A Great Kino Move

Tyler Durden with a nice little move that is very useful

I wanted to post a separate thread on this, because its a small subtlety that’s very useful in my game.

When I go to move a girl, I always stand up, turn my back to start walking, and poke out my hands behind for her to take.  Then we walk holding hands, but she’s behind me and I’m sort of leading/dragging her.

The reason that this is very effective is:

  • if you turned your back, and stuck out your hands for her to take, she’d be making you look very stupid not to take them, so she’ll do it even if she doesn’t like you that much (not that this is the case, but the point is that its that effective)
  • sets the kino frame that kino is OK
  • because your back is turned to her, she’s willing to accept more kino, because it doesn’t feel as intrusive
  • you can do trust-test type kino-pinging to test for IOIs to see how far along you are in the pickup
  • you can let your hands go somewhat limp, to see if she attempts to hold on, as an IOI test to see how far you are in the pickup
  • if she comes over to your house, and you want her in your room, you can turn on your cordless phone and pretend you’re talking, and then just walk to the door and let her in… turn around and do that move and lead her to the bedroom.  She won’t question it, because to say no she’d have to interrupt your phone conversation in YOUR house where she’s a guest, so she won’t.. (just say “shoes are OK” and get her to your room, put her on the bed and then stay distracted for a bit so she doesn’t think you’re trying to get her on the bed, then go onto the bed afterwards)

So basically, you turn away from her, and put out your two hands behind your back for her to take.  Then you lead her.

You can also swing her to your right or left, and then you have her in good position.

Good for venue changes, or moving her around in the venue or house.



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