How to do Kino Tests

An interesting phenomenon is that when you touch girls who like you, they always go out of their way to touch back. It seems to be some sort of subconscious mating mechanism.

When I go around the club high-fiving chicks, the ones who want me will ALWAYS try to clasp my hand and keep me there. I have literally gone up to a chick, high-fived her, and when she clasped my hand I started tonguing her down (before I’ve even said one word to her). This has happened a few times now.

If I caveman a chick, she’ll tickle me back and shit like that.  I pulled a go-go dancer from Guvernment one night with Twentysix, Papa, and No9, just by tickling this chick (It was too loud to talk, so I said “fuck this!” and just started going caveman on every chick that passed me, until I pulled).

She tickled back, and knowing that the kino test had been POSITIVE, I just literally DRAGGED her out of the club, barely haven spoken a word to her.

Literally, I tickled and DRAGGED her from the club.  Her friends weren’t there obviously (massive warehouse club).  She loved it.  Point is though, how did I know I could get away with it?  Or the insta-tongue-downs?  Just by KINO TESTS.

When I do kino opener, sometimes I’ll roll up on girls and ask a quick question, then say “you’re my new best friend” and wrap my arms around her. If she’s digging me she’ll almost always wrap her arm back around me, even if she’s in shock for a second and has to do it after when its not really timed properly..

Chicks will also do weird things, like if you hold her hands, and turn around and drop your hands, she’ll keep her hands RIGHT THERE in the hopes that you’ll re-initiate the kino.

Have you ever been in tightly packed car beside a chick, and she gets out for a sec, but you stay PERFECTLY STILL in hopes that she’ll come back to that position?  Or maybe you had your leg against hers in a lecture class, and she got up to go to the washroom for a minute.  You kept your leg right there in the hopes that it would go back in place.. (never does either dammit!)

This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about.

Another good test is to clasp hands mercy fight style, and then lower them waist level and see if she keeps it going. Or butting heads softly/gently, and see if she leans in or not.

***A really interesting thing that I’ve also noticed is girls UNWILLINGNESS to displace themselves physically in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER until they are into you (usually attraction, but sometimes also with deep rapport).

So basically, you may notice stuff like if you try to do the spin-maneuvre on a chick who thinks badly of you, she’ll refuse to spin.  If you say to a chick “your arms are crossed. You look uptight”, and she isn’t attracted yet, she’ll REFUSE to uncross them.. Literally, she’ll keep saying “I’m cold” and she won’t uncross them for ANYTHING.  Same thing when you suggest moving venues.  If they don’t like you, it will NOT happen.  Chicks just won’t displace themselves for guys they don’t like.

If you try to make a physical move too early in the sarge, you have fucked up the sequence, and the sarge often ends.

HOWEVER, sometimes girls will mumble shit like “not yet”, or they might decline a #close or something, but STILL keep flirting and talking to you.  That seems to be a subconscious way of saying “I’m not wet enough yet, but if you keep sarging me I may be there soon”.


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