We don’t only want entrance, but we want it free and we want to be bumped to the front of the line.

Additional material on qualification:

There exists many social SUBCOMMUNICATIONS that convey social value.

-breaking rapport-neutral to rapport-trying to gain rapport

This goes on in social interactions all day long. Notice that the “coolest” people in the club venue are trying to break rapport with everyone. (They evenwear sunglasses in a dark club, to convey that they are too cool and don’t want to make eye contact with anyone).

They roll in with their Cadillac SUV, hot chicks in tow, and don’t talk to anyone in the whole club except maybe the people similar to them. YET, if they were to approach YOU or YOUR GROUP in the club, you’d chat THEM, despite that they’d blow you off.

You’d chat them because they have high social value in that specific venue. People are DRAWN to interact with people of value, even if they’re not attracted. If Bill Gates wanted to chat, would I? Yes. Even if it was about nothing that helped me whatsoever, I’d just do it for some reason.

What Style is talking about here (which is a related to stuff I’ve discussed extensively on the Mystery Lounge), is that value re-adjustments may be necessary PRIOR to gaming.

Gaming = emotionally arousing (pumping her through states in a way that keeps her happy, aka C&F, and many other ways)

A girl can still CUT OFF who she allows to emotionally arouse her.


Value is a FILTER to see if the girl will ALLOW you to attract her.

Think to the REVERSE.

Girls are aroused EMOTIONALLY (they purchase romance novels that are descriptive).

Guys are aroused mostly VISUALLY and PHYSICALLY (they purchase porno and lapances).

A fat girl approaches me, and starts touching me. She is arousing me because she is touching my legs with her hands. She is breathing on me. I’m feeling myself getting hard.

Immediately I push her away from me, and CUT OFF what she is doing. Do I do this because I am INCAPABLE of deriving some pleasure from fucking her?


Men fucked fat chicks for years, back when they were socially desirable (IOW: HAD VALUE). There’s no biological reason for me not fucking her. It’s just social.

Similarly, girls emotionally cut off men from gaming them. They won’t even acknowledge that you exist, or if they do, what you’re saying is just cute or entertaining.

Again, they are of high social value, and thus exhibit this by breaking rapport with people (both through verbal communications “why are you asking me this.. go away”, and non-verbal subcommunications like turning away from you, not matching your facial expressions or excitement levels, not being responsive to your presence, etc)

Value is established by:-OUTER APPEARANCE (genetics, grooming, and clothing subcommunications)-SOCIAL PROOF (both your entourage, the level to which the surrounding women are appearing to be unlocked to you (which is made obvious by things they subcommunicate as you are in the area, and girls pickup on this), and the level to which people treat you (ie: are they breaking rapport with you, being neutral to it, or trying to gain it)-ATTITUDE (bodylanguages and tonalities that you convey, by the words that you say and the way that you say it, and by the people who you interact with in a particular order and the way you interact with them)

So with girls, you can open with a NEUTRAL OPINION OPENER, and this is NOT ENOUGH.

Hence Style’s “Neg First” post.

This was derived from “JAP Busting I & II”

You must break rapport, perhaps several times, prior to gaming. Girls will not ALLOW themselves to become emotionally heated (aka; for their buying temperature to increase) for someone who does not pass through their filter of VALUE.

So what does that amount to in practical terms? Here’s an example:

TD: Hey guys, I need a female opinion.. Do girls think that the rockstar David Bowie is hot? HBS: I dunno..TD: Hey, you’re cool.. You guys are smart.. You’re from Long Island, I can tell..HBS: Hey, we’re not from there..TD: Yeah OK.. ummm BYE (turns back)HBS: WTF?TD: hahaa.. OK remain calm.. My friends little sister gets this poster of David Bowie on her wall. That is an OLD MAN.. Do you guys like OLD MEN?!?!HBS: Why are you asking us this?TD: (looks at wingman like they are RETARDED and mumbles)…. I’m talking. (turns back HARD, engages other set)HBS: What a jerk blah blah..TD: (turns around) hahhhaa, are you guys still talking about me?? haahhaa. (turns back)HBS: No, we’re just saying blah blahTD: (now commencing NORMAL game) You guys are so cute.. You know, I’m going to adopt you guys, you guys will be my new little sisters..

This is a VALUE ADUSTMENT. Neg first. (I’d also game a high value set differently, but that’s another story.. I’d use the same stuff, but at a different rate, direct it at different people, and also alot less of it)

You do the SAME with UG THEORY. Try to gain rapport with them first.

Value calibrations imply rapidly ascertaining what their perceived social value is, and matching it.

Girls are typically only inclined to allow themselves to be gamed with someone of simliar value.

There are exceptions however.


These three things are SUBCOMMUNICATED at all times.

Some girls want guys with high value ONLY (NYC JAPs are like this, ChickJunkie’s 10$ Opener is good for girls like this, although an NYC JAP would probably pull out her attack whistle if you tried it on them)

Some girls value TRUST, which is subcommunicated through many things. Like when you see guys who are out with their girlfriends, and NEVER turn to face them. The girls always have to do the initiating. Some guys telegraph this, and it telegraphs trust. This is why simlar to girls who just want high value guys (like NYC Jewish American Princesses), some girls want to fuck gay guys and convert them. Queers subcommunicate feelings of trust so strong that some girls fall in love with them instantly. Weird – ask 10 girls and 2 or 3 will answer you this.

Some girls value ATTRACTION. These girls want the construction worker or badboy or the prejudicial racist stereotype of black guys.

There are also piles of PROFILES for this that you can spot, and piles of subcommunications that you can learn (think “AMOG TACTICS” post – what do the out-alpha tactics subcommunicate, beyond their surface verbal level?)


Sickboy007 and I want entrance into an exclusive club. We don’t only want entrance, but we want it free and we want to be bumped to the front of the line.

We do this all the time – I sit back and pretend to be a celeb. I say nothing, acknowledge nobody, and act aloof. Sickboy007 is my manager.

Sickboy007: Hey, we’re heading up to VIP.BOUNCER: Are you on the guest list?Sickboy007: You guys treat us really good here. Actually, we’re going to need to bring in our friends tommorow, and we need it Saturday as well.BOUNCER: Are you guys celebrities? Who are you guys?Sickboy007: (pauses)BOUNCER: Hello?Sickboy007: Yeah, umm we’ll definetely need that Saturday. I like you guys, you guys treat us good.BOUNCER: OK bring in you and your friend. Talk to the manager about Saturday and Sunday, I don’t do that stuff.

TD & Sickboy007 skip the line, free cover, admitted to VIP.

Look at the subcommunications. He didn’t answer the bouncer’s quesitons directly. He barely looked the guy in the eyes. He didn’t shift his body towards him. He didn’t show any nervousness or regard for the bouncer’s physical presence. He didn’t even answer the quesitons with anything COHERENT.

The bouncer is TRAINED to pick up on this behaviour, and admit high value guests.

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but this is the behaviour we use in the pickup of high value girls.

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