Make her feel attraction towards you

It has been noted here in the past that this is not enough to guarantee pulling a girl. The other two phases are equally important, but she must be attracted to you first.

If a girl finds out that you are attracted to her, before she is attracted to you, then you are creepy and sleazy. If, once she is attracted, she realises that you are also attracted, then you are the perfect guy.

Therefore, during the ATTRACT stage, you should only communicate a passing interest in her. You are playing with her for your own amusement, and she is holding your attention only for the time being.

Attraction is raised by demonstrating the following qualities:

  1. Uniqueness
  2. Social Prize (Confidence, Leadership, Authority, Popularity)
  3. Sexuality
  4. Lack of Desperation

(These correspond to four of Style’s attraction switches)

These forums are littered with ways to do all of these. TD’s 25 Points are essential for Lack of Desperation, and contribute to Social Prize. Sexuality at this stage is most easily demonstrated through clothing and intense sexual eye contact. Most canned openers and routines certainly demonstrate Uniqueness.

Attraction building stuff is Cocky + Funny, or ‘Teasing’ as we like to call it on this side of the pond. Negs, Busting, DHV Routines, and certain mini cold-reads.

The routines that I personally use in this phase, are: Girl Code/Best Friends, Sincere Compliment, Good Girl Face/Bad Girl Face, Lying Game, the Bad Girl Test, the Tranny Test. Almost any good canned opener should raise attraction too.

Kino should be fun and flirty during this stage – anything dominant and push-pull is great. The handshakes game is awesome. High-fives, particularly when you whip your hand away. Tickling and poking. Caveman kino too.

You can even kiss girls, with tongues, at this stage, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this means you are in a later phase. If you kiss in the attract phase, it doesn’t mean she’s going home with you, it doesn’t mean she wants to see you again.

Most guys have developed a keen sense of when a girl is attracted to them, but they don’t realise that the other two phases are important. So when you spot the girl is attracted, it’s not game over, it’s time to move on to the next phase.

It’s easier to spot when you’re going too far. At some point, maybe you’ll see in her eyes that she’s wondering why this so-cool guy is even talking to her, or your C+F busting is starting to hurt. That’s when you know you are overdue to go on to the next stage. Next: Communicate that you are attracted to her…

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