The Pick Up Artist Season 2

The Pick Up Artist Season 2

The Pick Up Artist Season 2 on VH1 is drawing ever closer. It begins on 12th October, and as I have previously stated, I’m not massively excited. Yes,  I will watch it, but no, and I doubt it will change my less than favourable opinion, formed from watching the last series.My problem lies with seeing something that I think is a fundamentally good thing: guys learning how to better socially, and ultimately getting with the girls that they want, being ruined by reality TV.One of my biggest gripes is the voting off of the worst performer each week. Mystery PUA sets a task, and unsurprisingly some of the contestants don’t perform very well. I suppose that’s why they’re on the show. The result? They get sent home! Sorry, but I thought that the discipline of PU was to teach guys how to be better with girls, and to help each other, not pit a everyone against each other in some perverse social experiment. PU evolved through chat rooms whereby guys who had had enough of being outside the fringes of the dating world, decided to not only better themselves, but to help others by sharing what they had learned. In addition to that they would meet up and wing each other, thereby putting themselves ahead of the competition by working with, not against, each other. And it worked! That’s one of the reasons why The Game, and PU in general has been so successful the world over. It presented an alternative to people who couldn’t seem to succeed at seducing women. It was a way of breaking the rules, and finding loop holes in convential norms, which meant that short, skinny, unattractive guys could get laid! The Pick Up Artist on VH1 involves parading a group of social misfits on national TV for the world to snigger at, dressing them in ridiculous clothes, giving them absurd lines, and making them compete in degrading competitions, only to get rid of the worst performer each week, when they are surely the person who needs the help of Mystery PUA the most. Here’s what I’d like to see. A group of guys, none of whom have had a girlfriend, taken under Mystery’s wing. No voting, no ejecting of anyone each week, just a group of guys steadily getting better at socialising and seducing. It would be interesting to see a PUA guru actually focus on their individual problems, and help them overcome them, rather than pushing them through a ‘one size fits all’ series of tasks, where some invariably do better than others.What I like about PU is that it’s not actually about competing. It’s about giving guys who have never been with a girl, hope that there is an alternative to internet porn. The Pick Up Artist on VH1 has turned this concept on it’s head, and squeezed out any integrity from the discipline of PU in favour of cheap laughs and ratings. The message from the show could have been taken from that classic eighties film Highlander, and reads: ‘Geeks go home. If you’re not good at talking to girls, you probably never will be. There can be only one!’

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