Gunwitch Method 2 – Part 2

Essential guide of proper analysis and Internal dynamics

Ok so we know women fuck guys they are attracted to and do not fuck guys they are repulsed by. Don’t think I’m insulting your

intelligence here I am going someplace with this.

What is the next use of inference?

What are the basic first facts of what is and is not attractive?

What levels of attraction are there, and which must be met first and foremost?

What “repellants” must be avoided at all cost?

Here I will lay these out with first: biological, second social and then finally “conscious”. Each will come with a no no-nonsense and basic of a tip to have the attractant or avoid that repulsor as is possible. We will not be using induction here, only basic first fact. We will also not be using miniscule doubts of the basic first facts. Some things may be regional (not that women in your home of Estonia want a confident man or other such assumptions) or very specific. Starting to see the logic behind this yet? Base facts of attraction used to get you success right away, and as a strong foundation to THEN uses induction on to “tighten up” rather than reverse engineering 2000 particular instances over 5 years?

Biological. First and easiest to get in to. What gets her juices down there flowing? Surely basic first fact is that a woman will have sex with a man she is turned on by if other factors permit or don’t repulse. We will work from there.

Attractant: Lean body, surely the same as you first think of fucking a woman who is lean, she will first think of fucking a man who is lean as well. Fat guys ever get laid? Yeah of course. But this is basic first facts that a lean body is more attractive than a fat one, not absolute omnipotence of all possibility but BASIC first fact. Starting with a basic here for rhythm of reading TOP biological attractant will be saved for last of biological section as it’s a bit long in the read.

Repellant: chub, fat, beer gut, whatever you call it. It is not natural til the last 100 years for this condition to befall a human being. Get rid of it.

Attractant: Clear skin. Not evolutionary mumbo jumbo about signaling “good health” here. Basic visual biological appeal. A tan can help with slight problems, medication for festering puss bags on your face.

Repellant : Acne and blemishes of course.

Attractant: Facial looks. This could arguably go under social as its very much an acceptance issue but we will put it here as it biologically motivates her. The tip? Getting lean will improve them, as well as clearing the skin on face if it’s a problem, right glasses if you MUST wear them, right facial hair (or none) and right haircut for you facial features, whitening or straightening (or replacement lol) of teeth, colored contact lenses, MUCH can be done with a bit of experimenting or a good stylist.

Repellant: Being totally not her biological type facial wise. Some people will just NOT DIG some people based on their face, though other may find it quite attractive. I mean you mother or sisters a fuckin HOTTIE you still ain’t gonna wanna be with a chick that looks like her.

Attractant: Safety with you at a physical threat level. Now we will get to some technique junkie stuff. As the…

Repellant: Fear of a stranger physically hurting them must be dealt with at an active level. Though is a social as well as a conscious thing we will just deal with it here as the fear is of a biological nature. While fear of being hurt emotionally would be conscious and not so deeply ingrained. How do we deal with it? PaiMai the timeless workhorse of debate and discussion will be explained here to the best of my ability. I will not be getting in to the seductive nature and theory of paimai only the facts here for dealing with fear. The basic way and theory is to be non threatening. Not in an a-sexual way but in a rapport based way. So the “hover” before the approach, or to walk up in her general area, and pretend to notice something near her and pay quick attention to it, is a great first gesture. For her then to give you eye contact or look at you and you then look at her and get eye contact back and THEN start the initial conversation is golden. To abruptly burst in to her space and begin speaking to her is a major cause of withdraw and/or fear. The intuition of this built in to people socially is VERY strong, this is why many many people only meet mates in the workplace or socially, as this dynamic is taken out of play I theorize. With strangers it is basic first fact. Not being in the field much or having built an intuition for this may make it SEEM a particular instance or an isolated technique. But it really is a basic first fact that you should be spared from learning and will enhance your success right away making things go a little smoother.

Basic first fact 2 of dealing with fear as well as in rapport Another tip of sorts. Assume rapport is already there with her. You will do the “hover” then ask a few questions of neutral nature. You do not want to assume rapport to quickly as this may confuse her, so a few light questions of perhaps: if she is from the area, what her area was like, then introduction of yourself and getting her name, basic things asked and received. You then will see the first indicator of her interest in you, her asking you a question back, or maybe laughing at something that isn’t very funny. THIS is when you begin to assume rapport. Based on congruence “assuming rapport” is a basic first fact in and inside of rapport. How you talk to your friends, family, lovers and co-workers, the people you know is FAR different than how you talk to someone you don’t know. The key, the “trick” if you want to call it that is to use the power of similarity to achieve a rapport faster quelling fears of you being someone who may hurt her. You want her at internal levels and dynamic of the situation to see you as someone she knows already. She KNOWS she doesn’t, but will feel more comfortable rather than fearful if you see and make the differences go away.

