Women Explained

This will give you a thorough understanding of how chicks act to gain and maintain social status. Chick logic makes sense…

The Basic Principle

Chicks act at all times to gain and maintain social status. This is more important to them than getting laid.

Qualities of High Status People

  • They are admired and desirable.All manner of people fit into this category, and to a certain extent it’s cyclical; if you have high social value you’re admired, and if you’re admired you have high social value. On the other hand, there are all kinds of ways to be desirable and admired; hot chicks fit into this category, but so do politicians, rocket scientists, rockstars, PUAs, and rich men. In this category HBs have the upper hand. Evolution has engineered men to pick partners for health and beauty, so a nice set of tits WILL take you further in this world than a nice set of pecs. Go figure.
  • They are relaxed and confidentConfidence is VITAL to high social status. It doesn’t matter whether you’re confident because you graduated from the school of hard knocks or because you’ve had everything you ever wanted handed to you on a silver platter; if you’re confident, you are relaxed in the knowledge that you can handle whatever life throws at you, and succeed at whatever you undertake. You’ll vibe this confidence at the people around you, and it will be a powerful positive experience for them. HSE people will appreciate you, and LSE people will desire or envy you. Relaxation and confidence also means you’re NOT NEEDY. This is good because needy men tend to come across as either pathetic or dangerous.
  • They behave naturallyThis is what it means to ‘be yourself’, in the classic dating-advice sense. It doesn’t mean burp and fart and be depressing if you feel like it. It means DON’T BE TRYHARD. I cannot stress this enough. Fake it till you make it, of course, by all means, but for God’s sake MAKE IT. Socially intelligent people can -tell- when you are incongruent, and for women it’s not just weird; it can actually be alarming. It implies that you’re hiding something – possibly one of the more dangerous low-social-status traits like fear, volatility, or disdain for the unattainable.
  • Their time and energy has valueIf you have high social value, you recognize that your time and energy ALSO have value. This means you’re willing to cut off boring threads of conversation – even with desirable people – and that you spend your time doing things that are ultimately productive, either in fun-value or in other ways. If some HB wanders off ‘to the bathroom’ or ‘to go dance’ on you, you have run out of fun-value. Sorry, tiger.
  • They are socially intelligentIf you are socially intelligent, you know the score. You can tell who is tryhard and who is not, who gets laid and who doesn’t, what it means when two chicks eyecode each other, etc etc ad infinitum. You understand, intuitively, who has social status and who doesn’t, and what’s going on when two people flirt, and all manner of other things. THIS MEANS YOU DO NOT HAVE TO VERBALIZE IT. FEELING YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT AS IT HAPPENS SHOWS YOU ARE *NOT* SOCIALLY INTELLIGENT. FIGHT THE URGE. This means no “You’re flirting with me, aren’t you?!”s, no “Your pupils are dilated… They say that means women are turned on…”. HANDLE THESE PRONOUNCEMENTS WITH THE UTMOST CARE. People who recognize this shit with regularity _do not need to talk about it_. When you go to a football game with your buddies, do you all sit around going, “Look at that… He kicked the ball into the endzone! That means a goal, right? Awesome! He made a goal!” NO! YOU DO NOT. You know the score. The bad news about social intelligence is that if you are a guy most chicks, by and large, will have more of it than you. The good news is that it’s an easy skill to acquire; all it takes is a willingness to observe people interacting and to TRUST the things you perceive this way. Most guys I know see many of the same things that women do, but because they don’t (at first glance) have a clear logical framework to put them in, they ignore them as untrustworthy.

