Should You Always Kiss Close Her?

This is after TWO MONTHS clubbing experience, and NO MORE.  My word on this is NOT FIELD TESTED enough to draw CONCRETE conclusions.  These are just my impressions at THIS TIME, and may CHANGE.

OK, here’s where I got this from:

My club game was originally so weak, it was sub-AFC no doubt.

Then, as I improved, I’d start kiss-closing more regularly.  Now in my mind, I thought “a kiss close is GUARANTEED non-flake, because the chick has to JUSTIFY having kissed you”.. This was my strong belief, because in STREET SARGING, when you kiss a chick within 20 minutes, she FALLS IN LOVE WITH YOU.

What happened next, though, was that I got a bunch of FLAKES.  I couldn’t BELIEVE IT.  I’d never been clubbing before, but I just couldn’t believe that chicks would actually FLAKE on a guy who they had such good chemistry with as to make out with in under 20 minutes.  I was like “WTF IS THIS SHIT??? THESE CHICKS ARE USING ME!!”

If anyone recalls the fuckup report from Montreal, where the chick keeps kissing me and groping me, but won’t let me close – THAT was when I first started having THESE THOUGHTS.  It was Wall_Street reply to me in that post, that CHANGED MY GAME so much.  After Wall_Street’s reply, my strategy CHANGED, to NO KISS CLOSE.

Why Not To Kiss Close

The idea is this:

  • chicks LOVE foreplay
  • many chicks LOVE making out with different guys, EVERY WEEKEND

I realized this when chatting one of my pivots.  I was talking about how I kiss-closed these chicks using all this STRATEGY, and she LAUGHED AT ME.

She was like “hahha.. if you wanna make out with a chick, just go up and make out.. kissing a club chick is nothing to brag about.. as if you used all this STRATEGY.. I make out with different guys EVERY WEEKEND.. you know what?? So does x-girl, y-girl, z-girl (ALL who I thought were INNOCENT).. you think you’re so smart, but I bet these girls won’t talk to you the next day.. they GOT what they WANTED..  the ONLY guys who I’ll hookup with down the line if I met them in a club, are the ones who I had a REAL connection with, and didn’t just grope each other like animals the whole night. If I kiss a guy I know its just a club-thing”

I was like “WTF is this shit??????”

Of course, listening to a chick is usually NOT GOOD. But in this particular case, what she said CONFIRMED to the model of what I’d EXPERIENCED.  It all made perfect sense to me, so I thought I’d FIELD TEST a non-kissclose club game.

So from THEN ON, I used the “HANDS OFF THE MERCHANDISE” line, and REFUSED all kiss-closes.  I focused on FIRST building attraction, and SECOND building rapport.

I started getting girls CHASING me, and wondering “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS GUY WHO WON’T LET ME TOUCH OR KISS HIM???”

They’d chase and chase, and try to # close ME.  I was like “HOLY SHIT, I had a chick # close **ME**.. WTF is going on here??? I didn’t think this was POSSIBLE..”

And ALL of them wouldn’t flake.  They’d LOVE me, and show up ON TIME, and all that shit.

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