Day 2’s

Some Thoughts on Day2’s:

-Develop a day2 plan that you can use over and over and over again. Make it a quality plan that includes many venue changes (to make it seem like you’ve known each other longer), many interesting venues that have built-in conversations like a strip with many shops (and you can develop the invisible threads the venues have as you do more day2’s), good logistics (so you end up close to your house by the end of the night), and some other stuff (i’m sure i forgot some stuff, so add if you got it).

-Although it’s really a matter of preference, I like to do day2’s on a weekday and alone 1-on-1 with a girl instead of around friends. This reason for the weekday thing is – on the weekday’s there is usually not much going on so you don’t have to compete with events that go on friday and saturday for their attention. And also friday and saturday I usually use as days to pick up new girls and/or spend time with LTR’s. And I always do the 1-on-1 thing because, well, I WOULD like her to see me in my reality and being “the prize” among my friends… BUT my AFC friends don’t usually help me out on a day2. In fact they usually do stupid stuff and cause me to do damage control on a girl. So I quit bringing new girls around my AFC friends. And you definitely don’t want to hang out with her and her friends – because she will be “the prize” (being loved) among her friends, and also her friends may cockblock you when you are going isolation / extraction.

-When I first see a girl on a day2, I like to give them a hug and comment on how nice they look tonight (because they usually put in a lot of time trying to look good for you). And also to get both of us into state, to do something physical, like walking around an area. (credit ijjjji I believe) And also I like to lead right from the beginning – for instance putting your arm out french promenade style and leading her around while you’re walking.

-If you plan it right, it’s very easy to lay a girl on a day2 by overriding her society conditioning and pushing her to the point of being dripping wet and begging for sex… but I find it’s better for her and my interest to make her wait for sex until at least day3. Or even day4. Or even day5. Of course, if you just want sex from this girl there’s no use in waiting – but if you want to have an extended relationship with this girl, I’ve had more success converting girls into LTRs when I played hard to get and told them stuff like “not tonight” or “no tongue” and actually following through with your words (as opposed to acting like you’re de-escalating only to escalate seconds later.) I believe this is so because, people assign value to objects in relation to how much they had to work for that object. If you give it up too easy, the value in having sex with you will seem (I hate to use these words but) less “special.” And they’ll think you do this all the time – and may not necessarily be good relationship material (not that that’s always a bad thing :P) (though note: if you have tight game, it doesn’t matter how long you made them wait, they’ll want an LTR with you no matter what.)

Hm, I thought I had a lot more to say about day2’s, but for now I am stuck… I may add more later… and I would like to hear your guy’s thoughts and experiences with day2’s and what works best for you.

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