Qualities of Low Status People

  • They seek approval and acceptancePeople with low social status suffer from a deficit of validation. Sometimes they legitimately don’t get the recognition they deserve, and suffer from unwillingness or inability to reframe; other times it’s because they’re neurotic and LSE and no amount of validation will ever be enough. Unable to validate themselves, they seek approval and acceptance from other people.
  • They are volatile and anxiousThe world is a frightening place when you don’t know what’s going to happen next and you don’t know if you’ll be able to deal with it, whatever it is. People without confidence react to this great, frightening unknown with a level of perpetual anxiety that they vibe at others. Driven by their own percieved helplessness and rage, they will explode with fits of anger, or display disproportionate fear; of women, of change, etc.
  • They try to buy what they can’t earnIn terms of social status, this is very important. People who don’t understand how to DHV will try to BUY approval. On ASF, this is known as supplication. It DOES NOT increase your social status or make you desirable to women. If it’s clear you’re trying to buy appproval, you will LOSE VALUE. A chick’s reaction to a man she does not already find desirable supplicating for approval is about the same as YOUR reaction when you stop at a red light and some hobo goes to squeejee your windshield for dollars. Maybe you’ll give him your spare change, sure – but what if he was asking for sex? Would you bang him? I thought not.
  • They disdain what they can’t havePeople with low social status disdain what they can’t have. Helpless to attain what they desire, they reject it pre-emptively instead. This means men who hate hot women. This means women who hate hot women. This means UGs who hate the idea of anyone getting laid. This means men who hate confident, competent men.
  • They are NOT socially intelligentPeople with low social status are not socially intelligent. If you misuse or DON’T use kino, this is you. If you can’t recognize an AI when it whacks you upside the head, this is you. If you don’t know when to escalate, this is you.

Transfer of Status

These are general principles of things that will increase your social status. If you don’t have any in the first place, these -will not work-, I repeat, -will not work-. They require a steady foundation of at least moderate coolness. With that said…

You Gain Status When:

  • Your worth is recognized and appreciatedThe higher the social status of the person appreciating you, the more status you gain. This is key. KEY KEY KEY KEY. Get out a highlighter, use it on your computer monitor if you have to. Remember this. THIS IS WHY SOCIAL PROOF WORKS. Not only that; if you establish high value, women WILL RISK LOSING VALUE to gain your approval. They’ll gamble. They’ll chase you. This is also why, in those instances when you overqualify and DHV the fuck out of some poor HB7 until she locks up, you MUST qualify her. If you do not qualify her, you are obviously not recognizing and appreciating her genuine merit – there is NO REASON for someone as cool as you to take a legit interest in her. You are using her as a blow-up doll that moans. The higher your social value, the more women will want you to recognize and appreciate them. If you’re a sufficiently cool PUA, women will try to snag you for an LTR _even if they’re not looking for an LTR otherwise_, just for the implicit social proof you provide. This is purely social reflex. More to the point, of course, they’ll hook up with you.
  • People seek your approvalWhen people qualify themselves to you, or visibly try to impress you, they are being TRYHARD. But what this says to someone who knows the score is that you have social value. You are worth impressing; more, to LookAtMeLikeMeDude, you are worth losing status to impress.
  • You display competence naturallyWhen you DHV without being tryhard, you gain cool-points. This isn’t rocket science, and should not require explanation.
  • You cement someone’s position beneath youThere are, essentially, three ways of cementing someone’s position beneath you; you can give them the carrot, give them the stick, or give them both at once. For any of these to work, you must have the social status to back them up. This doesn’t create something from nothing; it broadens the divide that already exists. It’s possible to display higher value than someone by being nice; if they seek your approval and you grant it, or call them ‘cute’ or other nice-but-diminutive-nicknames, or act – more generally – in a parental sort of way. Also included here is genuinely helpful advice, on fashion or food or PU. It’s possible to display higher value than someone by being cruel; you can call them out on their flaws or their low-status behaviors easily enough. There is a danger, here, of seeming to snub because you envy. Envy implies uncoolness. Finally, there exists the backhanded compliment or subtle snub. You out-AMOG some guy like he’s one of your best pals, and on the surface it’s all in good fun, but his value plummets and yours soars. Likewise, if you neg some chick or use TD’s Elastic Snapband Effect, her value -insta-drops- and because women are driven to maintain social status, she will immediately hop-to to get it back up. It’s not about getting laid; the IOI, in this case, is all about value.
  • You IMPLICITLY display social intelligenceIMPLICITLY. In other words, you THINK LIKE A CHICK. You eyecode. You AMOG-destroy. You are part of the ‘Secret Society’. Here I’m going to back up on everything I’ve implied so far and say the reverse; it’s possible to explicitly display your social intelligence and make it work. HANDLE WITH CARE, though. This is DANGER, WILL ROBINSON. If you don’t have the value to pull it off, you’ll look like a creepy presumptuous loser. If some chick is clearly trying to qualify herself to you, or transparently DHVing, or even just struggling for your attention, you can neg-qualify her in the following manner, playfully: “It’s okay, you don’t have to (do that/try hard/whatever) to get my attention. See?” Throw an arm around her, kinohug her. The first time a guy did this to me, it hit me like a -bomb- of insta-hotness. By doing this, you simultaneously A) drop her value relative to yours, B) grant her attention from a position of power, and C) show you know the score.
  • You screenIf you screen people who are attracted to you, you increase your relative value. This is why women maintain that NO WOMAN EVER DELIBERATELY GETS LAID with a man who is not wildly attractive and high-status. But WE know that of course women get laid on purpose! It’s not like that HB8 you did over the weekend tripped, fell, and landed on your dick. If someone CHASES you, their status is lower than yours. This is why you say, “Want to come over and look at my stamp collection?” rather than, “Want to come over and have sex?”. SLUTS CHASE. Chicks with value are accustomed to screening. It’s important for her to maintain the illusion that she did not INTEND to fuck you, in order to maintain her social value. A good way to display social intelligence is to understand and accommodate this. This is why explicitly acknowledging the seduction process is dangerous: if it’s out on the table, out loud, that you’re trying to fuck her and she -goes along with it anyway- she LOSES FACE because she’s been UNMASKED as a co-conspirator in your getting laid. This is where chick logic comes from. I’ll write another post on it, sometime.