What are the key differences of how you talk to a stranger and how you talk to a known person? Absolute dead center first is you have PRACTICED all your life talking to people you know. SO you must practice practice practice talking to women you do not know in order to achieve this same effect at internal levels we don’t even understand. Second, you are RELAXED. You do not feel you need to prove anything, or that they will walk away and take something you want out of reach, so you are relaxed rather than probing and “fast” in the encounter when it’s a “known” vs. a stranger you want something from. Again practice practice practice will relax you, and this tip will help with it as well. Only approach stationary women, women in one spot, not on the move at a brisk pace. This is very much more calm and relaxed of a dynamic, as well as allows for “the hover” to be used and at an internal level gets rid of any “shes taking away what I want” factor that may make you too stressed to assume rapport or create a comfortable environment.

Watch a GREAT car salesman he uses both to quell fears. He waits for the person to fix themselves on a car looking at it (form of the hover at basic levels) and then approaches without a hint of desperation. He does not assume or achieve total rapport however, you can with a woman, as women WANNA get fucked by you and know basically that’s what you are there to do. Car buyers do not wanna get “fucked” in the wallet and know that’s what he’s there for. Still this salesman sets a better dynamic and tone.

What does shitty car salesman do. Well first he puts a guy in a chicken suit (if ya catch my inside joke kudos) out front with a bullhorn looking very desperate. He then as you drive in to the lot gets in your window and in an anxious manner attempts to befriend you. Think hippy or stoner here, not manic defense attorney. Finally what do you usually do at a verbal level with strangers you are not in rapport with, that you don’t do with “knowns”? You ask tons of questions about her and volunteer tons of information about you. When with “knowns”, you discuss the environment, the things around you or activity you are engaged in. You talk about happenings or people you both know. You can do the same with her in the form of celebrities, music, movies and TV you both watch. Do not volunteer what you watch or listen to or have seen, ask her what she watches listens to or has seen for a better conversation to erupt out of these things that will lead to rapport being assumed.

Basic structure to quell fears of hers. Hover. Hi, hello, what’s up or hey when she sees you

Questioning of her begins. Introductions are made in between 1st and 2nd or third questions.

Questioning of her stops when you see an indicator of first comfort

Environmental talk begins, something in the environment as your conversation piece.

Engage probe of current events, celebrities shes seen on TV, TV shes watched movies shes seen or music she likes. Carry on



Memorize it til you get it fluid in field. Basic first fact is these conversations will be chaotic so expect it, adaptability is the only cure for chaos, so practice practice practice. Eventually your approaches to strangers will become like seeing an old friend, HQE x 2 is the same dynamic. You are near each other, see each other, someone says hi, ya ask what each others been up to, you stop asking questions and talk a bit about the weather and then move on to “happenings” people you both know of or maybe even “happenings” or people you don’t know of that you’ve seen on a screen someplace. Rapport is assumed.

These dynamics will save you MUCH time in dealing with basic first fact, “fear of being hurt by strangers”. Attractant: Last but most important. Women are attracted to men. Or masculinity, all that is a man. Basic first fact, what makes a man a man and woman a woman? Now if you thought that last section was long, get ready, cause this is gonna get LONG. Your inner beliefs, your lifestyle, everything is gonna be in question. I’m gonna get all the internal shit right or at least close to right in you. “I’m gonna make you boys STRROOONG”-Major Payne Ok we know a woman is driven by wanting a penis in her vagina to cause pleasure to fuck a man unless there is something wrong with her. Basic first fact of all first fact. What makes a man a man besides a penis? That is the question that must be answered here to get a working strategy for this first fact.

Testosterone. Inner beliefs of a non feminine nature. View of the world based on being a male and how being that is perceived. Maturity rather than adolescence . Certainly all these things. A man isn’t by nature a “beta male AFC fuckin clueless loser” so what is he in nature? To be this natural man is certainly first fact of what a woman wants. How do we even approach this though!? It’s certainly not possible you say? Think again. First on the menu. You will now learn “the sun”. You’ll understand this much later.

