Putting it all Together

Now that I’ve given you the basic knowledge, it’s time to put it all together into your very own style.

Now I don’t care how you go about implementing Razorjack Method because you have to adapt it to suit your personality, but you must have certain things in place if you’re going to be successful in PU.

First of all you need to establish attraction and this you do by being at the top of the social ladder as described in “V. Natural Game – Attraction.” If you are going to be an attractive person then you must take on the qualities and attributes of people who are already on top of the social ladder. You have to make these a part of you.

It will take time, but when you get it right, you will see just how easy and effortless it is to attract women. You ever hear women say that some guy is attractive and sexy, but they don’t why? They say that he just has “it.” Well I truly believe that this is the “it” they are talking about.

OK, the next the thing is you need to approach your target. Sure some women will approach you, but most won’t and you won’t get anywhere with a woman unless you’re interacting with her.

So now you approach your target. How do you want to approach her? What do YOU need to feel in the approach?

Me personally, I need to feel the sexual tension in the approach. So I approach in a way that creates sexual tension and that is by touching her and letting her know that I’m interested in her right from the beginning. I want her to know why I’m talking to her. This is what excites me and this is what I NEED to feel or I just won’t continue because I’ll get bored.

Now you may not need to feel sexual tension like I do, maybe you would rather be mysterious in the beginning. In that case you don’t need to open as boldly as I do, you can be a bit more neutral with your approach.

It really doesn’t matter HOW you approach as long as you are doing what you WANT to do and NOT something that you THINK she will find acceptable. You have to remember that someone on top of the social ladder is not going to worry about how the other person sees them or looking for their approval.

Think of someone like James Bond or Brad Pitt approaching a woman. How would he go about it?

Would he be all shy, timid, and worried about this woman accepting him?

No of course not! He knows that if this one doesn’t want him there are plenty of other women that do! So he is just going to approach this person with the intention of finding out if she is the type of woman that he wants.

OK so you open and she’s receptive. Now what?

Well now it’s all about trust, comfort and connection that you read about in “Natural Game – Rapport”.

Be relaxed around her, touch her, be close to her, talk about personal things, get to know her for who she REALLY is, etc.

Remember that in order to PU successfully you have to behave like her lover. This means that you have to escalate, you cannot rely on her to do it for you. You cannot hesitate when you get an opening, you must keep it moving forward.

The way to do this is actually very simple. You first get her comfortable with your presence and you touching her. Then you escalate and wait till she’s comfortable with that. Then you escalate and wait till she’s comfortable with that. Then you escalate and wait till she’s comfortable with that, etc. If at anytime she objects when you escalate, then just take a step back, relax and try again later.

A quick recap:

The whole idea here is to do 2 things at the same time and in parallel with each other:

1. Use your body language, attitude and verbal skills to spark attraction and rapport.

2. Physically escalating, i.e. from neutral kino to moving closer to looking deep in her eyes to smelling her neck and hair to kissing etc.

Now the reason why I believe that PU is NOT a series of steps, but rather a dynamic method, is that there are a lot of different things happening at the same time. You are NOT trying to attract women, instead you use your body language, attitude and confidence to assume that attraction already exists. You do not TRY and create rapport with the woman you’re talking to, you BEHAVE like a person she already has rapport with. You do NOT try to FAKE a connection with a woman, you REALLY try to find out her unique qualities and FEEL a GENUINE connection.

You see that attraction, rapport and escalating are connected together Do not concern yourself over what is happening in what order, because it will change from PU to PU. They all happen in parallel to each other in a dynamic process and that is the beauty of it.

Happy hunting! 🙂

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