You Lose Status When:

  • You show outcome-dependenceWhen you show that you are outcome-dependent, you LOSE FACE. By demonstrating outcome-dependence, you make it clear that you aren’t having fun (which high-status people do, remember) – instead you are gambling your time and status in the hopes of pay-off in the form of sex with this chick who you clearly regard as COOLER THAN YOURSELF. You are acknowledging her value. She is the prize. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars.
  • You try to buy approvalYou supplicate. You imply that you don’t know how to legitimately display your own worth, so you need to resort to trying to buy the approval of those you are implicitly acknowledging as being higher-value than yourself. If she wasn’t cooler than you, why would you care what she thought?
  • Your position is cemented as below someoneYou are out-amog’d. You are treated in a diminutive way. Some chick gives you bad relationship advice and you eat it up without critical thinking. This is all explained above, in the ‘gaining status’ section.
  • You chaseChasing is a _gamble_. Chasing is aggressive pursuit. It can succeed, sure – but it allows the other person, the higher-status person, the chas-ee- the ability to screen. They choose, you don’t. SLUTS CHASE. Women will avoid being labelled ‘sluts’ at all costs because they are at the BOTTOM of the social totem-pole, with the WBAFCs. Sluts in the traditional sense are women whose need for validation is so great that they have gambled away all their buying power trying to fill it. A woman who is perceived as slutty has a hard time finding quality ass because quality ass is likely to screen _her_. She is a LAST RESORT FUCK. Not only that, but other women (and men) on their way up the social ladder will step on her, on the way. They will use her to reinforce their own superiority. The ‘slut’ is a lightning-rod for the ‘cement someone’s position as below you’ method of gaining status. Sad, but true.

What this means for the PUA

For the PUA, this is GREAT. This is WONDERFUL. Why is this great for the PUA? Because the PUA has -worked- for his social status, and he knows how he got it. It was not delivered by the stork along with a nice set of tits, or trim and shapely thighs and a button nose; no, he’s invested field work and sweat and other bodily fluids in getting good, and he is -good-. Thus he can work women in ways that women are not equipped to work him. Consider the following analogy; who’s better off, a self-made millionare or a lotto winnner? The self-made man! Why? Because he knows the value of his money, and how to invest it and make it grow. Some of this seems ruthless; be aware that women aren’t thinking about it, when they do it. For most women, this is all pure instinct.


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