Your life. What is it? What do you do? Who have you become? You go sit on a pad all day and type keys, or you sit on a telephone all day. You eat a lunch of fried potatoes and seaweed flavored like beef wrapped in enriched whole flour. What scares you daily? You jerk off to other people having sex on a screen. You go to the doctor if you find a mole you didn’t see before and worry for a weAk. You want women you are told to, not what you lust for and most desire. You worry what other people think of you in petty matters. You wonder if you punched someone in the face if they’d just stand there and laugh at you (well I’m sure you know primealpha lol). This does not make for testosterone production. These are not male behaviors. This is not the lifestyle of a natural man. Cavemen got laid with little or no thought ok, basic first fact. It is a deduction, yet a basic first fact as well that cavemen did none of the above. Now I’m not gonna tell you to quit your job, run off to the mountains and hunt your food with a spear. Though a week or 2 of that could do you wonders I guarantee.

LIFT WEIGHTS. Labor and use of your body, release of endorphins and effects on cortisol, testosterone, insulin and too much to go in to is DIRE. You could take testosterone injections and end up with tits but working the WHOLE body (see Primealphas workout guide) will increase it naturally. People are not meant to be sedentary and especially men are affected by the last 50 years advances in labor and economy inside their bodies. You do not have to build a ton of muscle or workout 5 days a week. Just LIFT SOMETHING other than bags of groceries and do it regularly this will increase testosterone. Not getting you laid immediately by any means. But starting to “create a sun”, you’ll see what I mean later.

Eat right. Well this isn’t possible for most. But drink plenty of water and give an effort to lay off the white stuff though, Breads pastas, rice, sugar and enriched flour are not natural for our system, again too much to go in to. This isn’t some crackpot idea, the science backs it up that not eating these things will increase testosterone and natural balances in the body. So really they more restore them to normal. Normal being when men were men, not overfed veal. Both eating right and lifting weights unless you have a weight problem already will keep you lean and attractive looking socially as well as biologically to women. Take a fuckin risk man. Not even a REAL risk is needed, just get that ticker going with a good old adrenaline and cortisol cocktail now and again. Get in a martial art where you will compete with other men or even have a game of hardcore rugby (more dangerous but just as good), or hell if you want go fight club and start fighting your buddies in the back yard. Go sky diving, bungee jumping, go on a roller coaster, go camping alone in the woods. These kinds of things as well increase testosterone, fear creates it again too much to go in to at a chemical and possible psychological level. Even better they have an immediate effect on your sense of self being a man not a boy, an adventurer orwarrior not a “technical support” or “student” guy.

Quit jerking off all the time PLEASE. This is the height of debate with a lot of men. Jerking off to porn was by far not natural or normal, common everyday male behavior up til 20 years ago or less. It still is not natural. Lack of orgasm tells your body it isn’t mating, this causes increased testosterone levels to make you more aggressive in finding a mate. Orgasm with a woman on the other hand INCREASES testosterone levels from the excitement. FUCK WOMEN. Ok that’s probably annoying to many of you who cant get laid. But WHO is it exactly you cant get laid by? These ego based desirable makeup and hair and mini skirts with the fitness bodies? Well a good way to go about “moving up” to them is to get a little momentum. As I said orgasm with a woman causes increased testosterone, increased testosterone is your “sun” (hold on its coming up), your “sun” is gonna be the thing all pivots around far as attracting women, more testosterone the better. Not saying you’ve gotta fuck every fatty and toothless wonder you can find in an alley. But lower your standards a bit for right now ego wise. Go for what turns you on enough you would like to have it in your bed plowing it, not what it would look like on your arm.

See women for what they are, not what others see them as is next and last rule here to make the “sun”. You need to figure out your “type” BAD. If you think big tits, blonde hair, ton of makeup in a mini skirt with perfect body. Well you aren’t figuring out what you REALLY wanna fuck now are you. That may be exactly it the last one I described. Hell id love to fuck that right now myself. But not as much as “her”. “Her” is my 10, my exact lust object, the thing I wanna grab by the hair and ram as hard as I can til we are both spent from exhaustion. Her is my ideal, her face will vary, her body will as well. Hair color a bit here and there too. But she is MINE, she isn’t societies rule of what’s attractive to me, she isn’t what’s forced down my throat by the TV or the homosexuals in Hollywood and fashion magazine rooms. She is MINE. THAT’S who I approach, that’s who I fuck. You’ve got a list of crushes, think about them, Celebes, chicks in real life, doesn’t matter. Think of them, were they stereotypes? NO they were YOURS. That right there, approaching them and only them once you are less green will complete your “sun”. Til then fuck what you can get at all turned on by and approach any woman you’d even entertain fucking, your 10, societies 10, 6s and 7s whores and queens, for practice in this GWM2 thing. You’ll know when that natural man is emerging, you will know when its time to ONLY approach your “hers” as a final capper.

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