The Comprehensive Ramblings of a PUA, pt. 3

To the PUA firmly planted in his own reality, the shit-talking cocky posts will seem FUNNY.. “That guy sure talks alot of shit.. What a joker.. He seems like a fucking CHARACTER.. I’d love to hookup with that guy and wing some shit.. see what he’s really got”.. They see if for what it is truly worth – why. Because that guy is INTERNALLY VALIDATED.

IT’S JUST JACKSHIT. Just some dudes clowning around…. While to the unsuccessful and frustrated PUA, the posts will seem “atrocious” and “arrogant”. They will become ANGERED and OUTRAGED at way that is REMINDS them of their own shortcomings, and their INABILITY to assert their OWN REALITY. The successful PUA has not the TIME nor ENERGY to do anything other than laugh and sift out anything useful, while the unsuccessful PUA has all too much time, to DWELL, and be REMINDED. The unsuccessful PUA is COMPULSIVELY COMPELLED to spend their limited TIME and ENERGY fighting a battle that exists only in their own mind –all over the internet. Such is also the case with Ray Gordon.

Such people are like the lobbyists who get pissed off at EMINEM. They are not ABLE to see the HUMOUR in it, because their reality is so FRAGILE. And when Eminem comes back with “I am whatever you say I am” – adapting through escalating and enhancing the behaviour for which he’s criticized, the lobbyists are POWERLESS to put a stop to it.

He is ULTIMATELY ATTRACTIVE to women as a result, because despite his very average looks, he is INCORRIGIBLY internally centered.

And many of you will walk away having read this, INSPIRED, thinking that you can ACQUIRE or INTERNALIZE this reality-asserting internally-centered mentality into your essence.. However, this is both WRONG and IMPOSSIBLE.

You cannot INTERNALIZE this attitude, because it’s something that is ALREADY WITHIN YOU. It’s something that is STIFLED and CONFINED by your PRIDE and your PERSONA. In order to get IN TOUCH with that which is WITHIN YOU ALREADY, you need to L-E-T == G-O of your ARTIFICIAL PERSONA that you have CREATED, and get to the true ESSENCE of what you are.

You cannot ACQUIRE this way of thinking. You can only LET GO of that which STIFLES it.

WHY the name TYLERDURDEN?? Is it because I want to think that I’m Brad Pitt???  NO. When I saw the movie “Fight Club”, I was INSPIRED. I finally UNDERSTOOD. I “GOT IT”. I realized that you have to LET GO of those things that are CONFINING you, in order to assert your OWN reality.

WATCH FIGHT CLUB, and UNDERSTAND the MESSAGE of the movie. See BEYOND its pop-culture flavour, and the cool shit that happens in the movie, and look at the UNDERLYING THEME.

PUA COMMANDER ZAP was asked “what do you do when a chick gives you a sarcastic compliment?” He answered that you should STOP ANALYZING what it meant, and EXPLOIT the opener that the chick has provided. I read that, and I SNAPPED INSTANTLY. I UNDERSTOOD that I had to LET GO of my FALSE PRIDE, and finally come to a mental place where I could OBJECTIVELY analyze and understand the process of pickup. SO MANY TIMES I’d reacted to potentially sarcastic compliments by snubbing the chick, because I felt that I had to RETAIN my persona. What Commander Zap was suggesting, was to LET GO of that persona, and become TRULY disassociated with the social-layer that I’d created for myself.  To IGNORE the possibility that the compliment was sarcastic, and to focus ONLY on the OBJECTIVE GOAL. What he suggested, was to become a TRUE PUA.

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