Gunwitch Method 3 – Part 2

Target Selection and States

Next we naturally move on to drinking and pot smoking and other drugs in clubs and bars. MANY advocate not doing this as a pick up artist, and for good reason. When you take these drugs and booze in the club you enter ANOTHER collective of sorts. You enter a collective of those not able to even consciously realize the chaos factor because they have clogged and cluttered their mind even further. SO MUCH so that they in fact get point 2 of the 2 points of chaos factor done away with, others seem comfortable, YET lose all ability to realize and understand their own states and habits of failure BEYOND someone who is sober.

At some point when you have gotten out of the habitual failure you can easily drink some beers or smoke a bowl and handle this, but not until then.

Next naturally we will talk about THEIR states when they enter a club or bar and how they alter.

Of course instantly we know that they are not the same person upon entering a club in their current state as they are normally in day-life.

What states may they be in? A million!

SO the main key is rather than reading her state:


NOTHING is more important in cutting down on failure and increasing success than selecting the right women to approach in a bar or club.

Right off we have the obvious ones.

If she looks you in the eyes or gives you ‘vibe’

Or if she is totally alone in the place.

Right here I will talk about some less obvious ones though:

1.Women that are ACTUALLY interesting and attractive to you. DROP the ego. You are NOOOOOO pick up artist or player by any means if you do not get this. Stop thinking you are or that you should be and able to pick up ANY woman you see. This is not how things work. The “best” club and bar guys tend to report 1 in 20 success rates, because they ignore this factor. They do not approach women based on desire to really run their best controlled game and fuck her, but instead out of desire to “have her” for their ego.

Many advocate approaching instantly within a few seconds of seeing a woman. As a new guy just getting out there this is fine. If you need to rely on spontaneity in order to have the balls and logic of mind to approach women then you are by no means advanced. You should be able to screen your targets for ease of pick up and actual attractiveness to you before approaching, or you are not in control of yourself enough to do much more than ever get 1 in 20 or so.

This “Approach everything to be a pick up artist” deal does not work for many reasons. First of all if you are running amok in the club or bar approaching everything in site you are not in control and focused, your chaos factor will be still on high. Second you can not relate basic sexual vibes and a good party vibe to these “looking to cure the boredom of life so I am in a club” women. You cannot relate to them at all, you are already thinking of your next approach before this one starts in this kind of rampant “run around approaching women” state of mind.

SO look at the women. If I have to tell you not to leer at them, stop reading this. Overall though KNOW WHO you are approaching, watch her and check her out some before hand, get a sense of her mannerisms, facial expressions, eyes and features. Not to sound new age crap, but get a sense of her energy before you approach her, so it does not throw you when she turns out to be something unexpected. Also get a good look to ensure she is someone you could sexually vibe with, don’t notice she has a rotten front tooth 2 minutes in to the approach, look her over and make sure you REALLY want her before you bother to go in.

2.She just walked in the bar. LEAVE HER ALONE. It is possible to meet her instantly and stick with her and end up closing the deal later on. BUT this is WAY harder.

You see in clubs and bar scenes ATTRACTION is king, NOT rapport. “Hook ups” happen, not “pick ups”. You DO pick her up, but it must be far more naturally done than a day time pick up in normal settings.

Also known as, she is there for a reason in a club or bar. She probably thinks “hmm it would be nice to get some dick tonight” but she also is out to party and have a good time. Unless you can provide more of a good time and party vibe from the time she walks in until the time you close her than the venue can, WAIT a while.

When you approach women and say ask them to dance do you sometimes get:

“I am going to talk to someone right now”

“Right now I am getting a drink but maybe later”

“I have to go put my coat away”

Deer in headlights look and “what who are you?”

This is because she hasn’t even gotten adjusted to her initial chaos factor. Hasn’t “gotten in the groove” yet.

WAIT for them to get settled in. Someone else scoops her up meanwhile, trust in the fact she will eventually blow him off for the other more exciting things going on in the venue unless he is more of a party than what the venue offers her. This will happen the exact same with you scooping her up as soon as she walks in.Again this is not chickens running around with their heads cut off we are playing here. Lay back and be cool and relax. Make sure she is settled in the place before rushing her, and if she does happen to get scooped up by another guy, SO WHAT, it isn’t your soul mate wife and lover, again drop the ego, play the game, don’t let it play you.

3.She is settled in. This may not mean seated and sitting there having a drink. It could mean she has started dancing or her and her friends are looking around the club etc. It just means she hasn’t just walked in the place 10 minutes prior.

These are standard approach fodder. Wait until they get alone for a few seconds to approach em.

Women dance in packs, go to the bathroom in packs and go get a drink in packs. At some point they get alone however, more on this later.

Main key is once she is alone swoop in do minor conversation and attract her enough that when her friends come back she wont let them cockblock you, OR move her to another area.

Place is LOUD. So long conversations and opening lines or statements are not a good idea. Standing and yelling in a chick ear is not congruent with normal rapport. Club rapport is different, but needs to be kept similar SOMEWHAT to normal rapport.

