What You Need to do to be a Successful PUA, pt. 3

Final good things to do:

  • Having a solution for EVERY contingency.  If a chick said something and you fucked up, you go onto the chatboard and post about it, or call your friends, or think of something, and make a mental note to try it next time.  There should be NO contingency that you aren’t prepared for.  NO shot that she takes at you that you can’t dodge.
  • Sitting at home writing new material to field test.  Thinking about your life, and thinking of how to spin it into a routine that’ easy to remember.
  • Writing down QUALITIES that you want to convey, and then thinking of WAYS to convey them.  You want to convey that you’re ambitious?  How will you do that?  You want to convey that the party is with YOU?  How will you do that?
  • For loner guys, getting FEMALE FRIENDS to HANG OUT with, so that they learn to interact with women.  LIE, and say you have a girlfriend you love.  For lonely guys without a single female friend, if you can’t get one I’d even try saying that you’re gay, just so they’ll hang with you (I mean if you’ve tried everything else).  Do whatever it takes, because if you can’t chill with a girl then you’re in deep trouble.
  • Finding a SOCIAL CIRCLE.  That means that if you don’t have a WIDE peer group, you could consider disqualifying yourself with groups of girls you game on, just to get into their LIVES.  Like just go and get into the social groups of girls, and then that way once in a while a girl from the outer fringes of their group will go out with you, and you’ll have a CLEAR SHOT at her, with no cockblocks and even accomplishment intros.  Have you guys ever noticed the DUMB LOOKS that girls from the fringes of your social circle get to meet you for the first time at a party or get together or something?  It’s like they’re sizing you up to decide if they’ll fuck you, before you’ve even opened your mouth.  One of my girlfriends got pissed at me while I was on workshop tour last summer, and decided to go slut-style.  She slept with FOUR guys over the summer.  This is a cute chick.  Do you think it was RANDOMS from cold approaches?  Hell no.  It was guys that she met through her socially popular friend.  Every time.  They’d meet her at the bar, hang out, get her drunk, and bring her home and fuck her – no resistance from the friends.  If you could pull off a few lays like that, your confidence will go up and you’ll get both momentum and end game experience.
  • Having a GOOD Day2 plan.  A perfect repeatable day2.
  • Having a GOOD home endgame plan.  Do you have homevideos you can show her?

What’s your reason to bring her home?  What do you have lying around to impress her?  What do you have at home to entertain her if you need to stall?  What alcohol or other stuff do you have at home to get her there if she needs to get fucked up in order to not feel like a slut?

  • FIELD FIELD FIELD.. non-stop.

That’s all I can think of.

A long list.  But it isn’t MEANT to be done in a month.  It’s meant to take 2 years, roughly.

A REAL PUA should be worrying about this stuff non-stop.

For me to maintain tight level game is like being an olympic athlete.  If I let this shit slide, I’m toast.  Look at Style (CPowles).  In all his posts, he’s trying to work through a sticking point, every time he’s on the board.  He’s looking for a solution to EVERY contingency.

NOBODY is above this process.  If you’re not doing this stuff, you’re TREADING WATER.

Good fun to all bros!  🙂

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