Boyfriend Destroyer, pt. 2

The tactic:

What you’re looking to do here is tear the guy down to a NICE GUY, while making it look like you’re actually STICKING UP FOR HIM!  Your goal is to make him one of those guys that a girl would go out on a date with, like as a person, and feel bad for having to LJBF at the end of the night when he tries to kiss her at the door.

So how do you do that?  Almost invariably, LTRs have certain problems (which any of you who’ve had LTRs are morbidly familiar with):

  • jealousy related spats (KEY)
  • neediness
  • failure to commit or being too distant
  • abusive behaviour (be it physical or mental)
  • psychological withdrawal, to gain certainty in the relationship (ie: in LTRs each party will withdraw to see if the other will pursue periodically, to assure themselves that the LTR is solid.. this is dimestore psychology, and easily observable in any relationship)
  • being irresponsible (not holding up share of chores, etc.)
  • not being assertive in bed (KEY)
  • being into S&M and other stuff in bed, that the girl thinks is too far out
  • getting angry/frustrated when he initiates sex, and girl is not in the mood (KEY)
  • being too predictable, not passionate

OK, there are some basic ones.  I will now break these down to show you how I would roughly respond to any of these complaints, in a way that I appear to be sticking up for the BF, but am inadvertantly BFdestroying him.  This is not the sum total of the routine, but simply the raw fuel that you are employing, while using standard PU kino/bodylanguage/tonality etc.  Remember, that you may not necessarily want to start escalating your sexual state, until she is convinced that her BF is lame-ass, otherwise she may potentially realize that you are trying to pull one over on her.  This is not the rule, but simply something to be considered based on your evaluation of the circumstance.


“You have to understand that this guy really appreciates you, because you’re probably the best girl that he ever got, or ever will get.  I know that… you care about this guy (maybe sp)… but there’s just a certain equilibrium where if you’ve done this guy a favour by being with him and he’s not equipped to handle it, since he knows that he’ll never get a girl like you again if he walks out, that he’s just constantly frustrated and panicked that you’ll leave.  It’s not his fault.


“You’ve got to understand that for this guy you are his entire world.  He cares about you so much, that everything else in the world is meaningless to him.  You are his only source of pleasure, and without you he knows that…he’s nothing.  You can’t blame him, he just doesn’t have anything else going for him, so he needs you.”

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