On street or daytime or normal venues I will simply ask a few short questions, get her seated someplace and then probe her for conversation based on pop culture like movies, tv, psychological analysis of people and celebrities, or music etc. As of course this is no club or bar, she came out to shop not party and you are a bonus of something fun even just being totally normal and being in her presence, compared to the rest of her day.

In clubs I have found the “chop chop” method of conversation to be best:

DO NOT WORRY that these lines aren’t instantly attractive or interesting, the point isn’t to get her to fuck you with the first things out of your mouth. It is to show her a party vibe and not seem like some boring long-winded ear yeller. When you get in to thoughts and analysis of things right off the bat that are too in depth they may not be interesting to her, so your success rate goes down.

You: Busy tonight!Her: yeahYou: Did you see that weird guy dancing out there?Her: no I didntYou: What are you drinking?Her: screwdriverYou: EEEWWW YUCK VODKA!Her: what!?You: Hit the bar with me I will show you a kick ass drink instead

CHOPPY CHOPPY with a real upbeat fun vibe. No structure or thought to the conversation, and nothing long and in depth.

You: Why you wearing a backpack in here lol?Her: what who the fuck are you?You: hey did you notice that guy earlier with the thong underwear and lowcut jeans?Her: NoYou: Come check him out ya just gotta!

Ignore shit, “it’s loud and I am an old man I can’t hear everything!!!!!!!” And move on to the next random thought in your head.

You: (do the hover like in my materials)Her: (notices you standing near her and looks at you instead of the dance floor she was watching)You: Check em out, they all watch each others feet and try to copy each otherHer: hey I do thatYou: that’s cause you don’t know how to cut off what ya see and feel the beat insteadYou: Check it out (as you square up with her and grind together guiding her hips with your hands) close your eyes and feel it (whispered in her ear).

May sound scary the last one, but as I mentioned you gotta have your confidence and first basic shit down to make use of this.

Main key is as mentioned, very up party vibe.

If a chick has safety circle of a couple of friends, maybe the 2 of em go to dance with 2 guys, you move in and she has just become bored, BOOM you are the up party vibe she feels like she just lost and gets sucked in to the new vibe.

Imagine those 3 interactions above with good eye contact you smiling and having fun swaying to the music a bit and really overall upbeat. It works great doing the choppy whatever is on your mind stuff IF you have the party man vibe and good confidence backing it up.

At this point you can go dance with her, or go sit someplace quieter and run standard attraction game like my dominance to get her matching and then sexual state so she matches that materials. In many cases in a club or bar setting you need to mix the “UP or party man” state and the masculine in order to achieve a dominant frame for her to start matching. You need to fine tune it as a lot of times “masculine” can start to mean “stiff” which doesn’t work well for her desire to have a whirlwind of excitement.

Next is figuring her out a bit better with slipping these 2 questions in someplace:

These can be done at the bar as you show her a cooler drink, or on dance floor or wherever you moved her to.

“Do you come here often”!? Tounge in cheek totally, shoot her a look like “just kidding with a pick up line”

In asking this, even joking in a witty manner, she desires herself to answer someone witty back and will give you some information. Which lets you figure out if she is from the area, if she clubs a lot etc for some other archetypes I have figured out.


In redneck voice if in quieter area, tounge in cheek also or if loud dance club you can just ask it outright.

“You from these parts, where are your friends”

Answers and what they tend to mean but not ALWAYS:

You: You come here often

Her: Anything witty said back, MEANS an intention to get a rapport or a rapport already in place with you

Her: I never go out hardly anymore since I had kids/got married/started working long hours, MEANS an intention to get laid of some sort even if she doesn’t know it yet, stick to this chick like fuckin glue and you will get a lay!

Her: Yeah I go out all the time blah blah blah

The blah blah blah is : I just love to dance/I am a party girl, MEANS usually she is typical north American club rat style and you need to do some test touching immediate to gauge her attraction as you don’t really have much of a shot here at fucking her unless she is physically attracted instant, so you need to gauge her immediate attraction to save time, if it is good hang in there, otherwise stick with her, but look for other options and check back with her over the night if no hotter prospects get going. Also if NO blahblah and she just says “yeah I got out a lot” assume this is the case.

The bla blah is: “I have never actually been out to a club”, MEANS she is new to all this, invariably will end up hooking up with someone and not think much of it, again stick to her like fuckin glue, suck her in to your party vibe hardcore, act VERY candid and normal towards her so as not to spook her with her first “club fake act” and then close her as I will talk about later.

Next the answers to “You from around here where are your friends”

Her: I just came out cause I am from xxxxxxxxxxxxx on business/visiting my parents etc. MEANS of COURSE this chick is looking for an out of town fling. You can just party with her and dance a tiny bit and ask her to leave with you, always how it is. I assume because these women know there will be little or no accountability for any sex that goes down.

Her: Yeah I am from here all my friends are over there (pointing to a large social circle), MEANS keep her ass away from them if possible, get her dancing, if not dancing get her to dance, after dancing offer to show her something someplace else in the club. You MUST get her attracted enough to you for her to not let them drag her away or cockblock you once they hunt her down and rejoin the 2 of you. Once they do rejoin the 2 of you it is also nice to have already sucked her in to your circle of wingmen and friends and your party vibe.

