10 Tips To TOTALLY Take Over a Set, Pt. 2

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5)  CALL THEM ON THEIR BULLSHIT BODYLANGUAGE.  If I’m rolling up on a set sitting down at a bar, and they don’t turn around when I pull up a chair, I’ll call them on it.  I’ll say shit like “Right now, if someone were to look, it would look like I’m one of those lame guys trying to get your attention, because you’re turned away from me.  I want to chat you guys for a sec, but if you’re not going to turn around, I’m leaving right now to go hang with my friends.

6)  SAY YOU HATE THEM WHEN YOU RE-ENGAGE.  If they leave mid-set, always re-engage them by saying you hate them.  They’ll apologize for leaving.  This is also useful for when some contingency breaks apart your set, like a bar fight or someone puking, etc.

7)  COMMENT ON ALL NON-FAVOURABLE BODYLANGUAGE.  If a friend is locked up, say “She thinks I’m weird”.  The girls will freak and giggle that you could read their bodylanguage and lockup.

8)  CALL THE PEERGROUP FOR BLOCKING YOU.  I’ll say “Are you the jealous drag away friend?  Honestly, I’m trying to chat this girl because she’s the first girl I’ve met in a club that I liked in a while, but honestly I’m leaving now because of you, since I know that if I don’t get along with a girls friends, its all pointless, because you’ll fuck it up on me after I leave and negative girl eyecode her.  Why are you acting like this?”

I also say shit like “WTF?  Are you about to let’s-just-go-dance me?  Or we’re-going-to-the-bathroom-ing me? I haven’t had that since I was 19..  WTF?”

9)  PLOW THEM WITH TONALITY THAT ENGAGES THE GROUP.  I project so fucking loud, the entire group must listen.  I constantly engage the whole set, looking at every girl. If you don’t do this, you will NEVER pull from groups consistently. You must engage the entire group.

10)  IGNORE THEIR THREADS, AND DON’T LET THEM STALE THEIR OWN SET. Girls will go into their own threads, and start their own conversations, mid set.  Cut them off.  Pretend you didn’t hear.  If they direct their own convo logical, they’ll BORE THEMSELVES out of state.  Stick to your gameplan, and RUN THE SET, DO NOT LET THE SET RUN YOU.

I have to laugh at all the KJ’s who have no clue, that will think or write “That’s terrible. It won’t work. blah blah.. They’ll think you’re obnoxious”, when in reality, if you don’t do this in a club, you’re fucked.  That is the reality of clubs.


Clubs are STIMULUS venues for girls.  They go there and are like ZOMBIES jumping from one stimulus to the next.  BE THE NEXT STIMULUS.

In danceclubs, BE FLAKIER AND LESS ATTENTIVE THAN THEM.  Make it look like you’re going to leave or get distracted by all the pretty lights and music.  Be like a chick.  Don’t say ‘hi’ or acknowledge the chicks if you see them later.  This isn’t so much the case in lounge, but whenever re-initiating, never forget that they STILL are NOT your friends.  You must re-initiate them with something stimulating, or you’re blown out.

SIT with the chick ASAP.  GET COMFORTABLE IN THE SET.  Girls can tell instantly when you’re being an entertainment monkey.  If the set is seated, DO NOT bend over and try to get their attention.  STAND UP STRAIGHT, say the first sentence of your opener, and then 30-second false time constrain and sit and IMMEDIATELY jump into more of the opener or material.  More important, is that so many guys I see never get into proper kino.

What I mean, is that you want to be sitting at a bar stool, with her standing in between your legs with her hands on yours (your hands are palms up).  You can kino-ping and also throw her hands away periodically.  The TRUST-TEST will allow you to constantly take her hands, without her getting ASD.  Get her on the couch, or on your lap, or SOMEWHERE COMFY that you can WORK.  TAKE OVER THE SET, don’t be a loser who stands there in the middle of the club, too afraid to take charge and move the pickup somewhere comfy.

Have fun – play the game.

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