkups so consistently by recognizing this, it actually fucks my head up.  Don’t ignore this post.   I’m telling you guys, this shit is very accurate.

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