Her: Yeah I am from here I don’t know where all my friends went, MEANS also great, stick to her like glue. These chicks in certain social groups like this who are all over the place never talking to each other are GREAT cause they rarely cockblock or interrupt anything, you basically have a lone woman with no friends almost.

Once you determine the “type”, or rough type she is of the above-mentioned, act accordingly and it is a pretty good formula if you have your attraction game and basics in place already.

4.End of nighter chicks and closing for all types by party vibe.

Sometimes you get nowhere, no one gets anywhere and it has come to the end of the night, or chicks and guys who have been there and are still there as the place closes. THIS is the time we all as men from all skill levels come together to help each other out (and punch each other out some nights). Every asshole in the place is scrambling for phone numbers from women they met throughout the night. SO any women from earlier whose friends interrupted you and a chick are busy with end of the night stuff. No one there that late wants it to end, or they if bored would have went home earlier.

BOOM you pounce on old targets with

“hey me and my friends are having this after party deal you should follow us” Even if you don’t have an after party and are just going to go drink with your buddies, listen to metallica, eat chilli dogs and smell each others farts until 4am. We ain’t fuckin saints here, LIE and taylor it to the occasion when you get a carload of chicks to your place!

or if alone “We didn’t get much of a chance to get to know each other and party, lets hit my place and have some drinks and listen to some tunes”.

Simple, but BEST I have found for end of nighters. They want some more stimulation, and if they don’t have a better offer and are even mildly attracted will tend to come back with you maybe half the time. Which by FAR beats out getting their number and calling them the next day or 3 days later etc. By then they are hungover, or looking to go out next weekend and don’t wanna drink, or are shy again from sobering up etc.

Other closing.

There are 2 types you need to close WAY before the club shuts down.

1 is the out of towner with no friends as mentioned above.

Second is what I call bored chicks.

These women are in a nutshell there with lots of friends, party vibe is jamming in the place, but they are just sitting there seemingly bored as fuck. Their friends also leave them alone. The reasons here I have found are always similar. Usually this chick is married, hasn’t hooked up in ages cause she never goes to clubs and guys outside of them are too pussy to approach her when sober. This makes her more interested in sex than the party vibe, YET makes her seem like she is standoffish and bored with everything and prevents guys from approaching her THERE.

Second her friends know this and by simply being chicks know the code of cockblocks and lone women being easier prey, so they leave her the fuck alone!

These women need very little party vibe and very little attraction game even. They simply need you to ask them some questions, volunteer some information about yourself and then ask em:

Hell let’s blow this joint and go have some drinks at my place and listen to some good music”.

I have just recent in looking for and doing these had them say “let me get my billfold”, to “I can’t but give me your number and I will call you” (which I thought was bullshit but she did call and we ended up fucking, and it turns out she was with her sister in law, or husbands sister at the club that night).

Many times these bored women seem standoffish or like they just aren’t having any party vibe or game you throw at them, but they in fact are just like a frustrated wallflower guy who is so sexually deprived he cant loosen up and have any fun and is ONLY there to get laid.

On a side note a great strategy if you are one of those guys, and want to really get with it and be able to party and give off a party vibe, is to go out with the intention NOT to get laid. Take the pressure off and go learn how to have a really good time without thinking of women and what they are thinking and what they are doing. Just go let loose and get in touch with your “Keith Richards”.

Do this a few times and you will start to notice women noticing you and your party vibe, then try the more advanced approaches and closing.

Back to closing

Finally with the regular club fodder type of chicks, closing them is simply a function of when you have become more of the party vibe and attraction to her than the club has. This takes some fine-tuning and after a few rounds of getting them stimulated this way you will notice it well. This is the point where you try to get them out of the club with you, you can use simple lines like the ones above for trying to get them someplace else with you. Hell you have become sexually AND excitement wise more to her than this club or bar, so offering her time alone with you AND a benefit of good tunes and free drinks will work.

You may encounter cockblocks at this point from her friends.

The solution?

There is no good workable one.

An OUNCE of prevention is worth a POUND of cure.

Meaning if she is attracted enough and sucked in to your vibe enough she will leave with you regardless of her friends objections. I have had women tell their friends “don’t be a slut” or “you don’t even know him” etc when she goes to tell them she is leaving with me, but always they leave with me anyways, because I don’t suggest it UNTIL she has shown me with her eyes and smiles and touching me that she is more attracted to me than the place.

On a scale of 1-10 you need like a 6 in attraction to beat her friends 8 or 9 in rapport, for her to tell them to get bent and leave with you anyways.

Some guys get phone numbers instead of trying to pull her out of the club the same night, but that’s just poor pre planning and lack of calibration, as well as desire to mentally masturbate or impress friends that they got a phone number.

You ignore regular venues and go in a club to sustain your sexual appetites and desires; you have to be ruthless and precise. No farting around.

We aren’t in amateur land at this point gentleman we go for the jugular and strike while the iron is hot!

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