A Word About Women

OK, let’s talk about the objects of our desires. The whole reason why you want to learn Razorjack Method! 🙂

All right first a little history lesson. This is in no way provable fact, it’s rather my own personal opinion of why things are the way they are today in western societies. This way of thinking works for me and I don’t think I’m too far off.

Try and bear with me here! 🙂

I believe that nature gave us certain behavior and desires in order to increase our chances for survival. For instance, nature gave us a sex drive so that we would reproduce and keep our species alive and evolving. I believe nature gave us the feeling of attraction in order to choose mates that would increase the chances of survival for our offspring.

Back in the caveman days, a physically strong and intelligent man could live out in the wilderness by himself. He could hunt and kill animals and still survive fairly well. He isn’t dependant on anyone else except himself for his own survival. Women on the other hand were incapable of doing this. They were, and still are physically weaker and slower than the average man. They also had the burden of pregnancy and child-care, which also didn’t help their chances of survival alone. They were dependant on others, whether it’s men, other women, etc. They were dependant on a society.

OK, so now that we made it clear that women needed a society of some sort for survival, you need to understand that all societies have a social structure. Now when choosing a mate from this social structure, who do you think the women were most attracted to? Who would they choose for mating?

I would say the man who was the leader of the group who was more than likely the strongest and most experienced in survival skills. Why? Because this would insure her offspring’s and her own survival. So all of the women tried to climb up to the highest rung of the social ladder where the “Alpha” male was. And the Alpha male got all of the pussy in his social group. This is very common in the animal kingdom and I believe that as humans we still have these instincts.

So ten thousand years later when societies became larger and larger, all of the beta males are tired of not getting any pussy. Being intelligent in their own way and knowing that women weren’t allowed certain privileges afforded only to men, such as being able to work, make their own money, vote, etc, beta men came up with things like arranged marriages, monogamy and 1-on-1 relationships as being the ideal. Combined with social pressure, it was completely unacceptable for women to live alone or raise children outside of marriage. Women who weren’t married were the outcasts of society. More often then not, women had no say in which man they could marry. Men could pay dowries to the woman’s families or just negotiate with the woman’s father for marriage. This way the beta males could get pussy, even though they were not the most desirable men in society. And this is successful for a while.

Now we get to modern society, where women are NOT dependant on men for survival. They can go out into the world, make a living and have successful careers. Women can now decide and choose for themselves which men they want.

So which men are these women attracted to? Who would they choose as mates, boyfriends, lovers, etc?

Of course it goes back to their natural instincts, where it was the male on the top rung of the social ladder. Today these are famous people, rock stars, actors, professional athletes, millionaires, successful businessmen, etc.

Believe it or not women are trying to get us just as much if not more than we are trying to get them. But they are trying to get men higher up on the social ladder. They want to climb up as high as they can. This is completely natural and instinctual to them. This also explains why they behave the way they do. They will always try to fit in whatever situation is presented to them. This is why women say one thing and do another. They will say things that are socially accepted, but do things that their emotions and instincts tell them to.

For instance, if they think they can climb higher up the social ladder by being sexually provocative in certain situations, then they will do just that. This explains why certain women behave the way they do in clubs and bars. Women will change their behavior completely in order to fit in different situations and they will try to out do their female competition if they think they have a chance.

A woman will even use the social status of her man to try and climb OVER him. An example of this is where women will stay with a man and until she tires of him and then leave him when a “better” man comes along.

You know we can sit here and say that it’s immoral and disgusting behavior, but we can’t blame women for being what nature has programmed them to be. This is who they are.

Just like nature designed us to men go out and spread our genes by giving us the desire to have sex with many women.

Women also react to what their emotions dictate rather than logic. When you remove the social implications, most women will make decisions based on their emotions and how they feel.

So armed with this knowledge, we will use a woman’s instincts to our advantage to attract them the way they were designed to be attracted! 🙂


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